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Tencent cloud Video 2 of the introduction of interactive live, the future with the H265, P2P, VR depth integration

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Abstract:Tencent cloud video solutions 2 released for the industry to provide users with on-demand, live, communication and interactive live video solutions, including one stop. 2016, Tencent cloud video solutions will focus on micro channel, QQ ecosystem, as well as H265, P2P, VR technology also has a better integration and integration.

In recent years, the field of video cloud is a compound growth rate of 80% year by year. From online video sites, to the game live, online education, radio and television new media applications, all walks of life are filled with video cloud. In this context, Tencent on December 29, released a video solution 2.0, providing one-stop video broadcast on demand, live broadcast, communication and interaction, including solutions for industrial users, and promised to industry application of relevant technologies continue to open.

Tencent, vice president of Wang Tao said that Tencent video 2.0 focusing in the video to the nature of the business, with excellent products and technology for users provide, including VOD, live, live cloud communication and interaction, basic services, and will do may open resources and increase efforts to support, in radio and television,OTT, live games, online education, social networking, new media and other fields to build a video cloud ecology, to provide freeCDN+ flow into the model, with the value of partner sharing.

Tencent cloud Video 2

Wang Tao believes that with the development of mobile 4G network, 2016 will be the year of the video blowout, the traditional video services, self built model and outsourcing service model can not meet the needs of business development. In the future, the integration of the future of video cloud platform, eco will become an important tool to help video business to seize market opportunities. Tencent video cloud platform is based on this background came into being, the beginning of the year to start planning now to the first half of the year to develop to the 2 version.

Tencent Yun, Senior Product Manager Tang Ling introduced Tencent live fast and flexible access capability and low latency to 2 seconds, on demand of the micro channel number of public share links and 4K video HD support function, which benefited from Tencent global coverage of more than 500 published nodes, up to the massive bandwidth of the 20t, excellent live quality system, and the original intelligent prepared by the main stream technology, allows users without requiring any complex configuration can be achieved mainstream and backup streams simultaneously access and intelligent seamless handoff.

And Tencent interactive live rely on Tencent research since the spear audio and video communication engine implementation of end to end delay is less than 400ms, anti packet loss rate of more than 30%, anti 800ms network jitter, and support for 1 00000 ultra large scale interactive rooms and tens of millions of concurrent online. Spear support an Android, IOS, PC and web platform, support for audio, video, Internet and other 20 a number of configuration parameters can be used directly repeated careful tuning of the default configuration, can also be based on the business scene, highly customized flow control strategy. Interactive live quality monitoring, support in accordance with the user's dimension of real-time query, packet loss, delay and so on, but also provide the overall data statements by days and hours to help users understand the quality of service.

Tencent cloud communications solutions is billion QQ users to provide service of instant communication technology based on, the service availability rate up to 99.999%, picture uploading and downloading success rate of 99.9%, for customers to provide im text, pictures, facial expressions, to the full range of voice, video and traditional PSTN phone support, support one billion subscribers, hundreds of billions of concurrent messages.

Tang Ling said in a stage in the past, Tencent emphasize quality and stability, by carrying billion play video network and throughout the global node, support the reliable, stable and high-speed webcast, recognition through intelligent content, and video streaming technology for the user provides a more flexible live release programs, including rapid access to applications and broadcast equipment. Coming soon2016, Tencent cloud video solutions will focus on micro channel, QQ ecosystem, can make the video content directly released on including micro letters and QQ, in addition, H265, P2P, VR technology will also have a better integration and integration.

Vice president of Betta the TV Wei Yuanxun introduced live platform for growth is inseparable from the advanced recording and broadcast technology, high performance audio coding procedures and network transmission and so on, the power of technology support. Behind the seven figure monthly active user growth and every 50 million Baidu Index, great instantaneous hair of concurrent data, content security and high concurrency system stability of Betta are tested. Betta rely on ancestors step of system construction, the video codec technology, transcoding, storage, distribution and other technology to meet the challenge, the investment in hardware, bandwidth and server is also a costly and set aside sufficient bandwidth and the hundreds of CDN node, configuration thousands of servers.

Proprietary cloud to do HTTP broadcast live video is delay, low reflecting off the co-founder and CTO Hou Guangling high quality mobile phone industry is facing the core technology demand, China's network is very complex, the mobile phone has a very large random and uncontrollable, traditional CDN support only some of the standard protocol, the delay is very difficult to achieve very small (usually CDN industry delay three seconds is already very good, and the underlying protocol is not suitable for streaming media transmission, Tencent video SDK in their CDN to build a suitable for streaming media transmission protocol in low delay basis to achieve a very good technical breakthrough, delay of only less than a second.

Juyuan Tianmai CEO Yin Xunyu that will interact with the audience into TV programs can not only enhance the user experience and can change the shape of the business, and this, too, will produce huge bursty traffic, such as Tianmai poly audience interaction source and CCTV-5 cooperation and scale up to hundreds of thousands of people, day pulse Juyuan will need large numbers of concurrent flow support over to Tencent, to achieve the dynamic storage and bandwidth, rapid expansion to mobilize. Secondly, the accuracy of the audience also need to touch the cloud platform through the user's behavior of large data analysis, so as to create a new business ecosystem, so that more people to vote on the tv.

For Tencent cloud Video 2, Wei Yuanxun believes that brings a lot of cooperation, because before the platform for the preparation of the computer cluster network and hundreds of coverage of the global CDN release nodes, will soon reach saturation. Expected future Betta and Tencent cloud cooperation will focus on the following three points:

  1. Bandwidth reserves, more than 10T bandwidth reserves, enough to ensure that the face of millions of simultaneous online users to provide users with a high definition of the flow screen.
  2. Cinema screen, Tencent video 2.0 provides excellent audio and video optimization algorithm, let outsiders live picture can in low bandwidth costs for general lifting to 1080p or is 4K experience, hope can cooperate to Betta has become the first to achieve theater level picture of the platform.
  3. The mobile terminal of low latency and high fitness with technical support, to Betta in strategic level to gain an advantage, the future video war invincible.

Hou Guangling believes that Tencent cloud provides a whole set of end to end solutions, which allows customers to save a lot of video on the underlying technology R & D capabilities.

Yin Xunyu said that in addition to some of the big flow of Tencent, Tianmai Juyuan also on the basis of the cloud by the part, resources in the cloud, cloud interactions, broadcast service and customized service will use Tencent's basic ability and open application interface to construct the application, and 2.0 release, now social media can also be touch up, to connect with consumers and viewers are more convenient.

Video 2 cloud ecology

In addition to the product, Tencent also join the Tencent video V for the whole industry released video 2.0 cloud ecosystem, Tencent social benefits and high flow inlet integration, platform construction and content sharing + channel flow is divided into the ecological model.

Based on this ecology, Tencent cloud and Tencent video will open up the industry chain downstream PGC industry, from the platform, products, content, business and other aspects of the full support of the user.

  1. Platform capability refers to open Tencent multi platform broadcast channels, in order to cross product cooperation, cross marketing to achieve the goal of cross marketing platform to promote;
  2. Content sharing, relying on to a huge fan base, opening of rewards, rice balls, shake and interactive features, build a interactive fans economy service through the barrage, live, graffiti, while providing video recognition technology, Tencent joint platform of the whole process protection rights and interests of the original creation.
  3. Tencent cloud is also provided on the basis of content sharing flow into the new business model, according to the quality of the user content and whether the video platform independent broadcast Tencent, to develop a different proportion of;
  4. Users can also set up their own content, the content of the paid income is divided into settlement, if you choose a member to watch, then the content of the membership income can be divided according to a certain proportion.

Four major support policies

Wang Tao also said that Tencent cloud will heavily support the development of the industry, in 2016 will provide one hundred million industry support program. Face more and more video industry chain entrepreneurs, Tencent cloud a series of the latest support plan is as follows:

  1. Key support 100 high-quality CP settled Tencent video V + platform, not only through the product support monitoring, joint planning and other ways to achieve video creating content, also provides a wide and implanted into, and support joint investment and IP development and achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, to support users can enjoy free Tencent cloud video hosting services and free traffic, video content by copyright protection, and will be on the full platform Tencent channels for promotion and distribution.
  2. Preferably 30 industry leading army enterprise, Tencent cloud architect 1v1 provides support, exclusive service project team and 7 * 24 hours of service, while providing maximum 100 million yuan of price support and the whole platform Tencent flow support, and through public record space, two hundred plans, a variety of investment channels for the build benign ecological platform.
  3. Support 1 thousand through the cloud industry certification online education enterprise. Through the certification of enterprise access use video cloud auspicious Sambo any products can be won half of the cloud server resources free support, at the same time can apply for on-demand cloud package 8 fold preferential, cloud broadcast 50g flow package supports free and interactive live monthly 1000 yuan to support, the full power of the online education industry boom.
  4. Cloud communication fully open im capability, better support all the entrepreneurs, including free and open account, instant messaging, data relation chain management, Im of the basic abilities, to meet the needs of the majority of developers based, while also providing a text / voice messages, PSTN speech communication and other value-added services, providing 50 million treasure flow of the support, and a space, QQ IOT and other existing resources, for 100 million mobile entrepreneurs realize open platform shared with Tencent entrepreneurship training plan, Tencent salon, all.

Live interactive technology based on, the current service can very easy to build ultra low delay to interactive business scene, also can build a pair of one-way business scenarios, this technique can be applied in a lot of Tencent. Such as online education can be separated by vast oceans of the teacher and the students face learning exchanges, the people live no longer is the text, virtual gifts, live interactive, video. Through Tencent's accelerated media protocols and other technologies, to achieve ultra low latency, including the stability of the audio and video quality, QQ265 encoder at encoding speed of four to five times more. Tencent cloud Senior Product Manager Lin Ye introduced, Tencent cloud subsequent launch of online education and the medical industry's open source, and promote the application of Tencent cloud video services in all walks of life.

Tencent high hopes for the education industry, New Oriental- actor (focus on the field of K12) founder Wang Shoukun saidAnd children in learning autonomy is relatively poor, the form of recording and broadcasting of the children is not very suitable for, because small friends easily distracted, New Oriental and answer with the Tencent live technology, student monitoring data from the point of view, on the teaching quality has significantly improved, including many related function very useful, such as recording and broadcasting service, broadcast service,CDN, SDK in North America, Southeast Asia market also ensures a good speed and fluency,This is the New Oriental - excellent future and Tencent cloud cooperation is good foundation.

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