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IBM Linux on Power algorithm is a marathon 12 hour battle who will win the Langya Bang?

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Abstract:December 12th, IBM joint CSDN in the new Yunnan Crowne Plaza Hotel, held Linux on Power IBM data algorithm 12 hour challenge. No matter you are a distinct personality of the lone ranger, or two, three components of stormtroopers, we will for you to provide free IBM power virtual environment, participants can choose any language compiler.

Give you 12 hours, what would you do?

Look at a book, a short trip?

Now, big data processing platform - on Power Linux, invite you to participate in a walk on the algorithm to take the marathon journey!

IBM Linux on power algorithm Marathon Challenge Match, are invited to various algorithm master, on December 12, gathered in Beijing to Yunnan New Crown Holiday Hotel, with large data algorithm as the theme, learn algorithm technology. The winner will receive a $10000 cash prize, waiting for you to win the crown!

Who sign up to participate in the competition, we will provide you with a free Power IBM virtual environment. During the game, contestants can choose any language to compile. Welcome the majority of developers to actively participate in the contest, regardless of the ranking, can get a good IBM prizes.

(click on the registration)

Contest time:

December 12, 2015 (Saturday)

Challenge process:

Player registrationTo join the official group, IBM technical staff in the group to provide technical support to the field competition, selection and award

Competition award:

Entry notice:

1, first of all, please click on the contestantsContest official websitesign up

2, tournament Advisory QQ group: 308104083

3, competition venue: new Yunnan Crowne Plaza Hotel

4, the number of entries: 20-30 people

5, contact us: Mr. Li lihl@PROG3.COM 010-56170362

Contest schedule:

Twelve12 month


Players sign in


Organizers introduced the process, IBM expert self introduction, participants self introduction


Moderator: publish specific algorithms and rules (written on the whiteboard), the issue of algorithms and game data


Individuals to develop their own (the latest release of the latest host best results)




Self development, submit results before 18.




1 judges to the players location: view the results and algorithm technology and record scoring 2.Top5 share 5mins/


Awarding ceremony

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