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What are the key technologies in Microsoft's cloud?

What are the key technologies in Microsoft's cloud? What are the key technologies in Microsoft's cloud? What are the key technologies in Microsoft's cloud?

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Caozhy   Ds   Rxr 01:12 2015.01.02
Has adopted

In addition, Microsoft also provides system center, and windows server and software, you can also build a complete private cloud platform in the enterprise, is better, both the software and the environment is almost exactly the same, you can not only will your application between the two mutual migration, can use a mix of private and public cloud.

You can use Azure's virtual network and Dictionary Active to integrate them together.

Caozhy   Ds   Rxr 01:10 2015.01.02

Azure and domestic copycat cloud service providers to get hosting cry up wine and sell vinegar products are essentially different.

Azure there are so many features:
(1) Microsoft to provide a complete product stack. From the operating system to a virtual machine to various middleware, database, software development tools and so on, Microsoft to master a complete stack of products, all products are Microsoft's own, then the integration of Microsoft products very well.

(2) Microsoft provides a large number of PaaS services, reducing the developer's development costs. At the same time these functions itself is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Microsoft, then there is no need to maintain. Compared with the domestic cottage operator rental virtual machine. Microsoft provides a higher level API, such as webjobs support framework for background jobs, such as appinsights can help developers to embed the statistical procedure function, such as Hadoop and redis supports, such as complete management API can programmatically complete control of the management of all cloud services, such as backup, automatic dial network, streaming media, streaming media encoding, data analysis, SQL server, SharePoint and so on.

(3) data center wide distribution number, if you develop globally oriented applications, Microsoft provides the network and host coverage is very good.

(4) precise billing for hours. The cloud service providers emphasize itself through so-called flexible allocation of resources to save the cost, but this does not give the profits to the end user. Microsoft charges in accordance with the hours of service team, you can use this feature increased server in the peak periods of the day. In the flat peak periods to reduce server and maximize on-demand provisioning, thus saving the cost.

Oyljerry   Ds   Rxr 16:48 2014.12.31

Scalability, flexibility, storage, concurrency

Wangyaninglm   Ds   Rxr 20:48 2014.12.31

Cloud platform key technologies are maybe alike, concurrent data, load balancing what, this may each have their own a characteristic

Caozhy   Ds   Rxr 00:59 2015.01.02

Do not know what you say "key technology" is the level of.

I will understand you need to know about those for technology developers, Microsoft's windows azure A total of cloud and system center in a private cloud is more of the characteristics of the technology.

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