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IBM Chinese Fengyun battles

Published in11:04 2015-10-27| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorShao Haihong

Abstract:At present, the domestic market, bat, traditional IT vendors and traditional telecom operators for the preemptive occupation of the cloud market is fierce fighting, the AWS and Google cloud service providers face this market of China are eager, waiting in the wings

As the world trend, long, long time. China in the 21st century must be Jiangshan generation of talented people, but the age of the Internet never who can the leading position for hundreds of years. Traditional Internet only in China appeared the three pillars of bat, cloud computing the waves then Xi Yun Chu from Shanyu desire, attempt to subvert the current lull industry layout. How the drama will be staged, and listen to me explain.

The first act: diffuse cloud arena, a beacon

At present, the domestic market, bat, traditional IT vendors and traditional telecom operators for the preemptive occupation of the cloud market is fierce fighting, the AWS and Google cloud service providers in the face of this market of China is in eager, waiting in the wings, low-key IBM used to still low-key, although horses rush but have no action, which will inevitably make the curious, this no sensual of behind the curtain exactly is what libingmoma? This defeat, what is the strategy?

Second: after the curtain curtain

For insiders, IBM bluemix can not be regarded as strange, in June 2014, IBM cloud PAAS platform bluemix formally for Chinese users and developers appearance, everyone at that time has experienced the IBM in cloud computing platform integration capability. After that, occasionally there are IBM cloud computing platform news release, but it saw the curtain, not smell drum ming. Last week, IBM announced that it would work with China's Century Internet to carry out cloud computing business in china. The news that the less than to look at the face of China this the smoke cloud computing market, IBM curtain actually do what? Can you succeed.

The third act: the plot analysis

Today, when the IBM cloud platform is about to officially landed in China, the new changes in Bluemix or to give users a lot of expectations. According to this observation, this war breakout still have a lot to see.

Play a "Jumeng computing environment" is a three

Familiar with cloud computing, people know that Bluemix is IBM investment of $1 billion to open source Foundry Cloud platform to build PaaS services, and initially only deployed in the United states. So, the initial basis of the Bluemix computing environment is open source Foundry Cloud. And today's Bluemix in addition to the world's largest CloudFoundry deployment, in addition to support the docker based container and Openstack based virtual machine architecture. In this way, give the user more choices. As a result, it can be seen that the design of IBM products are constantly adjusted, taking into account the changes in technology, but also consider the user's changes. That is, for a lot of users want to migrate their existing applications to the needs of Foundry IBM, Cloud provides docker as a good way to migrate. And if the customer has not yet been container, you can use the virtual machine to do, Bluemix can support the virtual machine based on Openstack architecture.

Now the bottom of the IBM cloud computing platform is the three open technology, it can be seen IBM's open attitude and pace, open, and constantly re open!

Show two: "how agile!" Changes in the deployment method

Talking about cloud computing, and now the developer and CIO have a very contradictory attitude, in particular, CIO. It should be said that cloud computing is a good thing, it increases the flexibility and rapid deployment of business capabilities, making business more agile. However, for those traditional industries, cloud computing is still not so simple and easy to imagine. Not only is the technical difficulty of migration on the above, data security issues, the industry will simply be divided into public and private cloud public and private this kind of deployment can not completely solve the difficulties faced by today's enterprises. In addition, enterprise business by the impact of the cloud, and how to integrate? How the new public cloud operating enterprise technology, how security, each step is a problem. In this way, the traditional large-scale business operation of the CIO is not confident to turn to cloud computing. Therefore, IBM proposed the concept of proprietary cloud (Dedicated) in the deployment mode. That is to say, IBM for some of the public cloud is not assured customers in their global data center specially set aside some space, through the VPN directly to these enterprises. Another deployment is BluemixLocal, that is, the user has a IaaS environment based on the data center, IBM will own the Bluemix deployed in the user's environment. The advantage of this deployment is that all programs and data are still in the user, the user will not worry about their business data loss, to eliminate the concerns of security issues.

According to the author, most startups are born 'cloud', their desire for new technology and rapid deployment of the pursuit makes them have embraced the public cloud. Blocked in the cloud computing market outside the basic are because there is no way to deploy the first two. How traditional companies on the cloud, how to deal with the relationship with the cloud, how to use the benefits of the cloud and not be troubled by security issues. Obviously, IBM's move is a custom demand for traditional business users.

So far visible IBM public cloud, private cloud and private cloud deployment mode is now fully in place, to the user to freedom and choice for future service users to lay the foundation.

Show three: "meta" service diversification

Bluemix is provide lots of services, to build the development and application of ecological system, which has more than 100 from IBM, the third party and the open source community service. In addition, it also supports the user's own services to the cloud platform. These services cover almost all of the most popular areas of the current. For example, now very hot mobile applications, Bluemix not only provides Push services, but also provides MobileAppMgmt, MobileData, CloudCode, etc.. In the big data analysis, Bluemix provides Database MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, MapReduce, Cloudantd and other dozens of products. IBM will help them get the original leadership position in the field of middleware products across the board to Bluemix translation. Not only that, the Internet of things, cloud computing integration, security services, as well as all aspects of Ops Bluemix, Dev have a variety of services available.

Also is the choice of a cloud computing platform, can provide many kinds of service reflects the technical strength of the company, have to say, a hundred years of IBM in the fast changing, still to enrich and strength unmatched habenular field, for users and developers to open the very much important service functions.

Bluemix supports existing systems and functions by calling API. By publishing them to PUBLIC, the developer can become a service provider to create more market opportunities. This also means that some of the functions of the enterprise can be distributed out, so that other departments within the enterprise to call the use of internal accounting to support the idea of implementation.

Bluemix is not just a very rich cloud platform, the most critical is that it is a growing, more abundant cloud platform.

Show four: "birth" in cognitive computing era

To contact with at least four or five cloud platform for the majority of developers and cloud computing user support docker container, openstack support, providing a database and a variety of mobile applications, is really can not lift everyone's appetite. But Watson is not the same! It is the super computer that has killed several of the brightest brains in the US, and has the ability to do so. Application of the bluemix will Watson into one, the user can call it, it can do a lot of other software can't do, it will cloud computing into the cognitive computing era, Watson has support Mandarin Chinese and, through bluemix customer service and Watson docking, will give rise to numerous based on innovation may!

Show five: the "right way" from the traditional development mode to Devops

API created by the Bluemix business economic circle allows developers to get rid of the traditional architecture, write code, deploy a variety of applications, such as the traditional development process. Users can call the open API, you can also put their own development of API into the open source of the cloud, so that you can greatly shorten the development process, so that users focus on their business to focus on. The author found that the developer can use a variety of development environment for development, such as the development environment based on Web, or with Eclipse with Bluemix development tools. Of course, the integration of production and operation of the development of operation and maintenance tools in Bluemix also provide, so that the user will feel the whole development of more professional and smooth. After the operation, there is also the application of efficiency management, Bluemix also provide the corresponding service. As usual, it is the right way.

Show six: "enterprise safety protection"

In the cloud, security is the most important. To this end, the author focuses on the ability of Bluemix in this area to do a survey. For the user's internal data, Bluemix has integrated and API management, so that the user's functional docking through a secure channel to complete. Data on the butt, for the user needs to do big data in the cloud analysis, but also worried that data exposure will produce a security problem. Bluemix can be adjusted by API to provide data desensitization services.

In fact, Bluemix IBM in the country is moving towards a real landing, a lot of very good features and services to users to slowly discover and experience. Last week I in Zhongguancun visited the cloud environment to build and demonstration can see IBM bluemix in the platform to build is very surprising, for developers, this is a leap, very big leap!

The fourth act: change, more changes are coming

A preliminary understanding of the development of the Bluemix abroad, Dedicated Bluemix version has a lot of users in the deployment, mainly in the field of banking, insurance and global system integration class heavyweight users. The total application running on Bluemix has reached 90 thousand. And opportunities for developer innovation and breakthrough of the problem with recently IBM and China century interconnection cooperation in the floor, above the cloud market to the user with SaaS, facing the background with a IasS. And when customized demand, is must to PAAS. This is bluemix mission of they can. IBM cloud host will be placed at home, its cloud services in the domestic market will be more smooth and fast. This is clearly, cloud strategy has become the main strategy for the future of IBM. Above the cloud battlefield, more changes will, in the first show, it is worth looking forward to.

The first experience: just one minute, Bluemix cloud server free of charge

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