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2015 global IPv6 summit held in September 7th

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Abstract:September 7, 2015, the global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit (IPv6 Summit) will be held in the Presidential Plaza Hotel.

September 7, 2015, the global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit (IPv6 Summit) will be held in the Presidential Plaza Hotel. This meeting by the global IPv6 Forum (IPv6 Forum) and BII BII Group Co sponsored "IPv6 era come, are you ready?" as the theme, will be invited to dozens of domestic and international top industry experts, hundreds of global representation of operators, industry representatives of well-known manufacturers, academic institutions, experts, business users and many authoritative media participation, "the wide deployment of IPv6 technology focus and the main program," the development of the IPv6 brings to the network security influence and challenge "," power of IPv6 global networking and other many focus topic launches the lively discussion.

In "the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, IPv6 is the trend of the times" this industry consensus, IPv6 era seem to end up gradually come on the one hand, due to the IPv4 address allocation in many countries in the region of the exhausted, governments of all countries in the world for the next generation of the Internet promotion efforts increasingly increase. In China, for example, in recent years, our country for the introduction of a construction and development of the next generation Internet "1025" opinion ", the on overall development of IPv6 in the LTE network deployment application of the implementation of views", and many other policy, in order to fully promote the China next generation Internet development process; on the other hand, with the IPv4 to IPv6 transition technology gradually mature, industry needs of increasingly strong, global operators, equipment manufacturers, such as the IPv6 deployment efforts and investment also increased significantly. In many ways, IPv6 users in the world to increase the popularity of the world, which, Belgium over 40% of users using IPv6, the United States, Germany, Peru and other countries in recent years, the rapid increase in popularity in recent years. It is worth mentioning that, China Unicom chief scientist Fu Chengpeng said in the near future, IPv4 interest pattern has basically been set, to achieve the speed drop is very difficult, and in the blue sea IPv6 is very easy to do." This also means that for China's Internet users, IPv6 will also be expected to reach a speed drop fee to achieve the aspirations. It can be said, from the government to operators, equipment providers, and even Internet users, after years of deployment and advance, will be expected to fully usher in the advent of the era of IPv6.

Authoritative organizations to support industry experts gathered in Beijing

It is reported that "2015 global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit" obtained from the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), Internet Names and numbers, address assignment mechanism (ICANN), the Asia Pacific Internet Network Information Center (APNIC), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 5g Global Forum (5g World Alliance), Europe Telecommunications Standards Association (ETSI), the open web foundation will support (onf) and so on many domestic and international authoritative organization.

At the appointed time, the Internet father VINT Cerf, global IPv6 forum chairman Latif ladid, IETF chairman Jari arkko, the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) chairman Andrew Sullivan, China Telecom Cloud Computing Center Director Zhao Huiling, China Mobile Research Institute of network, director of the Institute of Duan Xiaodong, China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, chief expert Tang Xiongyan, many domestic and foreign experts are expected to gather in Beijing, and the scene audience share an exclusive view.

Continuous casting of the 15 brands to promote industrial promotion industry

"2015 global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit coincides with the 15th, in continuous successful held the 14th summit," global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit has already become China and the world's most authoritative senior IPv6 generation Internet banner event, set of nodes in the global Internet field top experts, operators, important people and enterprises in the industry, show IPv6 solution and successful application, to build the most professional and comprehensive exchange platform. It can be said, IPv6 summit witness and promote IPv6 from concept to discuss industrial floor, record of the world's top experts in here the harangue influence throughout the world.

According to media reports, during the IPv6 summit in 2014, China's next generation Internet sector stocks rose 1.29%, some of the relevant corporate stocks rose more than 8%. It is foreseeable that the "2015 global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit is bound to by virtue of its strong brand influence again for the next generation Internet industry bring more highlights, full power IPv6 era is coming.

Depth integration of technology and industry ShowCase IPv6 live show

Disclose according to the Organizing Committee of the summit, in order to audience all-round display IPv6 industry development, for the industry to build a platform for exchange of research, the summit also will be especially for IPv6 ShowCase activities, invite world has manufacturer by IPv6 ready test, showcasing products and service, IPv6 diversified solutions. At the same time, the summit will be carried out in the Ready IPv6 real-time testing, SDN/IPv6 fusion test as well as the Enabled IPv6 query, and to provide Education IPv6 on-site consultation. Regardless of the participating manufacturers or the audience, this will be a comprehensive understanding of the status quo and development of IPv6 technology and development direction, insight into industry trends, a great opportunity to seek partners.

Free tickets - all free of charge

In line with the goal of boosting the development of the IPv6 industry, the IPv6 summit will be free and open to all applicants for the audience. Both operators, the government / enterprise users and hardware / software manufacturers, chip manufacturers, terminal vendors, Internet companies, research institutions / universities, or investment institutions can apply participants, harvest a top industry feast.

For more information, see the conference official website:

Statement: CSDN posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

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