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CTO AppCan Zhao Qinghua: the positive benefits of the workshop, build a community based mobile platform

Published in10:12 2015-12-18| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorFu Jiang

Abstract:CTO AppCan Zhao Qinghua said, AppCan family of new business products - is beneficial to the plant, is in its mobile ecological layout strategy in the water to the canal into a ring.

As the hybrid mixed application development, mobile platforms, cloud platform advocates, in six years, appcan for the majority of developers to provide one-stop mobile application development support services at the same time, in an effort to construction sustainable development of the mobile ecosystem, with platform constantly gathering of developers (80 million developers, 6000 enterprise customers, 30 million users), its business products and brand is also in the continuous extension.

Recently, in the 2015 AppCan mobile cloud conference, the reporter on the mobile development of hot spots, enterprise mobile information technology, the positioning of the positive benefits of the plant and differentiation advantages and other topics dialogue CTO AppCan Zhao Qinghua. Zhao Qinghua said, AppCan family of new business products - is beneficial to the plant, is in its mobile ecological layout strategy in the water to the canal into a ring.

Community - based mobile platform - - benefit workshop

First, Zhao Qinghua talked about the second brands of the General Assembly on the positive benefits of the family after AppCan: Mobile Internet application innovation and entrepreneurship platform - the positive benefits of the factory. As a project based on the AppCan mobile technology community platform, the mobile developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises connected.For large enterprises is Yi factory can provide reliable mobile technology support, mobile services and mobile Internet market resources; for developers and entrepreneurs, is the main responsibility of the workshop is to help developers quickly commercial realization, operation promotion, build technology sharing and exchange platform.

Compared with the market existing it crowdsourcing platform is Yi workshop has its unique advantages: appcan has a large number of stable customer resources, as the industry's leading mobile development platform for service providers, appcan have a mature technology system and management platform and its technical architecture is based on the appcan mobile platform and mobile cloud based, cloud integration, development and operation of the integration of the mobile technology platform to support, through technical operating rules, can efficiently help enterprise customers and mobile technology team / developers docking, formation to create a win-win ecological synergy, not just a simple intermediaries.

Specific cooperation model, there are two main types of positive interest workshops: one for large customers, appcan and they entered into a contract, project by appcan co-ordination and control; another is several million yuan amount of small projects, released on the positive benefits of factory platform, this kind of small and medium-sized project number, the appcan only as a technical evaluation, undertake projects verification, communication assistance, technical support and consulting services, the main development work done by the team with the third party. In this mode, appcan technical team will bear the main responsibility of the project manager.

Deep in the industry of mobile application, AppCan mobile development platform will not only Internet plus mode into the system, but also strengthen the property industry. Now, appcan industry solutions has been successfully applied in the field of finance, aviation, government, petrochemical, and other media, customers include Eastern Airlines, the national grid, group, Taikang Life, Xinhua news agency and other large enterprises, appcan gradually these years in the industry should be with the accumulation of development and management and general module open to developers to use. In addition, the majority of developers to support the specific application scenarios, customized mobile applications on the AppCan platform, recommended to the various companies use.

It is reported that the positive benefit workshop contains public workshops, enterprises workshop, mobile business team, mobile project demand forum content, using the fine operation mode, early to targeted invitation and certification audit system based, currently only on small businesses and developers team issued invitation inside, and assessment of the team of developers technical ability and level in the process of operation.

Enterprise mobile information transfer from B2B to B2C

This year, the focus of traditional industry users of enterprise mobile information is gradually transferred from the B2B to the B2C, to explore how to use the mobile platform to manage customers and to do consumer support. In the concept of more open, and in the past only to the project to the company's technical team development is different, more and more companies began to accept the external third party development team to undertake.

In addition, the understanding of cloud services, the traditional users have a deeper understanding, more content data began to migrate to the cloud, including code compilation and other development actions can be carried out in the cloud.

As a result, both to AppCan mobile platform and the technology team is on the platform to bring more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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