Wang Chieh lawyer:
Social service
The eighth Beijing lawyers, members of the association of Beijing to protect the rights and interests of the Committee
Member of China Bar Association and member of Beijing Bar Association
2007 China software development 2 Technical Conference chief consultant
CSDN web site and the "programmer" magazine perennial legal counsel, IT expert counsel
Guest lawyer of the Journal of law and life in the Ministry of Justice
The chief legal adviser of the art of Chinese painting master "Qianyu"
Chief legal adviser to the Cheng Shifa Art Research Society
Macao's return to the eight anniversary celebration of the legal adviser
"Chinese professional lawyers archives" invited professional intellectual property lawyer
Chinese international fashion festival activities chief legal counsel
IT enterprise legal risk prevention project group founder, leader
work experience
Beijing city in the current run law firm chief executive officer of the law

Bachelor of law, Peking University, with a solid foundation of legal theory and rich experience in practice. To deal with the problems of calm, careful, flexible and yet; for people doing things, steadfast, diligent, and have the ability to deal with all kinds of complicated legal affairs, King lawyer and his team agent all kinds of cases.

In recent years, Lawyer Wang focuses on how to prevent and deal with the corporate legal risk, and it, Internet copyright intellectual property legal affairs, practice in processing the large number of such cases, also served as legal adviser to several well-known IT enterprises and other intellectual property rights of the company, won the advisory unit recognition and trust.

contact information
Tel: 010-51650266
Cell phone: 13661380468
websiteClick access
IT, Internet copyright lawyer blog:Http://
Business field
Intellectual property, media, film and television, IT and Internet
Legal consultant, corporate finance, labor law, company
Appeal and retrial of the Supreme Court and the high court
Real estate, contract, major criminal defense, etc.
Media cooperation
Wang Jie lawyer and "Legal Evening News", "China Intellectual Property News", "Beijing Youth Daily", "China trade news", "law and life magazine", "Beijing Evening News", Beijing TV, China Central Television and other legal programs maintained good business relations of cooperation, and to accept the media interview.
Wang lawyers also invited to accept large TV column, "intellectual property rights in China," an exclusive interview, this program is by the State Intellectual Property Office, the State Customs Department and other sixteen ministries jointly hosted a large television program.
Main job performance

Part of the legal adviser and the work of the unit:

Lawyers for the Chinese aviation industry group of a research institute, CSDN website, "programmer" magazine, CSDN (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. Hongkong Chinese On-Line Company, United media company, Shanghai oumeiya Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Beijing Boya eulogium Media Co. Ltd., Beijing Bailian meidamei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing big Calvin Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Gospel Cultural Arts Center, Beijing Oriental Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing fertile Xinji real estate development limited liability company, Beijing dragon demolition Services Limited, Beijing maxstation Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xicheng District foreign language school, Beijing Guangming charity Education Institute, Beijing iris Technology Development Co Ltd Beijing Dongdu equestrian Club Co. Ltd. and other dozens of single Consultants To provide legal services.

In working as a consultant unit independently during the leadership of the relevant professional lawyers or personally handle the consultant unit daily legal affairs, intellectual property rights, the special legal affairs etc., including company all types of intellectual property rights, the special contract and other contracts drafting, revision, review, film and media of all kinds of documents audit; it, network copyright disputes and legal training; participation in advisory units of various types of business negotiation, consultant agency's other major difficult litigation and non litigation cases; corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, listing, drafting, formulating the internal rules and regulations of the company.

  • CSDN web site to provide a full range of professional legal advisory services and Internet related disputes; for its "information network dissemination of legal risk and prevention" and other IT professional legal knowledge training.
  • To provide comprehensive legal services for the professional magazine "programmers" in the industry of IT;
  • To provide full legal services for the 2007 Technical Conference for software development 2;
  • Beijing maxstation Technology Development Co., Ltd. all staff related intellectual property legal training many times; the new traffic law training; safety production training.
  • Repeatedly in Boya song culture media company drafting relevant advertising media contract audit, as well as a number of well-known singer performance contract and relevant works in contract review of a large number of daily legal affairs;
  • Several times for a Real Estate Company to hear cooperative development contracts, internal contracts, and participate in business negotiations, etc.;
  • At the Beijing Traffic Management Cadre Institute of the enthusiasm of the teachers and students, Wang Chieh lawyers in March 13, 2007 to the school to the "lawyers to see the world - the cause of passion and practical life" as the title of the speech.
  • During the year as a certain group of legal advisers, the successful handling of financing and listing legal affairs.

Two, litigation field:

Part 1, intellectual property cases:

  • About Alibaba and Taobao (TaoBao) network real name dispute case
  • High wave sea companies and European and American companies B2B business website software copyright infringement case
  • Beijing Olympic swarc Co. v. and Lee on the "OZARK" trademark infringement case
  • The world's top 500 enterprises, the French Atomic Energy Department Quartermaster holding company v. Xiamen City insurance company "AREVA" domain name dispute case
  • Beijing online Chinese v. Beijing Bailian meidamei network copyright dispute
  • The commercial secret dispute case of a certain type of missile titanium alloy hatch design (national level) --- A Research Institute of the principal China Aviation Industry Corporation
  • New three flower hi beauty food packaging "Sunflower" animation trademark copyright infringement case
  • Beijing Ren'ai Education Institute v. Shenzhen in the hope of the light on "Beiduofen" in English digital learning machine infringement of network copyright infringement case
  • Peking University press, Professor Chen, Professor Yang on the computer operating system, the copyright dispute case
  • Freeman v. Wang and three people in Beijing Yanjing Beer group infringement of trade secrets dispute
  • The 312 meridian exercise "infringement of audio-visual products -- Beijing rainbow halo company v. Beijing Publishing Group works in case of tort of 12, Chinese online, Inc. v. search error company information network transmission right dispute case
  • Dispute case of information network transmission right of Chinese On-Line Company
  • "Miracle fitness" trademark ownership dispute case

2, civil and commercial, criminal and other cases:

  • Yongqing County, Hebei province court vice president Li Moumou illegal trade in firearms case -- North China area biggest Fanqiang case (various multimedia reported)
  • In recent years in Beijing's largest "pengci" criminal cases.
  • Dai Beijing new era of property management limited liability company property management limited liability company labor disputes, the dispute case, (Ceng Zhu media reports on the facts;)
  • Nie v. Motorola, Motorola Beijing branch portrait right infringement dispute case (media reports off)
  • Beijing Oriental Culture Communication Co., Ltd. v. Capital Medical University soil, health consultation newspaper cooperation contract disputes
  • Beijing cloud ground property management center Wang Mou, Yuan Mou and other hundreds of collective litigation dispute case
  • Wang x v. China People's Liberation Army Second Artillery General Hospital Medical Dispute Case
Major works
The legal risk and prevention of information network transmission
"IT enterprise legal risk prevention --- are you ready? "
The identification of the copyright of the registered trademark infringement of others' practical art works
"Antaike worth discussing several legal issues"
On the legal protection of trade secrets and litigation
Several issues on determining the amount of damages in copyright infringement litigation
How to carry on the trade secret lawsuit of the plaintiff (the obligee)
On the law of "overwork death"
Some problems of network copyright
"Talk about how to treat the prohibition from the incident"
"Network infringement intensified," Beiduofen "case final victory"