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An article to understand the past and present life and the future of cloud computing

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Abstract:In the 16 years after the emergence of cloud computing, has become the field of IT standard mode. It is easy to operate, store the amount of amazing, almost everywhere for the user. It not only the world's largest companies, but also to provide support for small companies. Cloud has changed the economic model of the two sides of the service supply, while bringing more new opportunities.

In the 16 years after the emergence of cloud computing, has become the field of IT standard mode. It is easy to operate, store the amount of amazing, almost everywhere for the user. It not only the world's largest companies, but also to provide support for small companies. Cloud has changed the economic model of the two sides of the service supply, while bringing more new opportunities.

In the UK, the clouds in the sky are volatile, well known. But you will be surprised to find that, based on the open source technology of cloud computing, has developed very transparent and mature. This time, we can explore the advantages, disadvantages and practicality of private cloud, Gong Youyun, hybrid cloud.

 Cloud forming period

The basic theory of cloud computing originated from half a century ago. Published in 1966, the popularization of Computer Challenge ", a Book wrote, powerful computers have been able to provide information and services for the ordinary people, but the equipment very large and expensive makes people (in the future) had to remote access in the form of use. At this time, the utility model is published. It means that ordinary people can also get the computing resources, and according to the need to achieve the required computing resources. More importantly, not to drink water wells, people no longer need to have their own computing resources when computing system.

At the same time, cloud computing, the other two basic conditions began to shape. Intel's co-founder Moore Gordon in the future put forward the famous Moore's law - that is, the number of crystals contained in the integrated circuit will be doubled every 18 months. In addition, the Rand Co's Paul Baran and the Davies Donald of the national physical laboratory, respectively, have invented a packet switched network. This is a more powerful, efficient and flexible transmission of data infrastructure.

In the 70's of last century, Thompson Ken and Ritchie Dennis founded the UNIX and C language programming in the Baer laboratory. Combined by Cerf Vint, Kahn Bob and friends together to set up the ARPANET open network standards, the direction of cloud computing has taken initial shape.

In the next 20 years, DSL (another miracle of the Baer laboratory) was invented and popularized, and the great success of Windows 95 in the mass market prompted the arrival of civil ISP. Grid computing and application service providers (ASP) show the benefits of cloud computing.

Soon, by the end of twentieth Century, the people all of a sudden in the "click" on the internet. Economies of scale provided by the data center at this time the best shows the advantages of centralized computing.

The era of cloud computing is coming.

The first generation of cloud computing

On behalf of the modern cloud computing is 1999 It sells a simple business service: customer relationship management CRM. CRM is very simple - companies usually use it to record the products sold to which customers, what products to sell, how to ensure customer satisfaction. Before, companies are buying or writing customer relationship management software and running on local computers. Salesforce after the launch of CRM, compared to the past is not a copy to the customer, but it runs in its own data center, the sale of each user's access rights. Software has never been like a copy of the same pass, customers in addition to landing, registered account, login, start work, no need to do any of the deployment.

It looks like it's much more convenient to use Gmail than Outlook. But was 8 years earlier than Gmail. Since then, cloud computing has begun to be widely used in various fields.

Panorama of cloud technology

Clouds in our hearts the impression is very simple, but the shape is different., Gmail, or any of the things you need to browse through the web, referred to as SaaS, the software is a service. This is also the majority of users are aware of the "cloud" of the form. In addition, there are two abbreviations are often used to describe the different cloud patterns, namely PaaS (platform that services) and IaaS (infrastructure, that is, the service).

With the original computing resource service, you can run your own software (PaaS), or you can have the hardware (IaaS) you want to use. Amazon Web services (AWS) and Rackspace are examples of Google, IaaS Engine App is a model of PaaS.

Like HP, IBM and Microsoft (Azure) provides both IAAs and PAAS, although these services have obvious boundary, but no connotation of a acronym to describe cloud designed for use with other software of universal service. If you take note of the recent rapid changes in mobile technology, you will be able to find these changes. Mobile Internet itself is relying on a large number of cloud technology.

Cloud has become a powerful promoter of the mobile platform. If there is no wave of the first wave of cloud computing, we will not be able to witness the second wave of mobile applications services.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, no cloud, then these app does not exist. In the mobile era, in essence, you really open a window into the cloud, most of the mobile terminal processing occurs in the cloud."

Cloud storage Service Corporation Syncplicity senior director Levine Brian said.

SaaS and mobile data sharing app is the public cloud that most of us can access. run everything, store everything, control everything, the user can be any person. They do not need to save or maintain any information, just to ensure that the computer network can be. At the same time, they only need to pay for the service, do not hire IT employees, buy infrastructure, keep the hardware (server) updates, etc..

In addition to public cloud, there are a lot of private cloud services. Companies using private cloud still use public cloud technology, but all of the operations are behind the scenes (not open to the public). Cloud computing systems can be rapidly expanding, and can quickly distribute data to different users. With a private cloud, all the content can be accessed through a web browser, rather than running on the machine. As a result, employees can operate in a familiar, browser based operating environment. And it's easier to connect with the traditional software systems that are not set up to the public cloud.

Some people think that the private cloud is a benign Trojan, the public cloud of some revolutionary factors into the enterprise IT this is quite conservative in the world. Experienced people may remember the beginning of the software or the use of CD bearing, the follow-up to the regular bug repair and the new version of the new push. So the update speed of cloud based system becomes faster.

"In the field of traditional IT, an application up to one year is updated 1-2 times, but not more. "EMEA HP, vice president of cloud computing, said Poisson Xavier. "But now with the popularity of cloud computing and mobile networks, you need to have a more agile development cycle, agile development is very important."

The strong mix of public and private clouds

In fact, the most common is the combination of public cloud and private cloud architecture services, known as hybrid cloud. This is more convenient than using a single technology. Users can make the company as a part of the business for the public, and another part of the only open to internal; for example, while Gmail, on the other side of the open office a copy in the local installation of, for instance in developing global equities trading platform, in the private cloud running version of the test, the azure of 100 server cluster in the global on-line.

Hybrid clouds are becoming more common because of the economic benefits that drive more IT, businesses and consumers to use public cloud. For example, when a public cloud companies to buy hardware, they pay much less than the traditional IT model.

While talking about money naked, but in 2009, a survey of the University of California Berkeley, Large Firm (if through the cloud services) to obtain the network, computing resources into the investment only their internal IT construction investment 1/7 - 1/3. With the cloud services market, an annual increase of 50%, the company spent more than $1 per year in the cloud services, the actual infrastructure and maintenance of their investment to reduce 3 - $4.

Competing clouds

There is no doubt that the first companies to develop public cloud early taste of the sweetness of the scale of the economy. Amazon for their business needs to establish a large-scale data centers to manage transactions and inventory. Before the AWS becomes a generic service, they have created a variety of tools for their business to manage the huge network requests, storage requirements and computational requirements. Google also needs to manage the huge search data, it is in the internal system architecture to manage billions of requests. Since then, it has quickly realized that these capabilities can be opened to other companies, and even its competitors.

Just because of giants like Google and Amazon in the former, the new cloud service providers are difficult to achieve greater success. As Rackspace's chief technology officer, Engates John, said, the biggest challenge is to build public and private cloud and a variety of network technology connections. Before entering cloud services, IT as a hosting company, in its data center operations of a variety of other company's Rackspace system. After he found that the establishment of any person can use the cloud services software, you can let people quickly get started. "In order to solve the software problem, we started to build our own system, and finally created the open source OpenStack. Today, we run the largest OpenStack public cloud and a large number of enterprise private cloud on this system."

Because anyone can use openstack, many software and hardware companies, including Oracle, IBM, HP, Dell and other) combined with their own products and the creation of the independent public cloud, or as a private cloud systems sold to customers. Under the strong support of these users and third party support companies, the rapid development of business. The size of the first to do it, the cost of natural decline.

Allow services to blossom on one thousand servers

However, the cloud does not mean that it is cheap. It can inspire and realize the most original and original creation. For example, if you write a mobile application, put it into the app store, you don't need to create and sell one million copies, but you can get a million users in one night.

If your company has computational tasks to be run for 10 hours on a single server, IBM, Hewlett Packard IAAs product, do not care about you are using a thousand hours on a server, or in an hour with a thousand cloud based servers. Your charge is the same, but the latter gives you a 1000 fold increase in speed.

For hybrid cloud, block management computing and storage capacity is another advantage. Storage, for example, storage, especially for backup and disaster recovery. Although the Internet connection speed is faster and faster, and can not be compared with a company's own data center access speed. So it is important to keep the local data on the private cloud. But every moment in the generation of new data backup, the old data access frequency is low, so most of it can be moved to the cloud storage services, such as HP Helion block storage. This reduces the pressure on the local storage, and replaces it with the service that is paid.

The future of cloud computing

It all sounds very ideal, but in the cloud computing has become the operating standard there are still some problems to solve. The initial concern is reliability, both network connectivity to the reliability of the cloud, but also on the stability of the cloud service provider concerns itself. Security is another piece of huge investment, because it have the customer's data, and hackers and other malicious users are watching.

Not only password security, the use of cloud processing also rely on highly sensitive trust. 2013, Snowden prism door incident, the trust of the people on the cloud data significantly decreased. As a result, the smart cloud providers will be committed to providing a more solid technical architecture and data management and control to ensure that the user's trust.

Today, the calculation is still moving in the direction of the development of the cloud. With more companies and individuals on the use of cloud computing, a lot of new models of work will be created. For example, if you develop a service or app, you can keep the connection between you and the user. You can see how they use your product and will be fed back in the development cycle. You can analyze and will be in real time to add some of the more intelligent features to your product, the ability of these products even more than the processing limit of the mobile device itself, such as Siri and Google Now.

Cloud computing restrictions are disappearing, the era of truly generalized popularity will come.

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