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"Programmers in November A Journal: open source core technology, cloud computing," the hot market!

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Abstract:Cloud computing open source core technology changes focus on Magnum Heat, OpenStack and other important modules in the era of innovation, and Kubernetes, Mesos and other containers related technologies, the latest development, through an alternative perspective, re examine the gap between the high speed iteration of open source technology and landing.

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Cloud computing implementation depends on the underlying resource sharing, scheduling, OpenStack in the cloud architecture of the first round of competition to stand out. Docker as the representative of the container technology to provide resource control capabilities, but also to achieve a higher cloud efficiency architecture has brought a powerful new tools, new projects around the container and the Venture Company is also a prosperous weather. At the same time, the boundaries of IaaS and PaaS gradually become blurred.

However, the domestic Lenovo Group, China UnionPay, Shenzhen stock exchange based on OpenStack cloud platform practice, still proves the OpenStack in the field of private cloud status and vitality, enterprise class characteristics is no longer a landing obstacle. Of course, the OpenStack community has also been crazy to plan and implement the integration of OpenStack and container technology, more flexible support for the application of the upper.

Thus, cloud computing open source core technology changes focus on Magnum OpenStack, Heat, Neutron and other important modules in the era of innovation in the container, and Kubernetes, Mesos and other relevant technologies of the latest development of the container, and through the enterprise practical experience as well as open source IaaS veteran's alternative visual angle, re examines the gap between the high speed iteration of open source technology and landing.

(1)Kubernetes container management technology changes

(2)Introduction of new functions of Magnum Liberty and OpenStack

(3) Liberty version of the development of Neutron

(4) OpenStack Heat hezonglianheng

(5)Container surrounding open source tools: Sysdig and Calico

(6) construction of Native Cloud application based on Mesos and Docker

(7)Agile practice of enterprise IT application in OpenStack architecture

(8)Interview with ZStack founder Zhang Xin: most of the private cloud just need to be in the "virtualization""


(1) foreign express: WIRED who moved my Siri

(2) foreign express: hidden in the cage under Internet

(3) APIs, tradition and innovation

(4) 10 recommended Laravel4 Kit

(5) the sound of the industry


(1) location and calculation method of LBS application

(2) App competitive products technical analysis (two) -- the summary of the App technology to achieve the secret


(1) what problems will be met by the new technical leadership

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