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The "Carpenter" Ali GoWarrior: computing hardware and software platform for a comprehensive open source

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Abstract:The Carpenter "the 110, GoWarrior is a by Yangzhi electronics launched the latest embedded Android/Linux open source development platform, which is a maker, entrepreneurs, artists and students to provide from the full support of hardware, software, IDE to cloud services. This is Ali in the field of intelligent hardware an exploration.

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Small to the entrepreneurial team, big to IC vendors, they Maker, entrepreneurs, students, artists, providing a variety of modular development board and development tools. More and more "game player" added to this wave, Ali. GoWarrior platformAnd one of them.

GoWarrior is a by Yangzhi electronics launched the latest embedded Android/Linux open source development platform, mainly for maker, hackers, artists, students, hobbyists and business persons.

GoWarrior configuration of the dominant frequency of ARM 1GHz dual core CPU Cortex-A9, supplemented by RISC32 bit microcontroller for real-time interface control. It's built in multimedia DSP unit for audio and audio processing, and provides hardware accelerated video / image codec with DSP based audio codec and enhanced components for. Development board compatible with most Raspberry Pi and Black BeagleBone peripheral card and Cape module, support GPIO, SPI, I2C full range of bus interface, and supports C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Shell and other programming languages.

Now the trend is concerned, if only the introduction of a development board, it has been difficult to stand out from the many software and hardware development platform. So, the definition of GoWarrior not only stays in the development board. They are based on Android, Linux Debian and FreeRTOS for their customized system, and provide cloud services interface. Users can use the commonly used IDE, you can also use the GoStudio provided by the GoWarrior IDE development. Moreover, Ali will fully open source GoWarrior platform for developers PCB Layout and all the principle diagram and software code.

The company since its establishment in 1987, has been focused on the chip and the technology of digital set-top box system. In March this year, Ali began to design GoWarrior platform. "This is Yangzhi electronics to the intelligent hardware field exploration" Yangzhi science and technology GoWarrior intelligent hardware development platform for Qiang said.

Peng Qiang in 2003 to join Ali, before 2012 has been in leading the team Yangzhi STB SoC Based on of STB Driver and firmware development, 2012 served as the director, lead the team to do the Linux cable and hybrid set-top box program development, Android Hybrid set top box solution development. Currently in charge of GoWarrior technical scheme planning, background cloud services architecture design, as well as ecological system construction.

Ali GoWarrior intelligent hardware development platform for Peng Qiang

CSDN: how Yangzhi electronics is starting from what time do this GoWarrior? For business reasons or what is the reason for the Makers and small and medium business team launched this product?

Peng Qiang:The electron is from the beginning of March 2015 planning this GoWarrior development platform. Intelligent hardware and networking is the trend of the industry in the future, Yangzhi electronics as chip makers also hope to force in the industry's contribution to the development of their own. Intelligent hardware product scope is very broad, there are many categories of products. We provide development board of the preliminary exploration on the market first, hope from the maker and small entrepreneurial team interaction and find Yangzhi electronics in this industry boom set aside for its location.

CSDN: how do you understand the Maker culture?

Peng Qiang:When it comes to Maker, I suddenly think of myself as a child, I often spend a lot of time to make a variety of aircraft, ship models, cars and so on, just for fun. I think that if a person has a good idea in his mind, he immediately started using the existing materials to put into practice, so that people can be referred to as Maker. Maker do a lot of projects because they find it interesting, or that they do this small thing really can solve some of the problems in real life. Among the many Maker's ideas and ideas, there are many ideas that may develop into a great product in the future. This is also why the Maker culture is more and more able to get popular support and recognition, and by the governments of all countries to encourage.

CSDN: what do you think of the current intelligent hardware field? At present, Ali electronic technology has what applications in the field of intelligent hardware?

Peng Qiang:I think the field of intelligent hardware is still in the exploratory stage. Practitioners in this field need to be more in-depth to explore the user's pain points, improve the user experience and complete the task of educational users. Yangzhi electronics specializes in chip design, hardware design, embedded system software design, multimedia system framework design and safety design. Professional knowledge of the theory can be applied in various fields, home security, multimedia gateway, intelligent Home Furnishing etc. in the field of intelligent hardware. More important is that we fully open source GoWarrior platform PCB Layout and schematic and all the software code, and to provide professional technical support for developers to promote and realize the Hybridware Open concept we advocate.

The so-called Hybridware Open concept, refers to the GoWarrior in the software and hardware aspects of a thorough open source. In the hardware part, we open the platform of PCB, the principle diagram, the system reference manual, data Sheet as well as the bill of materials; in the software section we are open to all drivers, middleware and operating system source code. This more thorough opening will help our users get a faster time to market, and thus get a higher price for the total cost of ownership (TCO) from the creative to the business.

GoWarrior R & D team

CSDN: at present on the market have many for makers and hardware entrepreneurial team development board, with the entrepreneurial team launched, Yangzhi electronics like large IC design companies, such as Intel, Qualcomm. Compared with the existing products on the market, what is the biggest advantage and characteristics of GoWarrior?

Peng Qiang:Compared to other development boards, GoWarrior has three notable features:

1 emphasis on Android. We fully recognize the important role played by the Android system in mobile devices, and its full openness is derived from a number of open source network applications based on it. GoWarrior Team expanded Framework Android, increased for GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI and Uart and other underlying interface API Java support. This expansion makes it easy for the developer to read all kinds of sensor data and control the peripherals in Android development environment. Then combined with the existing network applications of Android, a new creative combination can be produced. We have an internal project will be issued microblogging robot, which is the use of our I2C Java API read temperature sensor readings, the Sina microblogging Android SDK temperature data released to the micro blog.

Micro blog robot based on GoWarrior development

2 for the importance of cloud services in the background. We define the product from the beginning, it is determined to be Maker self built cloud services strategy. Each GoWarrior development board to buy the user, once completed the certification and registration on the site, you can enjoy the GoWarrior Convenient cloud services. These cloud services are provided based on the Android SDK Java or Python library, combined with our reference design, users can easily build up Camera IP such applications. Currently GoWarrior cloud services have been provided on the basis of AWS Cloud storage of S3 and message subscription and push service based on MQTT. Follow there are some of the cloud computing, automatic code generation and software engineering services are being developed.

3 emphasis on safety. Ali for GoWarrior platform for the development of chip M3733 built-in the curing in the core verification and check code can be constructed with the assistance of tight chain of trust to ensure system not to be ed. M3733 itself also provides AES, 3DES and SHA hardware computing unit, can provide efficient encryption and decryption and verification capabilities, and strengthen the system security.

GoWarrior development board

CSDN:GoWarrior system is based on the GoDroid Linux, based on Debian GoBian Android and FreeRTOS based GoTDS. Excuse me, is this your system based on Android, Linux, and FreeRTOS? Compared with the operation of the original system is concerned, the optimization of the system what is the characteristic of it?

Peng Qiang:Yes, the above system is based on the original system to optimize the product. As Ali electronic chip maker for embedded system and multimedia architecture has a profound experience. The optimization of the primary system is mainly focused on the optimization of system performance, the strengthening of the system security, the extension of multimedia compatibility and the extension of the external connection capability. In Android, for example, Android is for mobile computing platform to build the operating system, the operating environment to battery power, does not need to frequently switch, so the native Android for boot speed and drop protection did not too much focus on. At the same time, Android's native multimedia engine is not rich enough in support of multi streaming media format. Based on the above reasons, we in the design GoDroid, in-depth study of the native Android system startup process, combined with the characteristics of our own chip architecture to improve it, greatly improves the system boot speed; at the same time, we with solid-state memory manufacturers were in close cooperation, developed specifically for the platform off the electrical data protection algorithm to ensure random power down will not damage the solid state memory data. In the multimedia framework, we introduced the GStreamer multimedia engine in GoDroid, which can provide better support for more streaming media protocols such as HLS. In addition, we extend the Android Framework, developers can use Java API GoWarrior direct control based on I2C, GPIO, PWM, SPI and other external devices. In the Linux and FreeRTOS parts we also do a similar optimization.

CSDN: now we see that there are a number of teams in the embedded system optimization, in order to adapt to the requirements of intelligent devices for embedded systems. What do you think of the embedded system now?

Peng Qiang:An embedded system running on smart devices should have low power consumption and rich connectivity. We see Samsung, Huawei, arm, Microsoft and Google are in the development of embedded system for intelligent hardware; and some has a long history of operating system such as Linux, VxWorks is evolving to meet the intelligent hardware or a IOT of emerging application scenarios. Each embedded system has the advantages of each, now also difficult coming to the end which or what kinds of embedded system will occupy the mainstream position. We are looking forward to the industry to develop a unified specification for access to smart devices, networking and communications. In fact, as long as we are able to follow a unified specification, then the internal operation of each smart device is what embedded systems may not be so important.

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