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2.4.3 IDCTuo Guanyun


Based on Cloud ComputingIDCManaged cloud solutions, as shown in Figure2-31Shown.

pictureIDC 2-31Managed cloud solution architecture subsystem combination

IDCManaged cloud solutions rely on the cloud computing platform for flexible computing clusters, resilient storage clusters, distributed structured storage services, and distributed message queuing services, forIDC(Internet Data Center) operatorsISP/ICPMulti tenant computing and hosting services for storage resources.

Business applicationITSubsystem operationIDCManaged cloud, belonging to different third partyISP/ICPAnd enterprise.IDCHosted cloud based on cloud platform automation, virtualization, based on the ability to achieve a multi tenant separation and resource sharing of the separation of power sharing, providing a more exclusive than the traditional physical serverIDCHigh resolution3-5TimesIDCRent resource utilization efficiency, so as to effectively improve theIDCProfit rate of managed classes.

Cloud computing cloud management platformBSSSub systemIDCBusiness operations, pricing, and billing, real-time payment (according to resource specifications, time long, according to traffic, as well as all of the above various dimensions of the integrated) provides a strong background support. If the user (operator) has beenBSSSystem, can be calculated through the cloudAPI (EC2/S3Compatible withAPIAnd with the user's backgroundBSSDocking system.

In addition to virtualization computing cluster resources (including virtualCPUWith the memory resources, storage resources and volume blocks mounted on the virtual machine instance system volume and data), cloud computing platform also provides distributed object structured storage independent, and distributed message queue beyond a single physical processing of distributed capable middleware services (for running on the cloud platform software). And the remote access service capability of "virtual desktop" (direct consumers to cloud platform business).

Cloud computing platformIDCThe management of business applications is accomplished by the business application of the underlying operating system. These operating systems are generallyX86Architecture, such as:Windows,Linuxas well asUnix.IDCManaged business applications can also be packaged as an integrated virtual machine image using the operating system. as long asIDCHosting the application itself is not more than a physical server of the scene, there is no software compatibility issues, but the need toIDCThe implementation of software management system and cloud computing platformAPIThe integration of software installation and monitoring and maintenance from hardware platform to the migration of the cloud platform, and may rely on the automation of the operation of the sub system of the application of the deployment engine, to achieve the complex topology of the complex topology connected across multiple virtual machine image is automatically deployed, so as to effectively improve the deployment efficiency of large distribution software, which is currently cloud computingIDCMainstream form of trust.

For distributed object storage, distributed message queue, distributed column storage database, it needs to beIDCManaged applications for its business layerAPISuitable for transformation, relatively difficult,IDCHosted application is generally a cloud computing platform for cloud applications within the strategic alliance partners.


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