Video: 451Group, HUAWEI will better grasp the opportunities of cloud industry!

2015-11-15 HUAWEI IT product solutions HUAWEI IT product solutions

451Group co-founder William Fellows said:

Cloud computing is changing the world.

All use of cloud computing reshape the industry from cloud computing has three key points: first, the user experience; second, third, around the innovation service model; business model.

OpenStack, open source has the advantage of low cost, can satisfy the increasing needs of enterprises, from an alternative gradually becomes the preferred solution.

The number of HUAWEI in the OpenStack community, innovation contribution and developers so that it is in a favorable position, such as cascade, is HUAWEI technology innovation at the forefront of the representative.

In the future, HUAWEI cloud industry, continued to focus on high value-added services, working closely with partners, and provide private cloud services, will better grasp the business opportunities.

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