Video: Forrester, spoke highly of HUAWEI private cloud

2015-11-29 HUAWEI IT product solutions HUAWEI IT product solutions

Video synopsis:

Video of Forrester chief analyst Liu Liang from the China Private Cloud reporting standards, Forrester on HUAWEI evaluation, as well as the private cloud market trends in the three aspects of the point of view.

Liu Liang, chief analyst at Forrester HUAWEI private cloud so evaluation: from the perspective of Forrester, the evaluation of private cloud mainly from three dimensions to consider, respectively, the product, strategy and market performance. In the latest Forrester private cloud report, HUAWEI is in the position of the superior performance in the Chinese market, regardless of the strategy, the number of basic users are in the first. Has notable highlights FusionSphere6.0 HCC released, such as support of container technology and further improve with openstack compatible, disaster recovery, integration of SDN's support.

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