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Now the Bug management tool is too heavy, this simple tool can help you reduce

Published in08:30 2015-12-25| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorZhang Yong

Abstract:This is an effort to solve the programmers in the development process of pain grind tool.

There is a piece, the son of Kangxi, which most programmers hate? Answer: Yinsi, because he is the elder brother (eight / Bug). Actually in the piece is outside, but a really called "eight elder brother" bug management tools, in an effort to do to solve the programmers to develop in the process of pain, it is Bugclose.

Bug tool is too big, we want to do subtraction"

Bugclose is a free Bug management tool, their Slogan shows their pursuit: simple, easy to use, stable and safe. The reason why there is such a pursuit, mainly due to their failure to start a business experience. In this pursuit of the perfect project, Tao and his team found a sore point: Bug too much, but we can not find a good use of Bug management tools."

May have a lot of friends will say, Bug management tools are not a lot of it: QC, redmine, JIRA, bugzilla, domestic Zen Tao, easybug and techexcel, etc.. However, in the eyes of Tao and his team, these products are powerful, but they feel that these products have the following four shortcomings:

  1. Functional bloated complex, difficult to get started.
  2. Interface anti human, but also ugly, do not want to use.
  3. Need to deploy the line, the installation of complex.
  4. Professional version of the high fees, with whatever they want on the tens of thousands, small Venture Company - money can not afford.

He then pointed out that the current mainstream Bug management tools, especially foreign professional software, the function is indeed very powerful, but it is very cumbersome to use. Too many functions, too many attributes, too many roles, poor optimization, cumbersome operation... With this product, small teams have to study for a long time, and 80% of the function are used to; also the bug management system, experience design basically is 10 years before the era of software development, and now more sense of violation. Therefore, the Tao and their team in function and design to do subtraction.

Problems with a few meals on the solution to the

After a preliminary plan, they plan the next direction, and their eyes of the defect management tool is this:

  • Simple: to mention a Bug not to fill too much space; do not engage in too many processes; do not limit too much;
  • Easy to use: it is best to get a work table, do not open the closed page, in any place can track Bug; picture support mobile phone upload;
  • Stability: there is someone to maintain, do not have to look at the source code or external support staff;
  • Cloud based: it is best to cloud based, so as to promote the tools to improve, more and more good to use;
  • Security: Bug is still relatively sensitive, communication is best to use https.

Stem, the three founders, a is product manager background, responsible for product prototype and operation; a is graduated from Tsinghua University, the typical programmer, is responsible for the background; another is special literature and art front man, responsible for front-end development. Technical personnel allocation is reasonable, clear division of labor, coupled with today's cloud service is also more convenient, so the development process is relatively is relatively "smooth", just spare time put the tools to do it. However, this kind of "smooth" is only a technical, they are still a little helpless in the design, but later only with a few meals on the problem to solve the problem." Speaking about the loyalty of good friend very grateful to the tao.

"We know we're on demand"

Product chart

Products are then soon on the line. For the current development of the product, the young entrepreneur and the author said, at present our users probably have 200, the project 140, Bug number of more than 300." He looked very excited, excited, not because the number of users grew more than they expected, but the seed users gave them a good feedback, we know the need to grasp the." Tao Yue ha ha to say.

As for the profit model, they are not considered a good. Tao said that they are currently considering two things, one is the product to do a little better, good to our users do not need to find second similar products." He defines the "good" standard; second, he wants to use the fastest time to let more development team know their products.

"To do to allow users to move the product"

For the products in the future, he used "Internet Conference CCTV Bai Yansong to Lei Jun a interview: millet to return to conscience, to do let users move products" as the introduction, he said, "a lot of excellent product uncompromising, when you use, will feel for soul exists in the product, can feel the author is to pay great efforts and hard work, is not easy to make this thing, you will moved by the spirit of that." Back to Bugclose this product, if let him use a metaphor to describe their feelings, to Tao feel that this feeling is like watching a movie touched his.

"Our small team also has the ideal, let developers, testers and other R & D team in every role, the use of Bugclose this product and all can feel our intentions of the product is particularly sincerely, let them feel that this gadget is a handy and easy to use." Tao said that although they from this goal there is still a long way to go, but he is very optimistic about their own products, "the first free; the second in the cloud, many testers and programmers can always see a bug; third only need an account, you can use, and now many products are to local deployment, complex installation and configuration effort." He believes that, coupled with their sincerity and intentions of the product, the user will be satisfied.

Conclusion: "the philosophy of running water"

For such a product, some people may feel that nothing, but the continuous entrepreneurs have their own thinking:

So easy, why no one to do? Maybe not cool enough, maybe there is not enough market prospects, so many people do not bother to do. But we can see, the market useless stuff is really too much, some spend a lot of resources and energy, and finally made out of no one cares. So we like "Bob, siege lion" hoping to get some valuable products with low cost.

In a blog post, he cited Konosuke Matsushita's "water philosophy" to continue to explain their value, the future of the enterprise:

The responsibility of an enterprise is to take what the public needs and become as cheap as tap water. Business is with excellent quality, with consumers can buy the price, the goods like running water as a steady stream of customers. Make the customer often benefit, is the biggest source of enterprise benefit.

In the mail at the end of the interview, "we are not B2B, just a gadget, don't need bosses clappers can be used, also don't need to spend big price." He is sincere and eager to want the user to use their tools.

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