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The dark side of the Internet of things

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Abstract:Most of us have a deep understanding of the strong potential and bright prospects of the Internet of things (IoT). Connect motor, shipping container, office building, factory, refrigerator, cooking equipment, health monitoring equipment, thermostat controller, and other things to the large resource pool in the cloud,

 Most of us have a deep understanding of the strong potential and bright prospects of the Internet of things (IoT). Will automobile, shipping containers, office buildings, factories, refrigerator, cooking equipment, equipment health monitoring, temperature controller and other things and the cloud of a large repository connection by derived from large data information to guide our actions, improve our lives. Through these advantages, it is easy for us to draw a bright future. However, while people are enthusiastic to accept the Internet of things technology, at the same time, it is easy to ignore the privacy issues and security threats. More and more attention and concern about these issues, these concerns and concerns should be integrated into the planning, development projects and more extensive implementation of the Internet of things.

Internet of things as a spy tool

Recently, the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee before the hearing, the National Intelligence Director Clapper James proposed that the Internet of things as a spy tool for the government sector caused a global security threats.

Clapper said: "connected to the network of intelligent equipment, transport (including autonomous vehicle) and household equipment, its efficiency, energy saving and convenience of rising. However, security industry analysts have proved that many of the new system will pose a threat to data privacy, data integrity or continuity of service. In the future, intelligent services may need to be used for identification, monitoring, monitoring, location tracking and targeted recruitment, or access to the network or user certificate."

As a result, we should be better to deal with the potential threat, as the infrastructure of the Internet of things and infrastructure, developers and construction personnel. In the next few months, safety first will be the slogan of the development of the Internet of things.

Threat level

Networking sensors and devices connected to the global network - integrated medical equipment, intelligent power grid, aerospace systems, industrial control system, government agencies, etc. - in addition to steal money and shut down the site to influence important infrastructure, hackers will open up a potential way to strengthen the attack, which leads to the large-scale system failure and destruction. Beecham research chief executive, said officer Robin Duke-Woolley, such a large-scale attack yet there is currently, because things have not developed to hackers have a point of interest in attack.

Through the aid of the university article, Duke-Woolley, said: "the security of the Internet of things is much more complex than the existing M2M applications or the traditional enterprise network. The data, dynamic data and static data of the system must be protected. In addition, the identity, authentication and authorization of the equipment and personnel required to evolve significantly. We also need to be aware, at the scene of some of the equipment will certainly affected or malfunction, hence the need for efficient and safe remote repair method - this is things meet expectations have to face another challenge. "

Research Beecham made an Internet of things security threat map, which describes in detail the invasion, the application of hijacking, authentication vulnerabilities and identity theft path.

Threat map Security

Take precautions to ensure the safety of things

Every significant advance in computer technology has simulated the process of re examining the basic security supply from mainframe, client / server, mobile devices to the cloud. Building an effective IT security supply is generally far behind these technological advances. From an unprecedented number of devices (with event driven applications and a variety of protocols for real-time exchange of data) and type of view, the size of the Internet of things and a substantial increase in the scope of vulnerability threats. Enterprises can not only rely on such as smart phones and mobile devices, the device one by one layered security, and the need to continue to strengthen the protection of the gateway layer. With the aid of things, we have the opportunity to build a deployment practice and address security protection framework in the early development process, rather than after the vulnerability began to cause damage before construction.

Science and technology reporter Vijayan Jai in the InformationWeek article on how to deal with the Internet security risk, the following recommendations:

  1. From the beginning of the security into the Internet of things applications: because of its connectivity, the Internet of things will be multiplied to increase security vulnerabilities; and therefore need to plan in advance to deal with these vulnerabilities.
  2. Identify the risk: identify key Internet vulnerabilities, including Web interface verification, security can be configured for lack of physical control is weak, as well as the lack of transmission encryption security.
  3. To segment the network: the IT network is appropriate to avoid a security problem caused by other security issues.
  4. Implementation of layered security systems: the deployment of multiple control, to ease the threat. Beyond traditional controls, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus tools.

What do you think about the security of the Internet of things?

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