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Case study: ZIGBEE* in the Intel EDISON platform, construction of intelligent conference system power

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Abstract:In many enterprises, the utilization rate of conference room is very low. There are two reasons: the staff may be scheduled for the meeting room, but never in the scheduled time to use, or the meeting may be an early end, so that the meeting room in a state of idle.

 In many enterprises, the utilization rate of conference room is very low. There are two reasons: the staff may be scheduled for the meeting room, but never in the scheduled time to use, or the meeting may be an early end, so that the meeting room in a state of idle.

We developed an intelligent meeting room system (SCR system) to help solve these problems. SCR system contains Intel Edison development board, the Arduino expansion boards and Android smartphones, push delivery service and ZigBee sensor (including ZigBee light sensors, ZigBee infrared sensors, ZigBee smart socket and ZigBee alarm). With the help of the system, we can Detected indoor meeting real-time state of the environment, our system can determine the conference room if there are people and push notification server meeting room arrangement, help, and convenient to use space of the room.

ZigBee is a set of high level communication protocol specification, which is used to build a personal local area network by using small and low power digital wireless technology. ZigBee based on 802.15.4 IEEE standard. ZigBee protocol requires low power consumption and low data rate. Its created network will use very little power consumption. A single device must have a minimum of two years of battery life to be able to pass the ZigBee certification. Home automation (such as intelligent occupancy sensors, intelligent lighting and temperature control) is a typical application of ZigBee.

Arduino is an open-source software and hardware companies, also is a project and the user community, is committed to design and production based on micro controller kit to help to construct the perception and control the physical world and the digital equipment and interactive projects. An important advantage of the Arduino is to provide a standard interface, allowing users to the CPU motherboard with a variety of interchangeable plug-in modules (known as cover connected. Intel Edison development board also supports the Arduino. This makes the development board can be compatible with thousands of Arduino modules, such as XBee* ZigBee module.

XBee is International Digi for its launch of a series of shape compatible with the brand name of the radio module. ZB XBee is a XBee module that can use PRO ZigBee network protocol.

2 - System Overview

The SCR system includes hardware and software. Hardware includes Intel Edison development board, the Arduino expansion board, a push server, Android smartphone, XBee ZB S2 ZigBee module and a variety of ZigBee sensor. The software includes a push server, Android application and Intel Edison development board solutions.

Overview System
System overview

2.1 - hardware overview


Intel Edison development board and Arduino expansion board. Intel Edison development board and Arduino expansion board (see below) together constitute the core of the control system. Intel Edison opened in Arduino compatible, and Arduino compatible devices (such as the XBee ZB S2) can through the installation to the Arduino board, using together with Intel Edison development board.

Board Edison

Push server.We are in the setting server based on Windows * tablet: Fujitsu STYLISTIC* Q702 (using intelligent Intel Core Duo "i5-3427U processor, 1.80 GHz, 400 GB memory).

Server Push

Android smart phone.We developed a Android application for the SCR system so that it can be more convenient to use the system. In addition, we also deployed intelligent mobile phone Intel x86 architecture (Lenovo K900*) to test the application.

Smartphone Android

ZigBee coordinator.ZB S2 XBee is a radio module based on the Arduino expansion board, using ZigBee protocol. It serves as the ZigBee coordinator to manage the surrounding ZigBee sensors.

Coordinator ZigBee

ZigBee light sensor.Z311X is an optical sensor, which can measure the intensity of ambient light.

Light Sensor ZigBee

ZigBee infrared sensor.ZB11D* Netvox is an infrared radiation (IR) occupancy sensor, used in the ZigBee network as a terminal equipment.

ZigBee Sensor Infrared

ZigBee alarm sensor.Z602A* Netvox is an alarm device for emergency alarm. It is based on the HA ZigBee standard.

ZigBee Sensor Alarm

ZigBee smart socket sensor.Z809AG* Netvox is a ZigBee measurement and switch socket. It is responsible for the implementation of the switch control function, which can be used for the electrical equipment in the switch room.

Plug ZigBee Sensor Smart

Hardware infrastructure

The hardware infrastructure is shown in the following figure:

Infrastructure Hardware

The system consists of four parts: push server, Intel Edison development board, ZigBee sensor and mobile phone gateway. The system has three main functions:

  • Condition monitoring and judgment.ZigBee sensor through the optical sensor and infrared sensor to monitor the meeting room in real time, and then use the ZigBee protocol to the letter message is sent to Intel & reg; Edison development board. Intel Edison development board can determine the indoor if anyone, then the state is sent to the server through the Wi-Fi* push.
  • Conference room booking and intelligent scheduling.Staff can book smart phone Android application status displayed as "idle" conference room. If there is no suitable idle meeting room, the staff can choose a state as "occupied" of the meeting room, and then "wait for the meeting room idle". Once the Intel Edison development board to judge the meeting room for the "idle", they will inform the server, the server will be to the application sends a notification.
  • Remote access and control. Application can be used to check the status of the scheduled conference room from the push server through Wi-Fi, in order to control the device (such as light) in the conference room and the real-time status of the ZigBee sensor.

2.2 - Software


Some enterprise resources (such as meeting rooms) have not been fully utilized, especially in the larger enterprises, this situation is particularly evident. For example, employee A is booked from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 using conference room on the company's Web site. Meeting at the end of the morning 9:00, at this time, the meeting room has been idle, can be used by other people. However, when an employee B uses a web site to search for a meeting room, the meeting room cannot be selected because it is still in the state of the database ". Staff B must look for other meeting rooms.

System architecture for software solutions.

Architecture Software
Software architecture

3 push server

3.1 - Software Architecture


Our system will be deployed as Server GlassFish* 4 push server. The architecture of the server is shown below.

Server Architecture Push
Push server architecture

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