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"Programmer October B Journal: architecture technology and practice" fiery listing!

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Abstract:What is architecture? How to design the architecture of the front and back end? How to design a highly available architecture? How to design scalable architecture? What is an architect? How can a programmer practice as an architect? The period from external to internal force combat comprehensive promotion professional cultivation pattern, quickly opened the book, let us share with you one by one.

Cover story: architecture technology and Practice

The topic of architecture or architecture has been talked about by people, what is the architecture? How to design the architecture of the front and back end? How to design a highly available architecture? How to design scalable architecture? What is an architect? What qualities do architects need? How can a programmer practice as an architect? The architecture feature from actual Waigong to internal self-discipline, not only to enhance professional and technical, also promoted vision pattern, opened the book, let us one by one to share with you.

(1) the cover design review: best practices and essential qualities of architecture architect

"Programmer" specially invited former Alibaba architect, the current great CTO of Huang Yong, bring each splendid article reading, readers quickly to see it now!

(2) Venture Company engineers should master the development of scalable Web Technology

Worked Intel Asia Pacific R & D center, current meter house CTO Li Zhihui, with rich experience in the industry, it is recommended start-up company engineers should master scalable web development technology, to satisfy more users access to more data without the user experience have any impact. In this paper, from the beginning of a single deployment, but also talked about the core technology, and finally talked about scalable technology team. This article from the system architecture to the organizational structure, is very exciting.

(3)Business oriented high availability architecture design

Alibaba mobile business group senior engineer Li, we will focus on the point from the high availability system oriented, to business oriented high availability, develop quantifiable and measurable high availability standards, such as mentioned in this paper: positioning for 3 minutes, 5 minutes recovery business, average up to 2 months occurs a fault. The full text of the high availability issues related to the technical solution is very clear, the value of extraordinary.

(4) separation from MVC to the front and back ends

Huang Yong stood in the developer's point of view, from the traditional MVC model, to explore the advantages and disadvantages of MVC, and then leads to the use of REST to achieve the separation of the front and back. In this paper, combined with a real scene, to reproduce the process of building a REST framework, and involves some core technologies and the corresponding implementation steps.

(5) to 58 help as an example to see the evolution of the typical technology architecture 58 city

58 city system architects sun Xuan, introduces the "58 help technology architecture evolution of the four stages, from the traditional instant messaging referred to the business management platform and mobile marketing tools, finally comes to the mobile push system, covering all aspects of content. The product challenges the entire system architecture is very large, more than 1 billion times a day to support the request, and supports more than 1 million of the online user. By reading this article, you will learn about the architecture design of a platform that supports high concurrency.

(6) the design and implementation of the industrial grade networking project

Want to understand the Internet of things architecture design friends, please do not miss the fan Liu Hongfeng, founder of the technology to show an industrial networking architecture design. He started from the difference between "Internet plus" and the "Internet of things", talked about the IOT architecture design ideas. Then we show a lot of things, including family remote health monitoring, agricultural greenhouse monitoring, offshore fisheries monitoring, village level sewage treatment monitoring, the full text of the information is abundant.

(7) the definition and classification of software defined storage (SDS)

Experienced, has worked in a Ye Yurui EMC, Dell, VMware, combined with their own understanding of software defined storage (SDS), we give a comprehensive introduction to what is SDS. Firstly, the concept of software defined data center (SDDC) for VMware is proposed, and then the classification of SDS and the future development are discussed.

(8)  On the self accomplishment of the architect

In addition to the rich actual external work, we invite experts to HUAWEI open sourceZhuang table Wai, for us to strengthen the internal force -Discuss the self accomplishment of the architect. Share a summary of their own unique heart, let us understand the body for the architect, and how to have "hard" and "soft ability".

(9)Where life is not architecture: Tieto, SONY architecture practice

Fan Ping Deng according to the essence of himself in Tieto, Sony, Minsheng Bank and several well-known enterprises in the framework of actual combat experience, to engage in their own Android architecture in practice, for example, as we describe architect, after reading you will find, the original architect everywhere.


(1)Foreign express delivery: WIRED

We're in a crazy digital assistant revolution.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - machine - - - - - - -

(2) foreign express: CACM

The technical bottleneck of common sense reasoning in artificial intelligenceWould you cut a shirt and put it in a salad?

(3)The success secrets of independent games: how many of you have a bright spot?

Clark Ryan in 2004 to become a full-time developer, has developed 10 games so far. 8 of them will not lose money, but also earn some money; 3 earned more than $1 million, he revealed his secret to success: becauseJudge the merits of the game design, he has a set of clear standards can be followed.

(4)A developer's Containers Linux Tour

This paper discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Linux virtual machine, Linux container technology and their advantages and disadvantages, mainly about the container's hosting, configuration and management, as well as the relationship between the container and the mirror and container clusters, etc..

(5)10 recommended Laravel4 Kit

(6)APIs, tradition and innovation


(1) the practice of the construction of the financial private cloud based on OpenStack

China UnionPay based on openstack private cloud has been stable operation of more than 1000 days, the cumulative 11960vCPU, 33280G memory and 600TB of enterprise class storage calculation, the initial completion of the include cloud computing resource management platform, cloud integrated development platform, intelligent payment terminal platform, cloud computing platform and application platform.

(2) Docker safety of root containers?

Docker with a"Redefine application of rhetoric, impact on everyone's understanding of the software, however, the birth of new technologies often require acceptance test of the industry thoroughly tempered.

(3) the spatial index method of LBS data

Smart phones and mobile applications have profoundly changed people's lives, while LBS (Services Location-Based,The location based service is the main feature of the mobile application which is different from the PC application.

(4) music programming language Alda

Alda is a powerful and flexible music programming language, as long as in the editor to write some code, through the software to compile it into sound, you can produce a variety of music style. This article brings you an alternative, let a person find everything fresh and new technology to share.


(1) programmers how to manage personal brand

As a programmer, if you can have their own identity and brand, it is the best, but you go, whether it is to find a job or to participate in activities, can be remembered in some way.

(2) my favorite interview questions

C. Zakas Nicholas is a famous JavaScript engineer, who served as head of YAHOO technology, is one of the authors of the YUI library. He recently shared a blog about the interview experience - he has a good question, to help him in a few years to make a lot of whether or not the decision to hire.

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