• Knowledge service: relying on CSDN community BBS, blogs, news, downloads, question and answer, Wiki, meetings and other resources to expand and accelerate the spread of knowledge and information, for members to provide technical training, subscription information and knowledge sharing service; also through a variety of marketing tools for accurate information push, for enterprise users to promote a brand or product.
  • Professional service: CSDN community club, online personal space, social relationships and so resources platform for individual and corporate members to create multiple attribute and vertical it social network, push precision enterprise recruitment information, at the same time to tens of millions of individual members, business users to precisely locate the required personnel, multi range provide professional recruitment and high-end search services.
  • Development services: positioning in the developer's basic needs, CODE platform, a project as the core, media information + community activities as an extension of the integrated platform. Meet the requirements of individuals, teams and companies in social programming collaboration and open source, and provide the required in the process of developing tools, products and services, meet the enterprise user product development testing, managed code, baas, safety protection, released update, tracking and monitoring, data analysis such as a full range of needs.
  • Knowledge services: expand and new knowledge acquisition and information sharing with BBS, blog, news, downloads, Q & A, Wiki, Meeting. etc. in CSDN community, and offer learning services of technical training, subscription, etc. to provide targeted marketing solutions to enterprise members for their branding or product promotion.
  • Career services: build up dedicated it social recruiting solutions for individual and enterprise members with clubs, personal space and social relationship in CSDN community. For it professional placement and executive search services to IT enterprises via precise positioning abilities and accurate offering recruitment information.
  • Development Services: provide various services to fulfill software developers'essential needs. Code for developer, it's a git based code hosting platform with media and community services. Individual, team and enterprise can have social coding collaborations & open source projects on code. In addition, we also provide total solution for enterprise, including R & D, coding hosting, baas, security, software update, monitoring and data analysis.