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Monthly developer: DragonBoard410c can play out what tricks

Published in19:42 2016-01-21| Time reading| sourceunknown| ZeroArticle comments| authorZhao Jianghong

Abstract:In this paper, taking Tabrizi Cyrus as an example, he studied at the Carnegie Mellon University, in the summer of last year, we practice. He's involved in several projects that use 410C DragonBoard, and he's treated his work every day...

stayQualcomm, the enthusiasm of the interns to let us really appreciate. In this paperTabrizi CyrusFor example, he studied at the Carnegie Mellon University, last summer in our practice. He was involved in several uses.410C DragonBoardOf the project, every day to treat the work like the endless energy.

All summer,CyrusWon the participationIdeaQuest QualcommProject opportunity, the project invited interns to put forward a unique idea, and set up a team, and then show the company creative.CyrusEager, through the preliminary qualification screening, he recruited several other interns to set up a complete team.

Cyrus(left the two) The team is mainly college freshmen, but newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, they are not afraid to have a wealth of experience with other team confrontation. In fact, the team entered the finals in the game, and was invited to the boardroom to sell their ideas!

You If are considering working on a project with the DragonBoard 410C and need some inspiration for your own project read on to see how Cyrus was able to use the board in some clever ways.

If you are planning to make a410C DragonBoardProject, you want to find some inspiration, may wish to continue to read, to seeCyrusWhat are the ideas on the use of the board.

When you get410C DragonBoardWhat is the first thought that comes to mind when you come to mind? What kind of project would you like to carry out?

stay 410C DragonBoardWhen I was released, I had a lot of ideas, but the most exciting is that it's on the robot,3DPrint, as well as potential uses in the field of Internet of things. The main reason I'm excited that this is a culmination of the board-Strong onboard processor, multipleGPIOOptions and integrated connectivity solutionsTorgovnikCase, but also affordable, compact appearance. These are the projects that give full play to the characteristics of these I like!

Your creativity finally realized-If so, how long did it take you to finish the first project?

In the intern programming marathon.HackathonMy team use410C DragonBoard, as well as tablets and someAllJoynNetworking light bulbs to do the project, you can more easily wake up every morning. We are setting the alarm clock on the synchronous Tablet PC, and gradually change the ambient light to achieve-As you look forward to the natural changes of the sun every morning, but with it, you can not care about the changes in the weather, at any time to enjoy. Because this is the programming marathon for creative, we only spent half a day, project will be accomplished.

I also specifically studied this board in3DThe possible role of the print ecosystem. aboutQualcommOrganized by the intern creative competition, I organized a team that specializes inQualcommTechnology for exampleSnapdragonProcessor can achieve a lot of3DPrint function. In order to show some of the features, I and my teammates on the410C DragonBoardThe software on the set, so that the board will start when the connection3Dprinter-Do not use a laptop or desktop. Before a lot of people use raspberry pie through, but we believe that this set of alternatives we more convenient, because410C DragonBoardBuilt inWi-FiAnd Bluetooth, coupled with excellent processor performance, improve the user's print experience.

Our next goal is to use410C DragonBoardTheGPIO, instead of the internal controller of the printer. Because we didn't have enough time for two units before the demo.3DPrinter configurationGPIO, however, after a few hours of experiments, as well as the installation of a variety of procedures and data package, you can passUSBControl printer.

410C DragonBoardWhich characteristic/The most surprising feature to you?

I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and compact it was.-This board size similar to a credit card and its thickness is comparable to the thinnest smartphone, so compact shape actually support so many peripherals. These characteristics-Its powerfulCPUandGPU -sendDragonBoardThe experience is fully and delightfully.

Do you think you are a developer or a customer? Or both?

As a study at Carnegie Mellon UniversityECEAnd the robot's undergraduate, I think they should be both a developer and a guest. As a guest, I take on projects because I think they provide interesting and valuable learning opportunities. As a developer, I take a lot of time and effort to solve practical problems or to make the best of the existing solutions by using individual project opportunities.

Often the most exciting projects are those projects that give me the opportunity to improve the world in some way. These projects can be simple to build a tool to improve people's efficiency, or to perform the new process-This is also the cause that I design my own3DPrinter, release meHanduinoController design tutorialOriginal intention.

What else do you use in your projectQualcommHardware/Tools?

So far, I have mostly been with410C DragonBoardDealing, but some of these projects are also related toAllJoyn.

After considering your next410C DragonBoardWhat characteristics do you plan to use for the project when you are planning to use the board/Function?

It needs some work, but I want to make full use of the various devices of the board.USBPorts, low speed and high speed connectors, and built-inWi-FiBluetooth, Bluetooth andGPS.

Your next one410C DragonBoardWhich type should the project belong to?

robot One day, I must design a robot or actively participate in robot design projects. Next one410C DragonBoardThe project is likely to involve one or two robots!

For those who have never used410C DragonBoardWhat advice would you give to people? If they started to do the project, what would you suggest?

At least inLinuxTerminal to do the development, which is definitely conducive to the accumulation of valuable experience in the embedded system. Have people for the use of raspberry pie410C DragonBoardYou should not unfamiliar, however, because community on this board is still in the growth stage, relates to the sample or discussion for the few, than any other development board, some people think to use is difficult or not before the corresponding work as a reference.

Under normal circumstances, I think it should be patient-Also be determined, willing to use the Internet and a number of related forums and discussion boards-This is the beginning of the use of410C DragonBoardBest advice. If you can do the transformation of ideas, from different directions to overcome the problem, learn from others experience, will eventually find a solution! After you solve the problem, be sure to share the solution with other members of the community!

"Internet of things"What does it mean to you? How do you apply it to your410C DragonBoardProject?

With smart phones and other networked devices increasingly becoming part of our daily life,"Internet of things"The idea is more and more important. In a word, the Internet of things means a world of data everywhere, at the same time, all the things we have to deal with the data also produce data, in order to create a better life. Each time I succeeded in communicating with another device (I used it.410C DragonBoardImplementation of another project), I feel that they are moving toward all things are connected, full of new experiences and new applications of the future.

To understandCyrusAnd what he did.410C DragonBoardRobot, the latest items on the Internet of things, remember to visit himwebsiteoh

.More details of the development of Qualcomm please see:Qualcomm developer community.

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