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Cloud computing based on the overall structure of the enterprise private cloud solutions as shown in Figure2-32As shown.



picture2-32 Enterprise private cloud solution architecture subsystem combination

AccompanyITWith the rapid development of network technology,ITInformation system for the operational efficiency of enterprises, the core competitiveness, and corporate transparency governance is playing a more and more important and irreplaceable role, and enterprise information centralized, enterprise core information assets and the logic of business scale is getting huger. Across different manufacturersITThe integration complexity of hardware and software products is increasing. enterpriseITThe architecture of the system is from the traditional and specific hardware platform and management system to bind the client/Server (B/S, C/SDirection evolution towards a more centralized and unified platform architecture. Cloud computing platform and enterpriseITApplication layer software, especially based on virtual machine elastic computing services, virtual network services, virtual desktop services, distributed block storage, object storage service, file system services and supporting the automation of operation and maintenance management and control capabilities, making enterpriseITSystem can more effectively support the rapid operation of the core business of the enterprise,ITAnd the engine room infrastructure utilization efficiency greatly promotes and realizes the energy conservation and emission reduction.

Under the premise of ensuring the efficiency and performance of the business operation is not decreased (computing, storage resource quota, service access delay, etc.), the original direct operationX86Enterprise on server hardware platformITSoftware migration to the virtualization platform, the enterpriseITSoftware related storage data (database/File format) migrating to a distributed block storage or traditionalIP-SANStorage. In this way, we can make full use of the resource allocation and heat transfer capability of the cross server boundary of the elastic computing platform.ITSoftware application in the virtual machine resource pool dynamic sharing, as well as peak load balancing scheduling, and to achieve the classification of different applicationsQoS(hardware resource lower limit) policy support, implementationITResource utilization efficiency20%-30%to60%-70%Enhance. At the same time, in the light of the system, the virtual machine will be moved to a small number of physical servers, which can achieve the maximum increase of the data center and the data center.ITEnergy saving and emission reduction efficiency of resource pool.

With cloud computing platform of the virtual desktop (that is, desktop cloud) capabilities, can achieve enterprise employeesPCOffice computing and storage capacity to focus on the migration of data centers, to achieve the core information assets and user access to access the terminal decoupling and stripping. The virtual desktop has the advantages of green, energy saving, security isolation and mobile access. In addition to the OfficePCTransformation, the virtual desktop is the ultimate enterprise employees access to the back endITApplication services must be made by the interface and the channel.

With the help of cloud computing automation and template deployment for large scale distributed application software, the management ability of fault auto repair, the operation state of automatic flexible management tools, elastic computing, virtual network, virtual desktop and enterpriseITManagement system (optional.ITILSeamless integration of subsystems can be achievedITApplication software and the underlyingITHardware and network infrastructure is completely decoupled, the use of standardized virtual application deployment template (description format, such asOVF(a large margin)70%ShorteningITSoftware applications on the line deployment efficiency, as well as to reduce the complexity of operational capacity planning and maintenance of online operations, and effectively enhance theITService support enterprise core businessSLALevel and efficiency, so as to promote the synchronous ascension of enterprise productivity.

Cloud computing distributed object storage, semi structured storage (column storage database) and message queuing capabilities, for enterprise private cloud, is an optional high-level cloud platform capabilities. Suitable for enterprise custom development of new applications, such as: Enterprise/Industry search engine, based on EnterpriseITBusiness intelligence mining and analysis of the system mass log or statistical data warehouse, in order to guide the business planning strategy of the adjustment and optimization of the large data set as the input and output of the software, is the best cost-effective choice. But this part of the cloud platform capabilities in the enterprise private cloud is generally not suitable for real time online transactions and transactions of the application form. The reason is the cloud platformAPICommon operating system with single machineWindows,Linux,UnixFile system, inter process communication, and database accessAPIAre not compatible, and most of the industry enterprisesITApplication software, business operating systems, and databases such asOracle) software is running on a general-purpose operating system.


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