"Cloud computing architecture technology and practice of" serial 17:2.4.2 Storage Cloud

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2.4.2 Storage Cloud

Storage Cloud solutions based on cloud computing framework2-30Shown.


Figure2-30 Storage Cloud solution architecture sub system combination

Scheme depends on the cloud computing platform of the elastic storage and distributed object storage cloud storage solutions, and operation and the service issuing system management function, through the integration of third-party enterprise online backup software, personal network disk, personal media upload and sharing software, allowing cloud storage operators to provide consumer oriented users of cheap/High performance network storage service and online backup and recovery services for enterprise users.

Cloud storage platform and enterprise backup/Recovery of application software, and personal SkyDrive, personal media upload/The shared class software is bound to deploy the sales of the scene, with the cloud storage application usersPortalAndUIInteractive interface, and associated with the application of core business functions (such as rights management, such as HTTP) by the application software of the tripartite cooperation support, at the same time, the relevant from the server or directly from the client invokes the flexible storage service objects are stored or distributed file systemAPI (OBS/POSIX), to achieve the high throughput of cloud storage users, ultra large capacity storage content of read and write, and metadata management, the mode of the user's billing is mainly responsible for the third party software.

Operator's cloud storage platformIaaSForm to provide backup for the third party enterprise/Recovery of application software, and personal SkyDrive, personal media upload/The back end support of the shared class software, at this time, provides the multi tenant isolation and storage space for the third party cloud storage application software.IOPS/MBPSAccurate measurement of access traffic in order to provide support for billing and settlement between the cloud storage service provider and the third party value added service provider.

"Flexible storage" to provide a general server and its hard drive as the basis of the full distributed platform, with the level of continuous expansion, large capacity and other characteristics, and through the thin allocation, cross user data to delete, data compression and other technologies significantly reduce cloud storage devices and Yun Weicheng Ben, to achieve ultra high cost storage solutions, cloud storage services to enhance the profit space.

"Resilient storage" is provided by block storage of data reliability redundancy mechanisms across servers, and across cabinetsTwoOrThreeCopies of copies) to provide beyond the storage cloudPCLocal storage of data reliability, also object storage snapshot mechanism and remote disaster recovery system based on, making cloud storage data in disaster occurs also have the opportunity to restore the data content of a recent snapshot time.

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