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2016 strong rise of cloud computing, Tencent launched the first shot of the cloud

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Abstract:At the beginning of the new year, many people will find a taxi, surrounded by the cloud of advertising. January 2 a.m. - 4 in the morning, Tencent to drops travel advertising wrapped round, both boot screen, waiting Jiejia, user centered, red share... Drops of all commercial advertising, all hit the "Tencent cloud provides cloud computing services," the words.

At the beginning of the new year, many people will find a taxi, surrounded by the cloud of advertising. January 2 a.m. - 4 in the morning, Tencent to drops travel advertising wrapped round, both boot screen, waiting Jiejia, user centered, red share... Drops of all commercial advertising, all hit the "Tencent cloud provides cloud computing services," the words.

Someone commented: early morning up to see the drops are full screen Tencent cloud." "Car; have Tencent cloud escort." , "the orange drops travel all turns blue."...... Tencent cloud official website Vicenza, played a better life, more than a bit. ".


This creative cross-border behavior immediately caught many netizens "eyeball", many people have in the social media to discuss, the overall plan is very creative and accurate caught -- many high-end crowd in by this time just on the road, and taxi software became the a good media audience. In addition due to the rest day, so everyone's attention and participation of this activity is also higher.

Another person said to linkage drops on New Year's day all prime time advertising exposure and resources, need to have good resonance point and common values. In this cooperation, it is important to provide a very important point in the cloud to provide real service, cloud computing technology to help solve a lot of pain, the two sides for the transfer of the content is shared. This will be able to make such a creative, there is tension in advertising.

In addition, with the advertising, Tencent has occasion to release "human travel change" series of posters, the picture from the primitive times, agricultural era, industrial era, to today's mobile Internet era, human way to travel every time changes are a microcosm of the era, but also to better to travel dream a quest.

Posters pointed out that our most commonly used drops of the system on the Tencent cloud. Sophisticated big data algorithms and powerful cloud computing technology to support, so that a bit better travel to become a reality. Around a lot of friends think the ads suddenly make them aware of, the original cloud himself so near, is no longer "wind in the rain cloud", whether it is a taxi or rent, payment, cloud behind as a support.

In fact, similar to the cross-border joint marketing play in the TOC level not too little, but in tob inside the industry, because compared to the TOC. For marketing activities of Tob does not need to cover such a wide range of people, more is concentrated industry exhibition and the vertical category of newspapers and network media.

Past experience, Tencent low-key work, but from the early against blind to the IOE, plus the event marketing, Tencent cloud the bugle call "means very strong: target from the industry to the public, allowing users to feel the benefits of Tencent cloud services.

"Win-win interaction" marketing practices, make the cloud more down to earth

The Tencent cloud and drops of cooperation, is a worthy of study of advertising communication events.

From the point of time, cloud computing service providers after a few years ago to the vertical technical people deep this year the industry as a whole will to the broader population mass market expansion. And the perception of the general user for cloud computing, often need to use the user's own sense of product to convey.

Travel application is undoubtedly a very good to convey the carrier, drops is the leader in the field of mobile Internet travel, with a large group of users. Tencent cloud through drops, the first mobile Internet travel to give priority to a wide range of people, the next is expected to be its origin, to a wider range of people covered, to strengthen the public perception of cloud computing.

This is calculated from "service" advertising language study Tencent cloud provides cloud drops, drops is the depth of the user of cloud computing. Beginning from 2014 subsidy wars, drops and Tencent cooperation, massive user use Tencent QQ, letters, and other games in inherited the essence of technology, when drops in the early stage of fast growth, and holiday activities period, faced with the challenge of high concurrent flow, Tencent regardless of in the field of security, network, operation and maintenance, etc. or big data algorithm deployment, optimization system as a whole and part of the adjustment of excellence on, in the provision of technical service with the forefront of the industry. From this point of view, the mutual recognition and trust of the two sides, it can be said to contribute to the cooperation and win-win premise.

From the game, in advertising time and resources, avoid new year first day holiday with a thick atmosphere, choose No. 2 a.m. to 4 on the morning, with outside travel, frequent use of taxi software scene it, use holiday marketing polymerization of users. At the same time, with the full line of advertising resources in the form of monopoly, the drops will become blue drops of orange, to create a strong brand image. While in Tencent cloud officer on the Internet, synchronized highlight the beautiful cloud computing, more than a little bit, so that more users aware of the impact of cloud computing on the general user's life scenarios.

At the same time, in the choice of advertising language should be taking into account the scene environment is users stay time is not too long, non depth reading environment, mostly use the scene in a cab to for C class fast user cognitive, Tencent advertising language of the most simple, intuitive expression: Tencent cloud drops a cloud computing service.

The advertising is very easy to make people think of Intel, from the "inside" to "outside" of the transformation. In order to make it easier for the public to cloud computing, cloud computing, cloud computing, Tencent's advertising communication as a whole, in today's era should have a pattern.

The introduction of public life scenarios, highlighting the value of cloud computing water coal

Tencent cloud travel with the drops of this cooperation, not only to push their own brand influence to a new level, which is behind the greater significance, so that cloud computing also has the temperature, to the life of the field.

In addition to the drops, Tencent has 58 city, hungry, e bag wash, tuba rabbit and so on life mobile applications to provide cloud computing services, the cooperation drops, Tencent cloud on the basis of support for the provision of technical services, win the partners of their own recognized the depth, the effective realization of joint cooperation.

Can see that this is now Tencent value most of the conduct of this, Tencent is also cloud drops, and more partners, end users provide cloud computing services to the premise.

Under such a background, 2016 more openness is cloud computing service providers won the cornerstone of authorized users, each only in technology, marketing and other aspects of continuous innovation, brand embedded, embedded in the general public mind, and through adding the user terminal "ecological" renduermai, in order to continue to lead the industry.

Overall, Tencent current advertising and marketing is actually not difficult to understand. This is era of homeopathy move. Cloud computing as the value of the enterprise and end user "water coal" has become increasingly prominent, is changing traditional business model and industry operation mode, cost reduce the entrepreneur innovation and entrepreneurship, and industry and users to achieve win-win linkage. This point, it is worth all practitioners thinking.

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