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Elasticboy_123Elasticboy_12311:54 08-15
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Ask HUAWEI how to migrate VM homogeneous platform?

Project requirements, is to consult your experts, how to V1R2C00SPC200 SingleCloud VM FusionCompute background to migrate to the V1R3C10 platform environment? Urgent, hope the experts to give a reply, thank you!

Yuanxin123Yuanxin12309:44 09-09
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Using rainbow. V2V HUAWEI DC migration tool, can be consulted under 400 how to get the software

U013903891U01390389116:00 10-10
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HUAWEI has a self research virtual machine migration tool, rainbow DC. Can refer to [url=http://support.huawei.com/ecommunity/bbs/10158335.html? P=1#p10214645]http://support.huawei.com/ecommunity/bbs/10158335.html? P=1#p10214645[/url]?

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