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Cloud computing solution

FusionCloud cloud computing convergence caused by Jane's future

HUAWEI FusionCloudcloud computingSolutions introducing horizontal integration, vertical integration, integration and access data fusion full integration of four in one, to traditional industry, enterprise and data center of the IT infrastructure of fusion reconstruction, to help enterprises simplify for Jane, realize the value of the business.
FusionCloud completely broken the original bulky IT infrastructure in support of core business efficiency and cost constraints and obstacles, the traditional enterprise data center transformation into a highly simplified, standardization, automation, and elasticity of the cloud data center, making it support system in the enterprise from the enterprises "cost center" in transition to become enterprise's core business and to promote the development of the engine.


HUAWEI cloud computing products in 42 countries around the world, more than 260 customers a wide range of applications. Video describes the performance of cloud computing solutions in each of the major projects and customer evaluation of HUAWEI's cloud computing products. Projects include: Maritime University project, Huawei Company Financial Group DW&BI project, China Central Television (CCTV) cloud desktop projects, Xi'an Railway Bureau Ankang cloud computing project, Dagang Oilfield Information Center cloud computing project, Huazhong University of science and technology of cloud computing project, Qian'an City People's hospital project, CLP Huatong virtualization project, Chongqing rural commercial clouds computing project, Shenhua Yulin Energy Company cloud computing project, Tianjin Mobile private cloud project and so on.

  • Data Center Virtualization

    Data Center Virtualization Solution

    Enhance IT efficiency and create customer value. Data center virtualization by fusionsphere based, software integration and abstract data center all it resources, build Data Center Virtualization resource pool, centralized management and unified scheduling, to achieve dynamic expansion and business resources "bomb" and "gone with the wind".

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  • Data warehouse acceleration

    Data warehouse acceleration solution

    FusionCloud of data warehouse expedite the solution scheme using fusioncube system architecture has advantages, combined with data warehouse application scenarios are further optimized, to break through the bottleneck of the system I / O, is fully compatible with the industry mainstream database, help increase exponentially business performance of existing data warehouse or building new data warehouse.

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  • SAP-HANA integrated machine

    HANA SAP integrated machine

    SAP Hana is deployed as a whole machine or cloud data platform. This is a very suitable for real-time analysis and real-time application development and deployment of the revolutionary platform, because it will be data processing and analysis of data processing and business logic processing function combination to memory, breaking the traditional transaction type in the database schema, the application does not support real-time service application restrictions. HUAWEI and SAP work together to launch a high-performance hardware platform based on HUAWEI HANA SAP integrated machine.

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  • Desktop cloud

    Desktop cloud solutions

    Enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition today, how to protect the safety of enterprise assets, how simple and efficient management of it, how to make rapid innovation in practice, how to effectively control the cost and become CIO, CTO must consider the problem. Traditional desktop IT as the most common enterprise PC is the most important office equipment, in the operation of the enterprise, more and more exposed its drawbacks and inconvenience. Enterprises must look for a flexible infrastructure to solve the contradiction between supply and demand of IT and enterprise information security. Desktop cloud is just such an optimal cloud computing practice, using the latest cloud computing technology and concepts, leading the transformation and innovation of the IT infrastructure.

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  • FusionSphere

    Cloud operating system

    FusionSphere is HUAWEI's cloud operating system for enterprises and operators to launch cloud operating system, set the characteristics of virtualization platform and cloud management. It allows the construction and use of cloud computing platform is more simple. Huawei's cloud operating system specifically for the design and optimization of cloud, provide powerful virtual function and resource pool management, rich cloud basic service components and tools, open API interface, full support for traditional and new enterprise service, greatly enhance it asset value and improve it operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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  • FusionCube

    Fusion machine

    HUAWEI FusionCube is a set of IT infrastructure platform based on fusion architecture. The follow the open standard architecture, in the frame of 12U fusion blade servers, distributed storage and network switches for various, and pre integrated distributed storage engines, platform virtualization and cloud management software, resources, according to the need to deploy, linear expansion. Based on fusioncube and new enterprise business on-line cycle from months reduced to a few days and on-demand flexible expansion, significantly enhance the operational efficiency, far more than expected.

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  • FusionInsight

    Enterprise level big data analysis platform

    Huawei fusioninsight of big data platform, in order to handle the twin engine as the core, including and real-time data of massive data engine FusinInsight Hadoop processing engine fusioninsight streaming, and in the light of the operation of the financial, operators and other data intensive industry maintenance, application development needs to create a high reliability, high safety and easy use of the OM system and modeling middleware, so that enterprises can faster, more accurate, more stable from miscellaneous disorderly massive data value.

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  • HUAWEI cloud computing power to carry out ICT business in Sichuan Telecom

    With the global after the rapid development of the environment, people communicate more and more diverse, increasingly rapid development of information technology, Internet give people bring new wealth of business experience, which for telecom operators proposed new requirements. Telecommunications business needs to be developed by a single voice and data services Xiang Yun computing, smart pipes and mobile Internet direction, by turning to the consumer user......

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  • HUAWEI desktop cloud help CCTV build efficient office platform

    CCTV just 500 Virtual Desktop Deployment, 3000 reporters mobile office needs and to meet the real flexibility in allocation, distribution according to needs, not only greatly reduce the investment of IT systems, but also to meet the CCTV for office system centralized maintenance and management requirements.

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  • Cloud computing power Fujian industrial and commercial information

    Fujian Province Administration of industry and commerce is departmental level institutions directly under the provincial government in charge of market supervision and administrative law enforcement work, under the jurisdiction of 511 business. Its main function is: confirmed in accordance with law qualification of the various operators, supervision and administration or to participate in the supervision and management of all kinds of market, standard market transactions in accordance with the law, protect fair competition, investigate and deal with violations of economic, ban illegal operation,...

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  • HUAWEI help Chongqing agricultural firms to create a safe and efficient development environment

    In Chongqing agricultural information construction of commercial banks in the process, with increase of the volume of business, Chongqing rural commercial bank according to the different business needs the development of customized business system module, service module development outsourcing in general by the third party software companies. As a customer of Chongqing agricultural firms, the need for business module code and related data management and control, to prevent leakage......

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  • HUAWEI's cloud computing power of the Xi'an Railway Bureau to build high cloud platform

    Xi'an Railway Bureau is located in the northwest area, pipe Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway, Longhai, Baocheng, treasure, West, Ning Xi, Xikang, West Hou, too in, Xiang Yu, Yangan, important trunk; connecting the East and the west, connecting north and south of the choke, the passenger flow distribution and transport hubs in the world. In the West and the road network has an important strategic position.

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  • Desktop cloud bloom Au Conference Center

    African Union Conference Center, not only has a modern architectural appearance, but also embedded in the core of the information technology. With the deployment of the Conference Center Desktop cloud, the African Union in the process of regional political, economic and other issues will have a more powerful information support. At the end of 2011 11, in the ancient Ethiopia plateau, a 99.9 metre tall new office building into the clouds......

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HUAWEI actively participate in the open source community and promote the standardization of cloud platforms, and actively contribute to the open source community. HUAWEI is the first to be officially accepted as OpenStack foundation Gold members (Member Gold) of Chinese manufacturers in the Hadoop important contribution to the company's list, HUAWEI is also among the best, fully reflects the innovative ability of HUAWEI. HUAWEI is one of the world's most active companies to build cloud computing standards. Huawei is cloud computing mainstream dmtf standards organization board of the first Chinese company, served as the dmtf's VP of education, IETF cloud computing / data center in the field of ARMD Working Group Chairman and is involved in a wide range of SNIA, ISO / IEC, TMF, IEEE and ITU-T, CSA, ODCA, OMA, ETSI, ATIS, CSCC and international cloud computing standards organizations, in CCSA, CESI and other domestic cloud computing standardization activities performance excellent.

HUAWEI joint service partners to provide professional services to the global business market, customer support and training services to the three major service solutions. So far, Huawei continuously for the global over 670 partners provide service solutions, have 16 regional level PMO (Project Management Office), 130 multiple national delivery organization and management in the whole world, and more than 1450 service professionals supporting global project payment, covering more than 140 countries 14 areas of the world, with staff localization rate reached 75%. In 129 countries with more than 300 spare parts library, to provide customers with 24 X7 hours of support services.

To help customers achieve flexibility and automation infrastructure, on-demand service model and more agile IT services, isHUAWEI cloud computingFusionCoud solutions continue to uphold the concept of. Multi vendor hardware,Virtualization PlatformThe adaptation capabilities, multiple peripherals, and multi terminal access capabilities, AP AWS andOpenStackCompatible with the standard, HUAWEI to provide customers with more fully independent choice of rights, the traditional IT to move to the cloud is no longer complex. HUAWEI end to end, from top to bottom product independent research and development capabilities, to better achieve the integration of software and hardware, to fully stimulate the inherent potential of the product, to build the industry's best performancecloud computingSolution.

Software Download Center

Foundation FusionSphere is a free version of the FusionSphere provided by HUAWEI, including server virtualization capabilities (FusionCompute) and virtual resource management capabilities (FusionManager). Free version for 6 physical CPU within (including 6) system, permanent free use, does not limit any resource function. For 6 physical CPU systems with more than 90 days of use. During the 90 day trial period, no resources are limited. 90 days after the user can still use the virtual machine has been created, but only the business data view, user / role management and License management functions.

If you need to purchase a formal commercial version, please contact the HUAWEI business 400-822-9999.

Preparation before installation
  • First, users need to have a HUAWEI SupportE account before downloading.

    Registration / login
  • Before you install the software, we recommend that you refer to our FusionSphere product description, so as to further understand our products.

  • At the same time, please read the FusionSphere trial software system requirements, to see if your system environment to meet the requirements of the installation software.

Foundation FusionSphere version download
  • Foundation FusionSphere installation and use of the tutorial (Scene 1)

    To deploy FusionCompute, please get the quick guide.
    The scene is the most simple operation, you can experience a simple virtual machine creation and use, and other services.
    Download (login)
  • Foundation FusionSphere installation and use of the tutorial (scenario two)

    Deploy FusionCompute+FusionManager, please get the quick use guide.
    The scene is relatively simple, can be experienced through the FusionManager on the management of virtualized resources, as well as the process of creating a virtual machine on the FusionManager.
    Download (login)
  • Foundation FusionSphere installation and use of the tutorial (Chang Jingsan)

    Deploy FusionCompute+FusionManager, and use advanced network functions such as virtual firewall, virtual load balancing or DHCP, please get the quick use guide.
    The operation of the scene is more complex, but it is rich in function. Can experience the application of automatic deployment capabilities on the FusionManager, as well as providing a variety of advanced network capabilities for the virtual machine.
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_CNA FusionCompute

    2014-05-19 373.25MB

    Required. FusionSphere server operating system ISO installation of the mirror file, used to host computing, storage, network resources for virtualization.
    Application scenarios: scenario one or two, three
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_Tools FusionCompute

    2014-05-19 174.81MB

    Required. FusionCompute Installation Wizard tool and the required system plug-in for the installation of FusionCompute virtual resource management node VRM virtual machine and initialization of some resources.
    Application scenarios: scenario one or two, three
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_VRM FusionCompute

    2014-05-19 929.15MB

    Required. FusionCompute virtual resource management node VRM virtual machine template files, through the FusionCompute Installation Wizard tool will be deployed as a VRM virtual machine template.
    Application scenarios: scenario one or two, three
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_VSA FusionCompute

    2014-05-19 599.41MB

    Optional. VSA virtual machine template file. VSA virtual machine in FusionManager to create a high level of network resources to create automatic, VSA virtual machine to provide virtual firewall, virtual load balancing and DHCP functions.
    Users need to experience the application of FusionManager automatic deployment and other functions to get the software package.
    Application scenario: Chang Jingsan
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_VSAM FusionCompute

    2014-05-19 643.80MB

    Optional. VSAM virtual machine template file for the deployment of VSAM management node VSA. VSAM software packages are available only if the functionality required to use the VSA is available.
    Application scenario: Chang Jingsan
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_GuestOSDrivers FusionCompute

    2014-05-19 386.27MB

    Optional. User virtual machine driver files, containing Driver PV and smart card driver for the user to install the virtual machine Driver PV and smart card driver.
    When you create a virtual machine on the FusionManager, you need to get the package. "Mount tools" function in FusionCompute create virtual machine directly through the FusionCompute install virtual machine PV driver and smart card drive.
    Application scenarios: scenario two or three
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_GMN_FS FusionManager

    2014-05-16 1.88GB

    Optional. FusionManager management node virtual machine template file. When you need to install FusionManager, you should get the package.
    Application scenarios: scenario two or three
    Download (login)
  • 3.1.5_tool FusionManager

    2014-05-19 1.23GB

    Optional. Client Puppet installation files, virtual machine template installation Client Puppet, the application can be automatically deployed to create applications.
    It is necessary to get the software package only when you experience the application of automatic deployment on the FusionManager.
    Application scenario: Chang Jingsan
    Download (login)
  • (Multimedia) FusionCompute installation configuration and basic business issue

    2014-05-20 58.87MB

  • (Multimedia) FusionManager installation and configuration

    2014-05-29 35.95MB

  • (Multimedia) FusionManager business issue

    2014-05-29 142.77MB

As part of the software is relatively large, in the case of the network conditions are not good, it is difficult to complete the download directly through the browser, a strong recommendation to use the tool to download.Specific details view

Direct use of existing user virtual machine template, you will create a user virtual machine process more convenient:Virtual machine template link.

In the process of using the trial version, if you have any questions or suggestions about our products, please send email toFusionCloud_Support@huawei.comOr in ourCloud computing technology support forumAsk questions on the post.


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