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Programmers in October A Journal: mobile development new aspect hot listing!

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Abstract:This period special subject "mobile development new to watch" in response to the October debut of MDCC, we from the assembly of selecting the best 12, let developers preview. Heavy invited guests to share to share their own private cheats, foresight of the industry, more let us side behind these experts thought, mind and vision.

Cover report: mobile development new aspect

This period special subject "mobile development new to watch" in response to the October debut of MDCC conference, so we are particularly from Congress of selecting the best 12, let developers preview. Heavy invited guests including: Stanford University Department of computer science, the first Asian female professor, Monica, Ayla's CTO, Adrian, riding beast co-founder Gao Jiayang, Tencent, senior engineer Hu Kai, etc., and we share their own private cheats, foresight of the industry, more let us side behind these experts thought, mind and vision.

(1) Android memory optimization OOM

Tencent Android Development Engineer Hu Kai, around the Android memory optimization OOM depth of the technology to share. especiallyIt is when the amount of App users after the surge, how to deal with memory overflow (OOM), is a lot of developers concerned about.

(2) App competitive products technology analysis

Senior technical director Bao Jianqiang to teach their own time two months on hundreds of App technology. This article from his 10Listed in the new book "App R & D," by the "programmer" magazine published a series of exclusive, this series of articles will be from the pragmatic skillsOperation, explaining why the rival App is smaller and faster, rarely collapse, not on the new version also can function.

(3) rookie climb pit record: Watch Apple application development two or three

Tick list iOS Application Development Engineer Zhang Zhongliang, from their own development experience, the analysis of the problems of Watch Apple, toAnd third-party application development should be how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, make the best use of the watch itself is much higher than the phone the characteristics of mobility, minimalist.

(4) the beast, riding in the story.

Riding fever friends to form a team, created a wild beast riding App, on-line 4 months will accumulate 400 thousand users, in the riding applicationBecome an independent school "Programmer" interview with co-founder Gao Jiayang, hoping to learn from the traditional bike industry crossInto the mobile Internet, have experienced what thinking, and how they are thinking of their products, towards success.

(5 yuan) program of life

S. Lam Monica is the first Asian female professor of computer science department of Stanford University, the world's leading compiler technologyHome, but also the compiler theory of the Bible "dragon book", "compiler theory" of the joint author. in addition, Monica is also an entrepreneur, she aimed at mobile social networking, hope that through the open platform will be developedThe user is connected with the user.

(6) the trend of Internet of things technology

Adrian has led the Amazon 126 laboratory wireless software technology team, to assist in the development of the first with a wireless connectivityKindle reader, but also in the DELL, Athreros and other companies as technical director. Adrian shared the Internet of things in an interviewTechnical trends, as well as technical difficulties to be solved.


(1): IEEE SPECTRUM express foreign periodicals

(2) foreign express: CACM

(3) Lisp language is still a secret weapon

(4) reconstruction of legacy code

(5) the sound of the industry

(6).NET open source for the time: to eliminate misunderstanding, and strive to move forward

Tencent Engineer Zhang Shanyou, active in the spare time in the community to promote.NET open source Mono, active in the community of his, for us to analyze his first hand in the operation of the community.


(1) Jetstream Pulsar

Pulsar is a real time big data stream processing framework in the first quarter of eBay in 2015, it contains a generic real-time data stream processing framework Jetstream and a web site analysis service pipeline. This paper deeply analyzes the architecture of Jetstream Pulsar and its unique data stream processing methods.

(2) message oriented middleware system based on ActiveMQ

Message oriented middleware technology has two core functions: asynchronous and decoupling. The two core functions of the system to improve the overall efficiency of the application system, enhance the system's availability, stability and scalability, enhance the user experience.This paper brings OneMM logic and physical architecture design.

(3) vehicle networking UBI solution based on cloud platform

Microsoft car networking chief architect Chang Wei where the team, engaged in vehicle networking UBI project research and development. He analyzed the current status of the UBI market, and summarized the experience of the practice, analysis of the design of the UBI driving risk algorithm, as well as the technical characteristics of the current UBI solution.


(1) how to learn a new technology

A new technology is often in order to solve the existing technology stack is not easy to solve problems. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the problems you face, the key to solve the problem? What is the alternative technology stack good at? What company, product use it? According to my experience, the best one or two days will be able to have a small demo complete, so the stimulus will continue. Immediate sense of achievement is very important, it can push you forward.

(2) 19 new tools for startups and startups

Mobile Internet era, it seems that there is no impossible thing. Will there be one day, light by App can operate the company? This article from the foreign business community ListHunt, recommended 19 exclusive App for startups. Whether you are a developer or entrepreneur, following these ideas around the creative design, and perhaps also inspire you to new inspiration, developed a Chinese version of the B2B business applications. A part of it!

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