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Good thing to choose its cloud - the development of cloud five asked

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Abstract:Cloud for the developer, must be a closed loop, in the true sense of focus on application development and business innovation of the cloud, to provide services throughout the development cycle.

In ancient times, people always love to something beyond the circle called arena. Known as the martial arts the big rivers and lakes, this year's hit series "spend thousands of bone" and "Langya Bang" is relying on such environment to describe a person's fate. Actually, today it world, for ordinary people in the world is also a rivers and lakes. There is also a dash, Armored Cavalry, there are little people find cheats and yangmingliwan. Today it arena has been developed to cloud computing era, developers really can like Shaolin Kozo falsely bamboo, through a lot of adventures and achievements of their own status of the political arena. Today, this opportunity is in front of you, as a developer, you don't.

Preceding mentioned IBM counsel and then move, in China launched a new cloud platform bluemix products, simple and introduces its latest changes. But for developers, the cloud market in China we are very understanding, for IBM it is destined to be a tough break out of an encirclement battle, and dangerous to consolidate step by step. No matter how to fight this battle, said the nature of the product is hard power, all packaging is washed magnificence, need to do. Return to the real products, real service for developers in the land is the fulcrum of leveraging the market. So today we talk about a developer and enterprise IT technical staff, Bluemix what these changes mean, and how to choose the cloud platform. Only answer to the developer of the mind of the cloud, in order to let them know what they need to know what kind of cloud. Then let's see what they have!


Q: what cloud is cloud for developers?

At present, the domestic market some of the cloud have a lot of fans, relying on in the IAAs increased for developers to provide PAAS ability, most of them for retail and mobile social networking service, there is also a lot of providing industry-specific cloud solution template. But these for developers, are still not enough, for developers of the cloud, must be a closed loop, the true meaning of focus in cloud application development and business innovation, to provide services on the whole development cycle.

The developer's mission is to change the cloud technology into a practical function, to serve the general public. But there is no cloud on the market for developers, until the emergence of Bluemix. Bluemix pursuit of Devops experience, stressed that developers from project management, development and testing, deployment operation and maintenance link freed, real power in the application development and application of innovation and bluemix Devops tools in the development cycle to provide services, applications will set design, development, construction, integration, testing, deployment, monitoring, analysis of a closed loop cycle, the entire application development can be the fastest speed to make minimum size of the product, and can be used for fast iterative, greatly reduced the threshold for developers, so as to achieve rapid development, rapid deployment and operation and maintenance of automation. According to the author, no product can be as the same as Bluemix, so appropriate to support the developer to meet the Business Bible, "lean entrepreneurship" advocated by the principle of innovation management.

In a word: Bluemix is the cloud for developers.

It is worth mentioning that, in the face of different types of developers, IBM have the corresponding underlying development of technical support. In early 2013, IBM embraced CloudFoundry, making the entire open source community to flourish. In addition to focus on individual developers and entrepreneurs, IBM is also committed to corporate users, increased support for Docker as well as virtual machines. Docker has a very good portability, a very good DevOps experience, Docker quickly packaged with the user's original application in a timely manner to the cloud. While the operating system has special requirements of users, as well as the more heavy traditional applications, you can use the virtual machine. Through the integration of open source technology, Bluemix according to the actual needs of users, providing more computing environment.

The two question: what kind of target cloud deployment of the pursuit of what kind of goal?

When it comes to the deployment model of the cloud, the new Venture Company can directly put their own applications on the public cloud, they basically have begun a cloud practice. Another class of users, especially business users, for safety, resources exclusive, compliance with very high requirements, and wish to obtain the elasticity of the cloud and the ability to quickly deploy. Therefore, in addition to bluemix public cloud, and Zhuan Youyun bluemix to the dedicated and private cloud (bluemix local).

Bluemix's proprietary cloud deployment in IBM data center, but the resource is user exclusive. This scheme can effectively combine the economic and private cloud security of public cloud as well as the advantages of exclusive resources. The other is to deploy a private cloud in the enterprise, that is, said in front of Local Bluemix, fully deployed in the enterprise data center.

Of course, many companies will use hybrid cloud, IBM bluemix not only provides three deployment to achieve hybrid cloud, more committed to providing a unified experience, provide a series of services to achieve cross a public cloud, proprietary private clouds and cloud integration services, as well as the number of according to the migration to ensure seamless hybrid cloud experience. Bluemix provides service integration (Syndication Service), also allows users in the proprietary and private cloud, you can also enjoy a variety of public cloud services.

That is to say, Bluemix has three kinds of physical form of cloud deployment, but it is a unified user experience, which is a qualitative leap for the user.

I learned that from the real point of view of the product, the current Bluemix Gong Youyun in the world has three geographical deployment, including the southern United States, Europe, London, as well as Sydney, australia. October, IBM and Century Internet officially signed an agreement to Bluemix landing to china. IBM will provide Bluemix related technologies, century interconnection provides Bluemix infrastructure and end to end service operations. China's Bluemix public cloud service plans to officially launch next year. By then, China's users will enjoy the rapid and rich Bluemix cloud services with Chinese characteristics, so as to solve the problem of slow speed and some of the problems.

 Three Q: a good development of the cloud platform to have the basic elements?

What is a good cloud platform, and what are the main elements of it?

First, for the developer, to have a good Devops experience. Because the cloud platform itself is for developers to use, it is for them to be more rapid development and deployment. If their experience is not good, then the developer will not like.

Secondly, the platform to provide a wealth of services and API. For developers, these services and API makes it easier to develop applications, developers can be based on the need to combine these services for rapid innovation.

There is a multi language, open source tools as well as the support of third party services, to take care of the developer's original development habits, as well as commonly used tools and services. If the platform to support the development of language is very few, very few tools, or are private services, then it will not attract more developers to come over.

Also cloud platform to be able to smooth migration. Because no one would like to be a cloud service provider lock, otherwise, the next move, a lot of work to do from scratch.

In short, a good cloud platform only pay more and more attention to the developer's experience, in order to truly allow users to achieve the purpose of innovation, so as to be more user acceptance.

The four question: how to prepare for cloud migration?

For users, the operation of the IT business for many years to migrate to the cloud is not so simple, it is not so easy to move. Existing users will not easily migrate their applications, because migration means that costs, means that the user experience changes. They are more concerned about the deployment of a good cloud platform is able to withstand the challenges of performance, security, these are cloud service providers need to convince users to allow users to trust the necessary work of this platform.

In view of this situation, Bluemix also take into account the original IBM original product how to migrate to the cloud problem, by providing a cloud middleware services, so as to achieve smooth migration. This includes the DB2 database, WebSphere and other middleware products. For those who previously used open source products, Bluemix also has a wide range of support, do not need them to rewrite their applications, they can be successfully migrated to the cloud.

For existing applications can be the use of Docker technology, they are packaged into a Docker mirror, to achieve rapid transplantation. Of course, in terms of cloud migration, IBM, after all, has a lot of successful cases of customers, so when the user to face their own business can do nothing, you can ask the experts. IBM can provide expert consultancy and advisory services, they will starting from the actual condition of the user and application requirements, make the project planning, module analysis, system implementation, and a step by step implementation of the code, and the final cloud deployment is done on-line.

If users have doubts and worries cloud migration. So those who have taken the lead in the cloud users are an example to everyone. We are familiar with the railway ticketing system, for example, the past is the ticket sales business personnel to have access to database queries, and in 12306 after the emergence of our general consumers have been able to see the current situation of the entire database. Without the cloud, the user's demand is difficult to achieve. Other users are more concerned about how to better use their core capabilities, and will be built into the API contribution to the use of other partners or developers. There are some users to use the cloud to do big data analysis and networking applications. , of course, cloud platform for the rapid innovation of enterprise, the realization of the product of rapid deployment and iterative, becomes the digital innovation platform, so as to enhance their core competitiveness, this also is the domestic many large enterprises also began to cloud change of important factors.

For bluemix. In foreign countries, many users accept this way with the proprietary cloud, and domestic users may tend to be more local private cloud model, the source to domestic users more from the security, compliance and control angle to consider.

The five question: what is the most cattle developers understand?

In the past, the developers like to do everything yourself to write code, but in this era of mass application, this idea is difficult to achieve. Developers to cloud platform is the hope that the cloud has an unusually strong open compatibility. So developers do not have to understand what, because the cloud platform is a synthesizer. , of course, if you want platform master, you need to master the cloud platform to khanazir Baichuan, with an open mind to embrace the new technology. And IT as the king of IBM, just use their own resources to build a century of this super cloud platform - Bluemix. We can see that the bluemix inclusive and innovative spirit, and all this, for the developers brought many convenient, let everybody really stand on the top of the giant from the following several aspects.

Actively promote the Spark

In the last six months, Spark technology is very hot, it can be very good to support interactive, low latency data mining applications, but also to provide technical support for machine learning and cognitive computing. IBM is very early in the Spark community began to study the distributed architecture to do memory based computing machine learning and data mining framework. In June 16th this year, also announced a commitment to vigorously promote the Spark Apache project, and said the project is the most important in the next ten years, the data is the most important new open source projects. This commitment is the core of the Spark embedded IBM industry leading analysis and business platform, and Spark as a service, to provide customers in the Bluemix IBM platform. IBM will invest more than 3500 research and development staff in more than ten laboratories around the world to carry out projects associated with the spark, and the spark of the open source ecosystem provided free of charge to break through machine learning techniques, IBM SystemML. At the same time, IBM also will train over 100, 000 Spark Science data and engineering data.

Support networking applications, to provide developers with more features

Internet of things applications include three parts: data acquisition, data transmission and intelligent data processing. Bluemix provides a complete set of networking solutions that can be very fast and easy to spread the data from the device to the cloud and processing in the cloud. In the sensor and gateway equipment, there are a lot of local development library, so that data acquisition capabilities can be easily integrated into the Internet of things devices. The collected data can be transmitted to the cloud over a range of light MQTT protocols. And in the cloud, it can store the conversion of these data, you can also provide different ways to spend the processing of these data, or packaged into API is used by other applications.

In this regard, intelligent processing, through the Bluemix big data services, these data can be done off-line or real-time analysis, and presented in a variety of ways. Can say, IOT data generation, transmission, processing, presentation, to the intelligent analysis bluemix provides the appropriate interface and standard API, is to ensure that the developers of the networking function demand.

Meet the different needs of mobile application developers

First, in the mobile client, Bluemix provides a set of development tools to create different patterns of mobile applications, including HTML5 based mobile applications, hybrid mobile applications and local mobile applications. In addition, IBM also reached a cooperation agreement with apple, IOS developers to provide better support. In the cloud, Bluemix also provides developers with a lot of mobile back-end services, such as messaging service, mobile security services, mobile data services and mobile performance and usage analysis services. In addition, Bluemix also provides life cycle management tools and services to help developers quickly find the problem, the problem of feedback, so as to quickly solve the problem, optimize the user experience.

In addition to the new mobile applications, for the traditional enterprise, there are many needs to increase the function of the front end of the existing system, which needs to be integrated with the existing services and mobile services. Bluemix will provide a number of integrated services, such as mobile front-end applications through the APII to access the traditional database or services, to complete this integration.

So in the mobile application development bluemix provides both applying a series of development and maintenance tools for the development of new mobile, and mobile backend services, so as to be convenient for developers of mobile development, and for those traditional enterprises to move the new function with the old business integration provides a series of services and API, to meet the various needs of developers.

Watson civilians, the cognitive computing to the majority of developers.

Watson is the crystallization of IBM in the field of cognitive computing research results for many years, in terms of technological innovation has been a great success. But also has many years of business experience. Before Watson is mainly used in industry solutions, such as the medical industry. IBM has been thinking about how to help developers use the latest cognitive computing technology, reduce the application development threshold, which will be more easy to apply innovation. In bluemix, IBM will Watson's key technologies and function modules into many independent services, which include machine learning, pattern recognition, natural language processing, reasoning, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Bluemix will these services and capabilities through the API and SDK forms available to developers, so as to bring high-end technology to the public application developers.

When we are still talking about the cloud, today's IT has gradually entered the era of big data and Internet of things. Next, more data will continue to explode. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet will become the future trend of all things. Perhaps in another ten years, all of us have been in the cloud, and then we discussed the possibility of artificial intelligence or what other new technology applications.

So, technology and application requirements are two wheels, the application needs to be updated, the technology will never stop. The author's question has come, so the developer how to make each technology can honor a satisfactory business prospects? Listen to the next chapter.

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