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The Internet enterprise security startups Ivy was sixty million A round of financing

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Abstract:Ivy cloud security in August 2014 created, and obtained from Zhenge fund, cloud Angel Fund and lucrative joint angel capital 6.5 million yuan investment.

Recently, Internet enterprise security startups Ivy Cloud Security announced obtained from broadband capital, red dot venture capital of RMB 60 million to a round of financing, the amount of refresh the domestic security start-ups a round of financing records.

According to statistics, every year due to network attacks caused by commercial losses of up to $400 billion. Europe and the United States mature enterprise network security investment accounted for about 10% of the overall IT investment, while less than 3% in the country. 2015 global network security market size is predicted to be $77 billion, in 2020 will reach $170 billion, the next 3~5 years will maintain at least 10%~15% annual growth rate.

With the further development of cloud computing, networking and Internet plus, China Internet companies facing network security situation is more serious, the Internet industry is in the first wave of enterprise safety capability construction and upgrading in the tide of network security market into a blowout outbreak stage.

Ivy founder Zhang Fuceng in the grand,, Kunlun served as security, operations research and development of person in charge, found in the internal security practice of the enterprise for many years, Internet enterprise security situation is very serious, but the existing security solutions has lagged far behind on the development of enterprise infrastructure, not only technical idea is outmoded, palliative, and expensive, and difficult to use. Under the pressure of business complex and rapidly changing, enterprise security incidents, security operation and maintenance team often in fire emergency response state, unable to carry out the depth of safety construction, safety and even become business development bottleneck.

Zhang Fu has been exploring for the future of enterprise security solutions, hoping to fundamentally change the current enterprise security relative to the hacker attack behind the unfavorable situation. He believes that the key lies in the enterprise how to use the limited internal resources to cope with the ever-changing external attacks, the most feasible way is to the security team provides a high degree of automation, intelligent security products, freeing up the enterprise's internal security operation and maintenance personnel, from simple emergency response upgrade to a full cycle continued safety management.

Based on the world's leading the concept of adaptive security, combined with years of Internet business line safety practice, Ivy R & D adaptive security platform within 30 minutes can help companies from 0 to 1 to quickly build a complete security system. It can be adapted to a variety of infrastructure and business scenarios, dynamic follow changes, and automation to deal with the vast majority of security incidents. Ivy specific patterns of behavior learning function, can automatically for the business to build fine-grained security model, intelligent analysis and abnormal behavior, so keen to capture and stop unknown hacker attacks.

Highly recognized by customers for Ivy adaptive security platform, has been with the Internet financial, medical, business services, many well-known enterprises reached commercial cooperation, revenue of over 10 million.

Broadband capital partner Liu Wei believes that cloud computing is not only a service, but also represents a new enterprise IT ecology, while security is one of the most core foundation of property, is the basic needs of all Internet companies. In the past two years, BAT3 giants in the field of Internet Security frequently layout sin, adhere to the road of independent third party, for many enterprises, ivy is a better choice. Broadband capital as a professional investment institutions with a focus on cloud computing, is very optimistic about the future development of ivy.

Red dot venture investment fund partner in charge of the Yuan Wenda that red dot favored by enterprises generally in technological innovation have outstanding performance, and aimed at the major problems to solve, ivy is one such company, very much looking forward to Ivy in the field of Internet enterprise safety excellence.

Ivy cloud security in August 2014 created, and obtained from Zhenge fund, cloud Angel Fund and lucrative joint angel capital 6.5 million yuan investment.

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