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Achieve a healthy overall balance: 4 applications to enhance the agility and mental health

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Abstract:Sometimes, maybe we all put our attention on the fitness. But it is clear that although it is a major part of the overall health, our quality of life is related to the state of the body, mind and spirit, and so on.

 Sometimes, maybe we all put our attention on the fitness. But it is clear that although it is a major part of the overall health, our quality of life is related to the state of the body, mind and spirit, and so on.One

There is no doubt that the important brain and fitness, but unfortunately, we sometimes do not pay much attention to this aspect. We should not ignore the brain, in the life frequently sensitivity to exercise your brain, the future will be able to have more sensitive, more healthy body.

As the name implies, refers to the brain, keep the brain in the best condition. This is not to let you train your brain to be able to take part in the "Olympic Games" or to participate in the best IQ test, but to help you extract, give full play to the wisdom and improve memory.

Technology has had a great impact on fitness, fitness equipment can simulate any outdoor activities, equipment can track our consumption and burning calories, and so on. Fortunately, technology is not neglected brain; there are many cheap and easy to obtain the application can create some simulation scenarios are presented to improve the sensitivity of brain.

Next, we will introduce based on the Intel Atom "processor Android * tablet launch of the latest 5 application. These applications can help you quickly will exercise the brain in good condition.

  1. 3D Maze/Labyrinth mobadu

    3D maze is a adventure and puzzle games, the classic puzzle elements to upgrade to the new 3D form, suitable for players of all ages. In the game, players need to climb to the top of the tower, castle or Pyramid, and then look down for export. See yourself to how fast the checkpoints successfully, in a final maze, checkpoints only 10 minutes of your time, after a timeout volcano will erupt.

  2. WaveRun SoftKiwi

    WaveRun is an exciting electronic game, which provides two no end of the wave line, you need to try to survive, while avoiding obstacles along the road. In the process of generating no marginal map, you can challenge a friend to challenge, but also in the top of the list!

  3. EvoCreo Ilmfinity

    The game can take you to climb the world's peak, and support you to hire other wizards along the road, to become the master. This epic like adventure games can provide 40 hours of simulation game tasks. Among them, you can in the scene of battle the evil organization shadow hive to customize their moves methods, characteristics and the ability to adapt to the strategic needs of you.

  4. Society Sparkling's "City Island 3 - building simulation"

    In the "city of 3" in the creation of their brains to create their own stories, you can combine the islands for the islands, the village will be developed as a small city, and then the development of the city. The game to the quality of the screen and intuitive game provides a very challenging task, as well as rewards and results. The game supports you enjoy the fun of the game inspired thinking, through Indiana, into a virtual paradise only belongs to your own.

Please keep in mind that going to the gym or running in the morning is just one of the important aspects of your overall health. Thanks to these wonderful applications, now we can more easily get mental health. It supports your easy to use, you can rest at any time, can also be absorbed in the game to participate in the test of the brain, instantly get the advantage of the game.

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