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Yi Hua, founder of science and technology: the core driving force to change the flower industry is the technology

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Abstract:In the first stage of venture capital for private venture capital for geeks geeks exchange, should spend technology founder Rong Chao (flower thirteen brother) do share. This has a Ph.D. in economics, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua MBA CEO, about his use of technology in the flower industry to bring about change.

In recent years, the relationship between the Internet and traditional industry is changing, the former with a ubiquitous computing, data, knowledge, gave birth to the ubiquitous innovation and subversion, produced a profound transformation of traditional industries, and technology is the changes of the core driving force.

Yi Hua Rong Chao, founder of Technology

Recently, in Geek help venture the geeks help venture enjoy private sinks, are advised to spend Rongchao, founder of the science and Technology (spend 13 elder brother) to do a share. This has a Ph.D. in economics, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua MBA CEO, about his use of technology in the flower industry to bring about change.

The Daniel go cross the road unwilling to remain out of the limelight.

From some Title point of view, the glory of the surface does not seem to be born in a computer professional, if you want to really think so, then you are wrong. Wing - once for the computer specialty walks and 26 years of programming experience, so he is a fully fledged hardcore code farming. "

The code farming experience, he had in a state-owned Datang Telecom in national 863 project backbone router software research and development, from basic programmers make vice president is at that time, the central enterprises listed companies in the youngest deputy general. During this period of more than ten years, he has accumulated rich experience in communication systems and process control.

Is this experience, let him prior to encounter things, first consider using technology to solve, which also his "should be flower technology" foreshadowed: by integrating Internet flower industry supply chain, to the florist flowers supply services, so as to change the pattern of the original, reduce transaction cost.

Yard farmers began to solve the core pain points in the field of flowers

There is a pain in the field of flowers, that is, the transfer time is too long, the value of the goods will be affected. "If more than 96 hours in a state of dehydration, then, in the eyes of professionals is not a fresh flower." Rong Chao introduced to.

For non standardization of flowers commodity trading is a characteristic, is the first choice of face to face; secondly it trading channel is very long, from planting (farmers), small bazaars, wholesalers / delivery business, Province wholesale center, transport channel, a wholesale market, secondary wholesale market....

Very long transaction chain also brings the time cost - in the circulation of links may be up to 96 hours, which caused the loss of the value of flowers is immeasurable. In addition, in the circulation of each layer of wholesalers and at least 15% to 20% increase in price, which brings more than just the quality of flowers, the cost will rise.

In the face of such a pain point, the economics, the background of MBA code farming, first from the supply chain to start, with many years of experience in the development of Internet communication technology, build a system of supply chain structure change Internet plus traditional flower industry of mobile Internet technology.

For this system, Rong Chao commented, "this and the money to buy a standard ERP/CRM somewhat different." He pointed out that the supply chain management system needs to be flexible and flexible, must be developed before they can. Plus Rong Chao and his team is to do the communication protocol development background, so the process control is particularly rigorous, information management system on the line, with the RFID technology, picking speed up a lot to improve.

Data show that it is advised to spend technology supply chain business is currently more than 5000 orders per day, throughout the year to help the flower shop to save 7 million 300 thousand hours transit time, and for them to save more than 30 million of direct procurement costs. The use of these technologies, the original flower industry in the circulation of the efficiency of the link increased by 70%.

Four aspects of ecological system to support the use of Technology

In a sense, the transformation of the supply chain with the Internet, but also to re docking demand two parties, to solve the problem of unequal information, so this is not simply the development of a supply chain management system is sufficient. Subsequently, they also made a warehouse management system, logistics management system, commodity management system, big data forecasting system, the regional procurement system, procurement task system and procurement bidding system.

Then developed the 4 models App:

1 flower shop owner APP;

2 flower end APP;

3 logistics terminal APP, is mainly developed to the third party drivers;

4 consumer side APP, is advised to spend C technology to test the water to test the introduction of flowers subscription service.

In the supply chain is beginning to build a covered flowers supply chain management system, quality control, floral designers, consumption of fresh flowers in the scene of the four aspects of the flower industry ecosystem.

According to Rong Chao introduction, after the integration of the supply chain Internet plus flowers, flowers should bear the division work directly from the bridge to the florist flower growers, after 96 hours of flowers transit time was shortened to 24 hours, and made great efforts to improve the florist, flower Nongda increase collecting. Within one year of 2015 alone, it is advisable to spend as much as 20 million yuan for the flower growers to cooperate with the flower growers, and to save 20 million hours of unnecessary selling time.

Yi Garden of science and technology, the commitment to use mobile Internet technology to change the backwardness of flowers industry service platform, 55 people did originally required over a thousand things, so, is unthinkable in the past.

Concluding remarks

Certainly, can achieve this is not easy, in addition to the technology to solve the problem, there are flowers in the field need to explore, review these, Rong Chaocai found had some idea is indeed to a bit simple, but fortunately finally survived.

For the ecology of science and technology, the technical background of CEO believes that their core is to make full use of the advantages of the supply chain, so he expects to be able to continue to drive technology to drive this industry a new change.

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