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Set up the Internet of things team and related experience

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Abstract:As Intel Research Institute of anthropologists, the software architect and the designer team, we have dozens of companies were observed and interviewed hundreds of constructing networking solution scheme of developers.

 For the development of the team set together the right talent is always a challenge, the unknown area of the Internet of things may make this job more difficult to grasp the direction.

As Intel Research Institute of anthropologists, the software architect and the designer team, we have dozens of companies were observed and interviewed hundreds of constructing networking solution scheme of developers. Through understanding their work, cooperation, the completion of the task and the challenges encountered in the process to make it clear that it is suitable (and not suitable) which work.

Here's what we found.

Know your coding expertise

Their first proposal for the Internet of things team? Know yourself. View your team's comprehensive coding knowledge to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Career development team told us that most things can be summed up in four categories of things:

  • The development of "things":Control device, which is used as the data source and the brake point to connect
  • Middleware development:Integrate data sources together to form a consistent and operable whole
  • Application and development:Build an interactive program to support user participation and help users
  • Data analysis:Creates an analysis channel that converts data into action, insight, and decision making

Excellent teams will usually set foot in the above mentioned coding field. But how do they adapt to different fields?

We found that many of the developmentInternet of things projectIndividual programmers or in one or more areas have had extensive experience, or are developing other such projects. In fact, experienced project leaders tell us that they are actively looking for ways to cross training team, to ensure that the entire team of professional knowledge of the coding is more extensive, more closely.

We also often encounter the so-called mixed coding, this type of team members are very valuable, their expertise at least two areas, usually have a thorough understanding of the Internet of things. They often serve as leading roles in the project. To encourage the development of the Internet of things some members of the team to learn a variety of professional knowledge will help to effectively cope with some of the common pressures, such as the above mentioned resource constraints and development bottlenecks, etc..

Understanding your Internet of things coding challenges

Although there are currently a wide range of networking solutions are being developed, but the project team will encounter some of the Internet of things coding challenges. Understanding the biggest challenges of each project can help you better carry out the project planning. At the same time it can help to find out what coding principles are needed for the success of the project.

We have observed the following common Internet of things coding challenges (found, with the Internet of things (especially the Internet of things) gradually mature, will emerge more challenges:

  • Use of marginal data:Collect data from a large number of endpoints and turn it into a standard.
  • Layout system data:Integrating extensive data points to ensure that they are able to play a synergistic effect
  • Manage edge data:To control and analyze the data, optimize the flow of data flow in the whole system.
  • Instant response:Coordinate the flow of data flow and user interaction in the whole system, and provide the result to the appropriate person in the right time.

We have found that the majority of the Internet of things team wants to be able to solve one or more of the above challenges (with all of the above challenges for the purpose of solving the problem may be difficult to operate). In order to cope with the challenges, they set up a team of developers with different professional knowledge, as shown in the following table:

Dekaron Major professional knowledge required Required auxiliary professional knowledge

Use of marginal data

  • "The development of things"
  • Middleware development
Layout system data
  • Middleware development
  • application development
Manage edge data
  • Data analysis
  • The development of "things"
  • Middleware development
Instant response
  • Middleware development
  • application development
  • The development of "things"

By referring to these common code challenges to test the Internet of things program, you can assess what developers already have, what developers need to recruit. This can help you determine which areas are most worth providing additional training or hiring more employees.

Optimization of the Internet of things development team

In order to adapt to the rapid changes in the industry, the project team and developers are always learning. We do not know, what is the Internet of things project is likely to attract a mixed development of developers, or responsible for the development of these projects must be cross training to be able to maintain competitiveness. But no matter what kind of situation, programming staff and project leader are required to actively participate in training, mentor apprenticeship learning, interest communities and gathering to expand the coding knowledge and improve skills.

Some executives pointed out that the intersection of professional knowledge and tutorial system can help the team to achieve a successful collaboration and encourage the morale of the entire department. In addition, they also said that the emergence of cultural collisions between different coding disciplines is inevitable. However, understanding these collisions and actively promoting the communication between the parties, will be able to greatly reduce its negative impact on the team and work.

summarize experience

Rapid evolution of things, but through the observation of the Internet of things development team and its results and challenges, we found that through four steps to help you plan the team's vision of the Internet of things:

  • Know your team's coding expertise.
  • Identify code challenges associated with your networking solutions
  • Identify professional knowledge that your team is lacking.
  • Make up for the lack of recruitment and cross training

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