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Programmers how to draw a monthly salary of 30 thousand

Published in08:42 2015-12-29| Time reading| sourceCSDN| ZeroArticle comments| authorAn Xiaohui

Abstract:On the whole, this paper is divided into two parts. The first part is to clarify some concepts; the second part, we will come together to study how the commercial value of mining, career practice and career opportunities for to realize the salary of 3 million. If you do not have the patience to see so much, you can jump to the last summary.

Not long ago I published an article,"A monthly salaryThree000 programmers have to avoid the pit"In myMicro channel subscription number"Program horizon"CSDN blog, Jane's books and other platforms are subject to a very wide range of attention, click on the amount and comments surprisingly much. Some friends find it difficult to do, in fact, a monthly salary of 30 thousand can be a step by step plan out of the. The key, from the big side, there are two points:

OneIndividual businesstradepricevalueMining and repairingLian

TwoExploration and use of career opportunitieshold

Before we start, we need to clarify three questions:

  1. What factors are included in the commercial value
  2. What elements of career opportunities package
  3. What is life and career

On the whole, this paper is divided into two parts. The first part is and we figure it out together in the above three concepts; the second part, we will come together to study how the commercial value of mining, career practice and career opportunities for to realize the salary of 3 million.

The swastika Ban Ki Moon, if you don't have the patience to see so many dry can jump to the end, there is a summary and compression is the super dry biscuits, may your appetite.

shutkeyBasic concepts of

Millet in the development process, once dug two famous characters, one is vice president of Google Android Hugo Barra, a is Sina editor in chief Chen Tong. We look at two issues:

1 millet look at what these two people?

2 these two people watch the millet?

Elements of commercial value

Hugo Bala who has a few very valuable point, which is the key he can join the millet:

5 working in Google for 1 years

2 vice president of product management Android

3 Android operating system team, one of the most representative of the public figures, he has frequently attended the news conference Google and Google's I/O developer conference. For example, Nexus 7 Tablet PC is made by him on the stage.

4 familiar with overseas market

Believe that this is an important reason for millet fancy Hugo Bala. And these reasons, in fact, is reflected in the commercial value of Hugo Bala. The specific point of view, Google's work is its personalexperience, which has accumulated a wide range of value.Contacts, and he is also in theAndroidKnowledge of product management.andSkill.

Well, I pay attention to four key words in bold, this is the four elements of the commercial value of the individual.

There is also a very important factor in the value of personal business, and that istalent. Talent refers to the inherent characteristics of a person. In Hugo Bala's body, interpersonal skills and personal image quality is a gift. In Yao Ming, his height is one of the kind of talent, especially helpful in his basketball career. Ronaldo, his breakout force is the gift, so you often see he all of a sudden acceleration of the opposing player fell behind and then running tens of meters form the advantage of single shot. If a person can exert their talent, it will be related to the occupation, will be able to self realization, achievement.

To sum up, the commercial value of the five elements:

  • knowledge
  • Skill
  • talent
  • experience
  • Contacts

Every one of us has these things, how to dig out, how to focus on the value of training, is that we can not get the key to high salary.

Career opportunities

Now we look at why Hugo Bala chose millet. I guess there are so many points:

1 millet in China's rapid economic growth in the developing countries

2 the development of smart phones in China is on the rise

3 strong momentum of the rise of millet

4 responsible for millet international business development

5 salary is considerable

The first point is veryMacro environmentThings, only the macro environment enough HERSHEY'S, the opportunity will be more. This is why now millet and other mobile phone manufacturers to force the cause of India.

The second point isIndustrial environment, in a good macro environment, a good, in a period of rapid development of the industry is the most attractive, to this industry, the individual will be with the development of the industry and achievements. The so-called standing on the outlet pigs can fly up, that is the truth.

The third point is that it can be said thatOrganization environment, a good macro environment in a good industrial environment in the company, but also in the rising period, the individual is concerned, is a heaven sent opportunity ah. To such a company, you are lying can not move than the average person to achieve a high degree of.

Other things that are related to the position of Hugo Bala, which belongs to theProfessional resources. In addition, gossip, said Hugo Barra's ex girlfriend Amanda Rosenberg had contacts with the Boolean, this also may is one of the reason for Hugo Barra from Google's departure. This is actually related to thehome environment, a person's family, may become his choice of new career help, may also become a drag. For example, a lot of students after graduation by the parents to arrange to bank, electric power and other state-owned enterprises, if they want to quit, the parents will generally be a drag.

Well, now the five elements of career opportunities are coming out:

  • Macro environment
  • Industrial environment
  • Organization environment
  • Professional resources
  • home environment

We don't have to say anything about Chen Tong, I have to look inside my career and my life.

Career and career

Career and career is a very important group of career planning concept, sort out them, we know in which direction to enhance their efforts to improve their own, and thus enhance the salary.

Career and life, to distinguish the most direct is with your body, we often say that the worldly possessions, in fact, is the life. We often say that within, that is, career. For example, you are now a HUAWEI software engineer, responsible for the development of the camera module, a monthly salary of 20K, which belongs to career; and you are familiar with Android, Camera C++ framework, image processing algorithms, which belong to the career.

Belonging to the worldly life and others, and other organizations to give you, very easy because of changes in the external environment and deprived. For example, you used to be the developer of NOKIA Beijing R & D center, that in August 2014 NOKIA R & D center in Beijing big layoffs, you will instantly lose this identity.

And we belong to the inner life of those things, once owned, it is you, it is difficult to take away. Such as you master the C + + language, familiar with the Android application development framework, proficient in database tuning, you responsible, honest, the courage to play, these knowledge or skills or the state of mind that others may not away from here you (unless he has the elimination of black dress person's memory stick or he is the Vampire Diaries Stefan or Damon, with memory erasure mana).

Now, we should be more aware of the inside and outside of life, then we can sum up what they contain.

Career include (but not limited) job objectives, economic income, work content, work environment, work time, work place, corporate culture, pay benefits, commuting conditions, etc..

In life, including (but not limited to) knowledge, skills, experience, psychological quality, inner feelings, behavior, vision, ideas, professional attitude (love and gratitude, responsibility, loyalty, honesty, courage, play), career maturity degree, spiritual growth,.

If you look carefully inside your career, you will find that some of the elements of the business value are overlapping, especially knowledge, skills, and talent. Outside career includes a number of things, in fact, and personal business value related, such as your job objectives, work content, work, and so on, are youexperience. When you choose a new career, regardless of internal and external, as long as the content can reflect the value of the business, will be heavy reference.

The relationship between internal and external career

We know what the inside and outside of our career, and the next is the relationship between them, to understand the relationship between them, you can export how to plan their career development and direction.

Career and career include some of the things that may be the basis for the choice of your business, but also may be your choice of new career goals, the impact of your career choice. For example, when you are 22~24 years old may be more valued knowledge, skills, work experience accumulated to a certain extent, your goal, salary will rise naturally, the work content may also change. And when your position, work content, it will affect your accumulation of what kind of knowledge and skills.

I own, for example, I in 2005 began to do software development, worked for a couple of years, the accumulation of the knowledge and skills in C + +, windows development, network programming, MFC / WTL, Windows CE, multimedia, and in 2008 started with the team, the work is divided into two parts of the development and management, and slowly accumulated the knowledge and skills in project management and team management. In this process of change, economic income has changed. When I again when choosing a career, my knowledge, skills, have the work experience, salary and benefits together to determine the I can find what kind of Occupation: other companies will see my knowledge, skills, experience, I will with the purpose of the point of view of sustainable development of personal commercial value to choose a career opportunity.

OK, now you can explain the relationship between career and career:

  • Career decision making
  • External careermoveInternal career

There are several special interesting plot in the flower, which can confirm the relationship between internal and external career.

Spend thousands of bone into long stay, she [Xian capital limited practice [Feijian operation], for a long time can not fly, in the legend of the Congress lost rainbow in the sky, but karma will get albino painting received as a disciple, then she as [boss first acts], by the many people questioned and neon filled the framed. In order to take away take thousands of bone palm disciple's identity, flower thousands of bone a plot against the lethal neon filled with painted pulp washing powder (Yin Shangpiao), ordered him to lose Xian Zi. Albino painting cost a hundred years fix for help spend thousands of bone to abolish poison, not only restored Xian Zi, through her [Xian Mai, lay a solid foundation for its future sophisticated.

I've marked key words, Xian, Xian Mai belongs to talent, Feijian operation skills are, is the career; and boss first acts is worldly possessions, is what someone gives a identity of thousands of bone flowers, represent a position, what life is.

Only Feijian operation to a certain extent, only qualified for the head of the first acts. This is the view of the majority of people, is the career decision in the career of the principle of people's views. When career than the outer career. If the person is not passed soon cultivate career will face all the pain and pressure: people would question, for the hair, you are not also when the boss first acts, sinecures, give me down; you will doubt, I really am not this piece of material, if I do not how to do it. And once for a variety of reasons, career really don't deserve the outer life, the organization, others will take measures deprived of your career.

The ancient official, is a typical case in career decision outside career. In fact, we have a lot of side, the general development of the knowledge, skills, experience to a certain extent, you can do architects, technical experts, which is also a typical career decision outside career.

When higher than life career, although there is pressure, but also enables you to enhance their knowledge, skill and, in career and career matching, eventually career beyond life can further in the organization within or external to the organization development, obtain higher life. This is one of the performance of the career pull career.

Here we go again. When the career is slightly higher than the outer life, work will be very much at home, a good performance, feel comfortable. When career high life when a large portion, the person will feel underappreciated, want to seek higher development, if a long time in the mismatch condition, job hopping index will be increased. When the career is lower than the career, the work will feel difficult, need to constantly improve themselves. If you can not effectively upgrade, you may be deprived of career.

Well paidSeekPath of planning

Because career decisions, so,Programmers to get paid, the fundamental strategy is practicing internal strength, play their strengths, their career interests mining, find suitable for their own career and play their talents, and constantly improve the knowledge and skills to make their commercial value will continue to climb.

And whether a person's commercial value can be brought out, and the platform has a very large relationship. When you in a good macro environment, in a bright future for the industry, a in the rise of the enterprise, you easily can be reflected in, you can get to return (Live) will go beyond most people. So,In addition to practicing internal strength, but also know how to find the occupation opportunity, let oneself have.. This is the guiding principle for the programmer to make high salary.

Here's how we startPracticing internal strengthAs well as howLooking for career opportunities.

repairLianInternal strength

The internal strength of the practice, in fact, is divided into three parts:

1 to play the character advantage

2 mining professional interest

3 accumulate knowledge and skills

If you have a software engineer now, then we will skip the first and the two two step.

If you are a software development engineer, but not sure if it is appropriate to do so, you can see that I was published inMicro channel subscription number"Program horizon"Article,"How to quickly locate the work you love (programmer version)"Certainly will be helpful.

If you are not into the workplace little meat. OK, you can to look for me to chat, we can see you are suitable for the programmer.

Have done so much if, that we should pay attention to is only third,Accumulate knowledge and skills. Ha ha ha ha, finally to the point, go west!

Accumulate knowledge and skills have two principles:

  • Career goals relatednature
  • holdContinuednature

Some people say that the programmer is the favorite item symbol list, all things 1, 2, 3...... You see I this article will be able to infer that I must have been influenced by the experience of the programmers work.

Career objective correlation

This is very easy to understand, if you want to do iOS application development, and that you learn C# estimates are useless, MFC is useless to learn more. Like knowledge, a skill that is useful only when it is relevant to your goal. Knowledge is useless for you, more is in vain, if a knowledge is not on the application, it is not knowledge. This is my occupation for correlation in terms of Oh, this sentence written for those who love to friends.

Skills, in fact, are divided into two categories:

  • Professional skills
  • General skills

Professional skills are the ability to use some kind of professional knowledge. For example a knife grinding scissors (now rare), you do not do this business street, basically useless. For example, you can use MFC in the development of Windows client applications, and now you want to do Android development, it is not useful.

Generic skills are transferable, and that is what you will do. For example, you can write a super PPT, which can be used to get the skills ah. For example, you are very good at communication, you can always reach agreement with others; for example, you are good at public speaking; for example, you have strong social skills; for example, you will guide others; for example, swimming...... These are common skills that can be widely used in different jobs.

General skills are essential for finding your ideal job.

We from the point of view of the programmer's world, those who hate cattle X, such as Mark Zuckerberg, began as a programmer, later, people created Facebook, his innovation, negotiations, guidance, to persuade other general ability must be very strong. In addition, he will also Chinese (language skills are common skills, and drive the same), you can use Chinese and learning to talk. There is Lei Jun, ten years writing program, what are you doing now? If he only uses the C language development to be able to do so?

,,,,,,,, so we in the accumulation of skills, it is necessary to base on the present profession, strengthen the occupation related professional skills, such as you do a web front end HTMP CSS JavaScript all JS framework (such as jQuery angularjs, etc.), and the front end of the frame such as the bootstrap can play very ripe, this is professional skills. Must you do the front end will be used, but also pay attention to professional skills outside of the generic skills, general skills is a programmer's soft power, such as find themselves learning mode, the cultivation of self learning ability, such as communication ability, such as oral expression ability, such as writing ability, such as information retrieval ability...

Then, the question is, how can we know what kind of knowledge and skills are needed for a career? There are three ways:

  • EnterprisestradeInGangBit description
  • Industry senior interview
  • Recruitment website Recruitment Information

General enterprises will have post (position) description, description of the responsibilities of this position, the need for knowledge, skills. Some enterprises and a promotion channel, such as software development engineer will have primary, intermediate, advanced, senior, experts level, each level of qualifications that will usually have the skill level of description. This is the first data we can access. Such as I used to be the company to have this kind of description, the Senior Software Engineer will be your C + +, the outline design, document, database tuning, instruction, guidance, management and other knowledge and abilities.

The second way is to find a positions with the predecessors to chat, he probably will give you and the first way is not the same view, based on his experience tell you what is important, and what is not, the culture what the training.

The third is very effective way, not only can make up for the first approach (some companies will not, some companies will be very simple and formality), can also from combs out the development trend of a technology stack. Like Zhaopin, retractor, headhunting, street network, 51job website will have a large number of Software Development Engineer Recruitment Information, can be combined with our own technology, draws up the keyword search, and then look at other companies for a job is what requirements. Through continuous analysis, you can list a knowledge and skills list, take this list, you can go to for the development of their skills and the self-study self-study, the training training, participated in the open source project of participating in open source projects....


While the bud bud plants preferred growth inhibition phenomenon, known as the apical dominance in botany. In order to maintain apical dominance, human intervention in the plant growth, such as a single Kiri, to think it was tall and straight and the rough, we need to constantly cut branches from the trunk of a tree.

Apical dominance phenomenon exists in the field of enterprise management in the advantages of real power sector will inhibit the development of other relevant functional departments, in power to top tends to suppress the functions and powers in the bottom of the in advantage of the core product can inhibit the development and expansion of other products...

For the programmer's personal knowledge and skills accumulation is concerned, usually also need to maintain the top edge.

A software development engineer, in his knowledge map and skill tree, if there is the top edge of the phenomenon, then when people ask what you are good at, you can answer with confidence. And if you have the knowledge and skills in the enterprise beyond the other programmers, the formation of comparative advantage within the group or the top edge, then your light must shine quartet.

I admit, can do second steps to this degree of people is relatively small, so we only discuss the first step:Build top edge in your knowledge map and skill tree.

Needless to say, software development engineer hopping frequency higher than some of the most professional practitioners, for different users to develop different products in different enterprises of different industries, to use the knowledge and skills are usually different. This will lead to a situation: know a little of everything, what are not deep, what are capable of a little, what do not professional. And knowledge is more deep more valuable, the more skilled output rate is high, now and in the future is professionalism era (see Kenichi Ohmae "professionalism"), and if we can along a direction of the accumulated knowledge of exercise skills, it can form the competition advantage, with broken carefully polished, it will produce the apical dominance, more and more to solve the problem, not alternative will be more and more strong, commercial value is more and more high, salary welfare nature more and better.

So, after a period of time, it is necessary to think about your career goals, to sort out their own knowledge and skills, few, focus on training, continuing to develop, the formation of the advantages.

Looking for career opportunitiesMeeting

After practicing skills, we should seek external opportunity.

Looking out for opportunities, there are three progressive levels that need to be noticed:

  • Row (industry) industry
  • enterprise
  • Occupation

One of us is speaking.

Industry choice

Now the software has become a service to support the development of all walks of life, almost every industry will use the software. Industry companies in the use of software services, either to buy off the shelf, or their own development. Off the shelf software, such as CRM, ERP, OA, etc., a lot of Companies in the industry are used, but also generally are purchasing. In addition to the procurement software, there are a number of Companies in the industry to choose their own development, then this time requires software development engineers, which is a programmer.

It should be noted that the average salary of programmers in different industries is a big difference.The more promising the industry is, the better the individual's development will be rewarded. The more profitable the industry, in which the higher the level of programmers pay.This is the general rule, we need to consider when the programmer.

To the real estate industry, for example, 2003 to 2013 is the Chinese real estate gold ten years, in this industry practitioners, there are a lot of money earned. To commercial housing sales, for example, the sales ladies used to be a very high income occupations, one or two years to do, to get the mention of Chengdu can buy a few suites. Real estate intermediary has the same opportunity, I buy school district room, provide service of real estate intermediary, their area manager, is in the few years earned two houses, relatively affluent life. And after 2013, real estate sales go from bad to worse, it is almost difficult, our home downstairs property intermediary daily deserted, today opened a tomorrow off two. New residential is also scarce, sales bleak.

Say that I've stayed in the telecommunications industry, 1995 to 2012 is the golden stage, which from 1997 to 2005, fixed telephone business and broadband business development period, produced Huawei, ZTE, Xi'an Datang Telecom, Putian, ut Starcom, flames and other well-known enterprises. My predecessors said that in 1999, 2000 or so, more than the salary bonus, travel is a plane, about 200 per day subsidy. And I in 2002 to join the Xi'an Datang Telecom after soon, fixed and program-controlled exchange business began to go downhill road (after 2002, the mobile communication development), we are traveling train, sleeper seat are restricted, travel allowance not only by city grading is fewer, the bills for reimbursement is also very strict. So, youThe timing of entry into an industry is very important..

So, how do we choose the industry?

Look at a picture:

As can be seen from the above industrial graph, the general industry has four stages of formation, development, maturity and decline. When we choose an industry, the development period to enter is the best, mature period can be, the recession should be carefully considered, unless you have no too many requirements, just want to do two years of retirement.

So, as a programmer, can not just stare at the technology, but also look at the industry trend. Women afraid to marry the wrong Lang, male fear into the wrong line, the old saying is very reasonable.

Now (2015), the most promising industry is the Internet, finance, health care, education, new energy, smart industry, high-end manufacturing, etc.. And some traditional industries, such as coal, electricity, real estate, oil, are on the way down. Besides real estate, don't look at those projects die to support prices, in fact, a month are not necessarily sell a suite to, many real estate companies want to foot run away, the site shut down, salary arrears, all news constantly.

Enterprise choice

From 2002 to 2012, mobile communication golden decade, most profitable company in addition to China Mobile, including a wavelet of 2G mobile phone manufacturers and other equipment manufacturers, Xi'an Datang Telecom failed to timely transformation, a rapid decline, the original industrial park are sold to the Shaangu the, Huawei is a smooth transition, is still strong, everywhere to buy land to build the park, the sun at high noon. A programmer, in Xi'an Datang Telecom and HUAWEI, so many years of experience is certainly different!

Similar to the industry, companies have investment, growth, maturity, decline in such a development cycle. We choose the enterprise also need to consider the current situation of the target enterprise, is in the fast growth is still in decline. For programmers who are less adventurous,The best time to enter is a fast growing period., at this time the rapid expansion of enterprises, a lot of opportunities, products have to continue to form a technical advantage, the demand for technical personnel, job promotion, technical accumulation, there will be a lot of. For to take youth gambling tomorrow's programmers terms can also be entered in the investment period of a company, if the company can break out of an encirclement, that as the core members of the early returns are hard to imagine, you only have to look at Alibaba the eighteen Arhats.

Select Chaoyang industry, choose a non recession period of the enterpriseThis is to look for career opportunities must be considered first, as long as you choose the right industry into the business, personal growth and return is a matter of time.

We also launched here, the industry is by several engaged in the same or similar nature of the product production enterprises, in these enterprises, there must be a leader, there must be a top three, there must be a top five, ten, choose a ranking by the enterprise before. Generally speaking will be more better. Because the stronger the strength of the enterprise, the more resources, the broader market coverage, the stronger the profitability, cash flow, the better. Corporate earnings, cash rich business, employees are naturally large income.

But why do I say so? Because of an industry and subdivision, there are still some segments of the monopoly enterprises, although in the industry as a whole comprehensive strength ranking does not rely on before, but because the card, the mountain is I opened this tree is planted, I want to ever leave the money that buy a way. Do you want to do that thing is not open around it, so it also can live very moist. Choose such an enterprise, but also quite good.


The election of the industry, the election of the enterprise, the next step is to choose the occupation of the enterprise.

In front of us said the Internet industry is very good, the financial industry is very good, Internet banking is also very good, you go into these industries in a certain enterprise, it does not necessarily have any big development. Because there's a job in this. For example, you do in Camera360 front, for example, you do administrative Commissioner in Netease, for example, you do cleaning in Tencent, is not the return is not so high?

In an enterprise, must be to create the most value, distance to the core value chain of the most recent position of employees to get the maximum salary(you have to say that I think you are exceptions is not explained in a).

Some people say that the programmer is concerned, there is no choice, because to which companies are doing development ah.

In fact, otherwise, still have to choose.

For example, you go to a Real Estate Company to do the front-end development, what do you think? What is the most important branch of Real Estate Company? Be sure not to maintain the website of the Ministry of technology, ah, you as a software development engineer, is likely to be respected to get the salary is far less than the sales staff.

For Internet Co, the most important is the product, which corresponds to the two positions - product managers and software development - a very popular. So you go to such a company to do software development, and to the Real Estate Company is not the same feeling.

Say again that we mentioned before HUAWEI, HUAWEI has core network, terminal, big data and other departments, you think which piece of software development treatment better? I guess it's big data and terminal.

Now think again, is there a choice?

To add a bit: in fact, we are in the choice of industry and business, but also to consider the geographical factors in the macro environment. For example, you are in Xi'an, the Internet is not very good atmosphere; for example, you are in Chenzhou, the entire software industry is very poor...... So sometimes in order to better development, some programmers will choose to have more opportunities in the city, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.. And if you don't want to change the city (like the author), sometimes you have to compromise.

[Without a drop of water.]

I wrote the article often put and don't accept, from the thousands of words, being criticized, this time I want to Xueguai point, to summarize it. The main points are as follows (symbol list, see the list of symbols, the list of symbols makes no logical I appear to be organized):

  • Individual businesstradepricevaluebodypresentIn the knowknowledgeSkills,experienceDay,fuContacts and other aspects
  • macroThe concept of ringExit,industry,organization,OccupationFamily and other elementsHealdWill influenceCareer choice
  • knowknowledgeSkills, dayfu,experienceAnd so on are your inner life.qualityVolume, no one can peelWins
  • Position, salary and welfare, working environment, job content and so on are exogenousYa
  • Career decision in career, career can be pulled outmoveInternal career
  • throughForknowknowledge,majorSkills, general skills, etc.productTired, formtopendadvantage, you can find a better career.mark
  • tiredproductknowknowledgeAnd skillstime, pay attention tooccupationordermarkCorrelation and holdingContinuednature
  • Want to high backnewspaper,choiceA good prospect.tradeinplaceIn the investment period, intolongPeriod of enterprisetrade, in EnterprisestradewithinchoiceClose to core priceValue chainThepostposition

This article is the "programmer" magazine in December 2015 A article

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