• Large conference:
    China Cloud Computing Conference, China software developers conference, China mobile developers conference, China big data technology conference
  • CTO club activities: CTO club is the exclusive sharing and exchange of technical management platform, regular special topics Sharon, hot topics to share and other activities.
  • Tup technical Salon: tup to industry renowned experts lectures and forums in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in the held regularly, mainly for research and development of IT products related to technology, design, operation, maintenance and management of professionals. We focus on the success or failure of the IT product research and development behind the practice, concerned about technology, focus on user experience and product design.
  • Cloud computing Club: cloud computing club for cloud computing companies to provide online and offline exchange platform, gathered the cloud computing business person in charge, cloud computing experts and community responsible person in charge of cloud computing.
  • Mobile developer Club: CSDN mobile developer club is the CSDN specifically for mobile developers to design real name invitation system network platform, is a mobile developer of online communication and offline activities community.
  • University club activities: CSDN university club is a non-profit, for the National College of learning technology organizations, activities have been more than 40 universities in the country.
  • Conferences:
    • Cloud Computing Conference China
    • Developer Conference China Software
    • Developer Conference China Mobile
    • Data Technology Conference China Big
  • Club: CTO Club CTO is a sharing and communication platform especially aimed at IT managers.
  • TUP=Technology+User experience+Product TUP: Tup is a serial event targeted at developers, designers, and operation and maintenance professionals, and managers in the to of IT product development. It is regularly held in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.
    Experience and practices from product IT Highlights development emphasizes, technologies user, experiences and product design.
  • Computing Club: Cloud Cloud Computing Club provide on-line and off-line social platform for the owner of companies experts the leader of communities in cloud computing area.
  • CSDN mobile developer Club: CSDN mobile developer club is a network powered by global No.1 IT community CSDN. It is a platform with an online community and a series offline events offered by CSDN to thousands of Chinese mobile developers.
  • University Club: CSDN CSDN University Club is a non-profit learning organization for college students from more universities than 40 and colleges.