"Cloud computing architecture technology and practice of" serial 21:2.4.6 cloud database

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2.4.6 Database cloud

Cloud computing architecture database under the cloud based solutions, such as map2-34As shown.

picture2-34 Cloud database solution architecture subsystem

Cloud database mainly refers to the structural construction based on cloud platform/Semi structured database processing system.

Cloud database can be based on the virtualization platform, can also be based on the physical platform of direct construction.

In the high performance requirements of the scene, general physical platform construction based on. Elastic calculation section (the dotted line in the figure); and the demand of capacity is large, the user application a lot of cases, based on virtualization platform construction form.

Cloud database generally appears in the database form one machine, will do some enhancement in the following aspects:

L  Database accelerative: in order to obtain the better performance of the database, in the hardware layer, elastic storage layer perpendicular to the stratification depth tuning. For example, the read and write fasterSSDCard, used for the unique database read and write algorithm;

L  Database reinforcement: to ensure the database data is not lost, do not damage, will increase the database backup in the middleware service layer/Recovery, disaster recovery, calibration services, improve data availability.

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