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Tencent launched NAT cloud gateway and cross regional interoperability, a number of indicators in the industry leader

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Abstract:Beijing time on June 15 news, Tencent announced NAT gateway and the introduction of cross regional exchange of two private network service, the NAT gateway to the cloud service provider devaluation service, the maximum support 5g sudden increase flow and 1000W concurrent connections.

Beijing time on June 15 news, Tencent announced NAT gateway and the introduction of cross regional exchange of two private network service, the NAT gateway to the cloud service provider devaluation service, the maximum support 5g sudden increase flow and 1000W concurrent connections; cross regional exchange provides up to 10Gbps industry's largest bandwidth support and availability of higher than 99.95%, is the highest standard of similar services.

Tencent expert product manager Luo Maozheng said, "when the enterprise to consider whether there will be more business in the cloud, they will very concerned about the private network performance, security and flexibility, we hope that through technological innovation to solve this challenge". According to reports, micro public bank, hungry, Taikang Life Insurance and other domestic large and medium-sized enterprises has in use Tencent private cloud network deployment of hybrid cloud, up to now, Tencent private cloud network customers a single cloud hosting nuclear number exceeded 2 million, belong to the industry with higher standard.

NAT gateway and the introduction of cross regional interoperability, so that the Tencent has become the most complete network of private network product matrix cloud service providers. According to reports, Tencent cloud provides a private network includes three categories of services: on the one hand, the user has the flexibility to access the public network through the public network gateway, NAT gateway, elastic IP; can also through the public network and VPN line of cloud data center for fast and secure access. Users can also to in private internal network flexibility to customize the network to realize network interoperability and security control. 

NAT gateway: maximum support 1000W concurrent connections, super 600 beta user application 

Tencent NAT gateway released to fill a gap in the market, before the release of the service, on the market a large number of users through the public network gateway to achieve public access. Tencent NAT gateway announcement extends the private network environment cloud host to access the public network to solve the two typical user demand: on the one hand is of large bandwidth, high availability of network access; on the other hand is to hide private network host public IP strong security requirements. 

Tencent Yun, Senior Product Manager Gao Hang said NAT gateway service in beta stage received more than 600 user application, mainly concentrated in the areas of finance, government of private network visit strong security requirements, as well as electricity providers, games need high concurrency access public network. For example, a financial enterprises hope in the private network deployed applications, requirements to maintain the same network outlet, to facilitate the realization of the security policy; and another electric company hope in peak concurrent access to public services. 

Also visit the network, NAT gateway and VPN gateway compared in availability, network bandwidth, connection index number, and other significant advantages:



Network gateway


Dual machine hot standby, automatic switching

Manual switching

Network bandwidth


Cloud server network bandwidth

Public networkIP

Most bindingTenAn elasticIP

OneAn elasticIPOr the general publicIP

Network speed


Depending on the speed limit of the cloud server

maximum connection



Comparison of NAT gateway and network gateway

By contrast, NAT network can provide a large number of concurrent connections, the maximum support 1000W concurrent connections, 5Gbps bandwidth and 10 elastic IP, the availability of up to 99.99%, the highest level of the industry. 

Cross regional interoperability: line quality, the user to enjoy the 10Gbps industry's largest bandwidth support 

Tencent not only between the private network and the public network set up the weapon of NAT gateway, is a private network and a private network between launched another heavy service, cross regional exchange, this service to solve the 2 large customer pain points: for users provide Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, North America and other global network connectivity, and through cross regional exchange achieve rapid deployment of two three center financial disaster recovery scheme.

Currently only a few domestic cloud service providers to provide this service, compared to similar products to provide 2Gbps bandwidth services, users can enjoy more than 10Gbps industry's largest bandwidth support. Cross regional exchange in the online three days received more than 500 users application, mainly concentrated in the electricity, game, finance and other fields, and in other sectors of the remote disaster recovery needs. For example, a business server and the database needs to cross regional data exchange. Other financial companies use to achieve remote disaster tolerant cross regional interoperability, improve data security.

Past users to achieve cross regional communication network, only through the public network VPN connection. Now the user with a cross regional communication service, availability, safety and cost to obtain a full range of upgrades.


Cross regional connection

Public networkVPNconnect

Broadband limit

support10GbpsAnd above

< 200Mbps


higher than99.95%

Depending on the congestion of the network link

Network Delay

Network delay for point to pointSLA

Depending on the congestion of the network link

Packet loss

lower than0.2%

Depending on the congestion of the network link


Independent network link

IPsecProtocol encryption

Transnational connection

Dedicated connections to support reliable international connections

Go public, the stability is bad, often break


Ladder pricing, on demand

Pay per band 

Figure: cross regional connection and public VPN connection 

By contrast, the Tencent cloud private network across the region has three major advantages: 

Greater bandwidth, bandwidth support 10Gbps and above.

More stable and reliable, to provide independent dedicated link, the availability of more than 99.95%, packet loss rate of less than 0.2%.

Lower cost, according to the actual use of network bandwidth peak billing, ladder pricing more cost saving.

Tencent expert product manager Luo Maozheng said that Tencent will continue to launch more innovative services in the field of private network, a rapid response to market demand gap, on the one hand, hope to upgrade the overall network capacity to a new height, to provide fast access to the Internet for users on the cloud.

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