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2015 Chinese software developers survey published a large list of winners

Published in15:03 2015-12-16| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorZhang Yong

Abstract:September 21st -10 21, CSDN launched the 2015 China software developers have award for investigation activities, is now officially announced the list of 186 winners.

September 21, 2015 -10 21, CSDN launched a "2015 software developers have award for large survey" activities, after rigorous data screening and analysis, expert review, "2015 China software developers white paper"After the production, the drawing work recently completed, now the list of winners announced as follows.

The grand prize, first prize and the two prize of users

Three and other award users (a total of 180)

First congratulations on winning the 186 users, prizes are awarded matters, we'll contact you as soon as possible; would also like to thank to participate in the investigation, but did not win the other users is because your participation and software developers in China is the most realistic survival condition and the status of the industry was able to present.

Previous situation review:Has 6S iPhone to work for 27 days? No, to participate in the development of a large survey as long as 15 minutes!

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