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IPv6 summit opened in September, the world's leading experts focus on Industry

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Abstract:September 7th, the global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit ( will be held at the Presidential Plaza Hotel.

September 7th, the global IPv6 next generation Internet Summit ( will be held at the Presidential Plaza Hotel. The summit by the IPv6 Forum (Forum IPv6) and BII (Group) Co sponsored, to the IPv6 era, you are ready to do it, as the theme, will invite dozens of top industry experts at home and abroad, hundreds of representatives of the global operators, the industry's leading manufacturers, experts, users and many authoritative media to participate.

As a global industry authoritative platform has been held continuously for the fourteen time, the guests attending the IPv6 summit has always been highly concerned. It is understood that the upcoming summit held in September 7th in terms of the guests are also very aspect. According to the confirmed guest point of view, the speaker for the summit covering rows in the industry the authority of experts, not only Internet heavyweights and IPv6 world leading experts, including the chairman of the international authoritative organization, operation business executives, world-renowned manufacturers such as. By then, many guests will work with the global industry elite together on the IPv6 large-scale deployment of technical focus and mainstream programs, IPv6 development to network security impact and challenges, IPv6 help all things Internet and other focus topics discussed.

The following are some of the guests at the summit:

The inventor of the TCP/IP protocol, known as the father of the Internet, Dr. Cerf Vint has been an important supporter of the next generation of the Internet IPv6. He believes that IPv6 has played a crucial role in the development of the Internet of things, and in the last IPv6 summit speech, said, no matter to China or the world, the construction of China's IPv6 demonstration city is an exciting historical turning point". In this summit, we look forward to Cerf Vint from the global Internet deployment and other aspects of networking and other large-scale applications for the development of the IPv6 industry to put forward more guidance.

As one of the important promoters of the IPv6 industry, the global IPv6 forum chairman Ladid Latif has repeatedly participated in the IPv6 summit, witnessed the whole process of development of the IPv6 industry. At the last summit, Mr. Ladid Latif has repeatedly affirmed the important position of China in the global IPv6 industry, the IPv6 industry in China to give high expectations, and said: Although IPv6 is now the development of the vertical development of the state, but soon it will spread to the development of horizontal enterprises." The summit, Mr. Latif ladid will once again participate in the IPv6 summit, and bring the latest information sharing and industry insight for us.

As ICANN director, DNSOP Working Group Chairman Woolf Suzanne, engaged in IPv6 related research for many years, is committed to promoting the operation and application of IPv6 and DNSSEC development, while participating in the DNSEXT and V6OPS (OPertions IPv6) and other IETF working group. The summit, Suzanne Woolf will to "future Internet name, address, identification system" in the title lectures, and the audience communication and answer to problem solving.

The impact and challenge of the development of IPv6 to network security has always been a hot issue in the field of general concern. At this summit, the 2014 Internet Hall of fame candidates, BIND technology founder Vixie Paul will visit the IPv6 summit to "IPv6 and DNS network technology and facilities security analysis" as the theme of speech, IPv6 in terms of network security is facing a challenge? DNS network technology in the middle of what kind of role? Do you have an effective solution? We look forward to the wonderful interpretation of Vixie Paul at the conference site.

In addition to the above mentioned many authoritative experts, Japan IPv6 highly Promotion Committee Chairman Hiroshi Esaki, Japan Keio University Professor, m root server operators Akira Kato, BII lab chief architect Shane Kerr, China Telecom cloud computing, director of the center, Beijing Research Institute chief engineer Zhao Huiling, China Unicom Group next generation Internet chief expert Fu Chengpeng, China Mobile Research Institute of network, director of the Institute of Duan Xiaodong, many domestic and foreign top experts were will visit the summit, in now IPv6 era was about to break out of the key nodes to share their views and prospects the development trend of next generation Internet, common booster IPv6 next generation Internet full deployment.

Statement: CSDN posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

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