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Microsoft: reliable cloud services to make the Internet less of a chain"

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Abstract:When the online shopping is not normal payment, when the ticket orders can not be issued on time, people suddenly found that we have become accustomed to the Internet service is so fragile.

When the online shopping is not normal payment, when the ticket orders can not be issued on time, people suddenly found that we have become accustomed to the Internet service is so fragile.

In the Internet plus era, in the O2O tide, the Internet business innovation as the foundation is the formation of a boom has also become a trend which cannot be halted, part of people's life and production are essential. For many people, online shopping, online payment has been almost completely replaced by the line shopping, Internet services like water, electricity, natural gas as the necessary resources for the survival of modern people.

Like water and electricity, only when they are out of the question, you will be aware of the importance of these infrastructure services. Compared to tap water, natural gas, how to ensure safe, reliable and continuous provision of Internet services, is a more challenging technical problems, and cloud computing provides a simple and efficient solution.

Cloud computing, just as its name implies, is like a cloud floating on top of your head. Business operations for computing, storage, bandwidth of any demand can be smooth running in the cloud, and do not have to invest a lot of money and energy to build and maintain the local data centers and servers. In reducing it investment, asset light, high cost effect than the operation of the Internet services at the same time, guaranteed by the international advanced technology of public cloud services can provide is much higher than the local data center of high availability, data security, privacy protection and remote data disaster recovery services, ensure the Internet service operations and data security foolproof.

By century Internet operations of windows azure public cloud, for example, as the first, is currently the only in China input formal business operations of international public cloud. It not only provides a leading international computing performance, more from the technical specification, process management, and operations services to achieve the maximum safe and reliable.

Windows azure operation in Beijing and Shanghai, two large data center, the international leading T4 class operating standards, with independent power generation equipment, covering Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile three operators backbone BGP third line access bandwidth and each other for redundant backup, data center strict execution standard of Microsoft's global data center operations specification in the service operation, risk prevention, daily maintenance have achieved maximum security.

At the same time, Azure in Beijing and Shanghai more than 1000 kilometers of 2 data centers for disaster recovery. By default, each customer data in a data center has three backup, in Beijing and Shanghai has a total of six data backup, even in the event of a major disaster or accident, but also to ensure that users quickly recovered data and normal business, to maximize the protection of data security.

In order to ensure the quality of service operation, Century Internet operators deployed more than 300 people, professional team responsible for windows azure operations and services in China, including the management of data center, cloud platform operation and maintenance, and to provide customers with the deployment of support services and etc.. The team have the relevant professional qualifications international certification, and through Microsoft training and certification, encountered a particularly tricky emergency or special needs, and Microsoft global technical experts and huge service support network to provide technical support.

WindowsAzure provide a financial guarantee of 99.95% monthly SLA guarantee, the monthly maintenance and other reasons caused by the service interruption time is not more than 21 minutes. Moreover, azure is currently the only provide truly transparent service state show cloud service providers, through its official website the service dashboard, anyone can inquire at any time since 2013 July 22, the launch of the service, the Azure Platform in China all the running status of. Dare to put their cards light out, also proved that Microsoft cloud clout.

China's Internet market is becoming a colorful stage, with the national information and network to promote in-depth policy to promote, everyone's life and work are Internet firmly linked together. There is no doubt that the continuity of network services, reliability will be more and more people's attention, and Microsoft's cloud services, the goal is not to let the Internet down the chain become news.

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