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Telecom based on cloud computing architectureNFVCloud solutions as shown in Figure2-36As shown.

chart2-36 telecomNFVCloud solution architecture subsystem combination

NFV(Function Virsualization NetworkNetwork function virtualization) is designed to pass research standardsITVirtualization technology, which makes the function of telecommunication network equipment can be operated in a software way in line with the industry standard of large capacity general-purpose servers, switches and storage devices. The software can be installed and unloaded according to the needs of different locations of the network in the network, do not need to install new hardware equipment. Simply say,NFVIs to introduce cloud computing platform in the platform layer, the network element of pure software, and hardware decoupling.

telecomNFVCloud through the introduction of cloud computing platform, mainly to solve the problem of operators as follows:

Increase hardware investment income ratio

Simply put, the use of general-purpose hardware can greatly reduce costs, on the other hand, the opening of the new business does not need to replace the hardware, as long as the upgrading of the corresponding software can be.

Improve the flexibility of business deployment

BecauseNFVThe software and hardware are decoupled, that is to say, the operators of the business can be flexibly deployed on different machine frame and a different room, in different regions of the hardware deployment, then compared to the traditional business deployment of nature is greatly improves the flexibility.

Rapid deployment of business

Decoupling of hardware and software to bring the greatest benefit is equipment manufacturers can focus on pure software aspects of the research and development, in the deployment of existing hardware and software, new business development cycle will be greatly shortened, the operators can also tasted the sweetness of the rapid deployment of business.

Automatic capacity expansion and energy saving and emission reduction

Due to the support of virtualization technology, network intelligent scheduling resources greatly enhance the ability. Network intelligent scheduling system can alleviate the pressure of the business by increasing the network resources automatically. In the leisure time, it can reduce the network resources and realize the energy saving and emission reduction.

Reduces the equipment business access threshold

Hardware equipment, the software interface is also common, and no doubt the device to reduce the threshold of access, but also to the telecommunications services to introduce more competition, these operators are the most want to see.

NFVHope of network element of pure software, but also need to provide telecommunication levelFiveindividualNineHigh reliability services, and therefore need to have higher requirements for the cloud computing platform.

Cloud computing platform for TelecommunicationsNFVCloud's core value lies in:

OneDue to the reliability requirement, the compatibility between the virtual machine and the application of the virtual machine has different constraints, the cloud computing platform to support the application of various kinds of telecom.

TwoTelecom level service meansFiveindividualNineHigh reliability, for service disruption time have stringent requirements, cloud computing platform through hardware fast fault detection and fault fast notification of technology and telecom applications can quickly perceive the fault, and timely initiation of self-healing mechanism and reduce the service interruption time.

ThreeAs aNFVInfrastructure that provides applications independent of high reliability characteristics:HA(Availability HighCharacteristics of virtual machine cooling mechanism, lightweightFT(Torrance Fault) - oriented networkI/OThe application of hot standby mechanism, and across the data center virtual machine recovery mechanism.

Four) forNFVCloud computing optimal forwarding, soVMreachVMThe forwarding performance can meet the requirements of telecom network to.

FiveCloud computing platform using storage virtualization technology to put all the server localHDD,SAN,NASDevice combination to build a large scale storage pool, the use of the server's memory/Flash/SSDConstructing distributed high performance large capacity near endCacheGrid, the server machine head can be horizontally extended.I/ORead and write to provide linear acceleration. At the same time, cloud storage pool can also provide a resource pool based onSLAHierarchical storage service.

6)Cloud computing automation and templateTOSCA,HOT,CloudFormation,OVFAnd other features can greatly reduce the application andITOn line efficiency of software applications. Cloud computing fault automatic repair and automatic telescopic management capabilities can greatly reduce the complexity of business online operation and fault maintenance.

SevenTelecom)NFVIs a large-scale complex system, from the telecommunications applicationsVNFreachITVarious applications, online service users, cover and contain everything, generate massive amounts of data. Cloud computing structured database, distributed object storage, semi structured storage (column storage database), as well as the message queue middleware capabilities for TelecommunicationsNFVTo bring a wide range of operational capabilities, to meet the growing needs of new and old application infrastructure, accelerate the new business and new operational applications on the line capacity.


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