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Azure windows availability?

Azure windows is worth using, how much can be used? What's the price of Microsoft's setting for this service?

Testcs_dn   Rxr 17:51 2015.02.04
System using;
System.Collections.Generic using;
System.Linq using;
System.Text using;
System.Configuration using;
System.Data using;
Oracle.DataAccess.Client using;
System.Runtime.InteropServices using;
System.Text.RegularExpressions using;
System.Diagnostics using;
System.Data.Common using;
System.Collections using;
DB_Server namespace

The #region / Oracle database operation
Class OracleDBService public
OracleDBService public (ConnectionString string)
OracleConStr = ConnectionString;
Variables and methods for #region// connection database
String OracleConStr private ="";
Private OracleConnection conn; / / create a SQL connection
Private OracleCommand com; / / create a SQL command object
Private OracleDataReader DR; / / create SQL data reader
Private OracleDataAdapter SDR; / / create a SQL adapter
Private DataSet ds; / / create a data set

/ / / <summary>
Just create a database connection and open
/ / / </summary>
Void open public ()
/ / create a connection
Conn = OracleConnection new (OracleConStr);
If (conn.State = ConnectionState.Closed)
Conn.Open ();
Else if (conn.State = ConnectionState.Broken)
Conn.Close ();
Conn.Open ();
#region// transaction database
/ / / <summary>
Just submitted to a group of (multiple) operation of the database SQL statement
/ / / </summary>
<param name= / / / "commandStringList" list of >SQL </param>
<returns> </returns> / / / implementation results
Int UpdateBatchCommand public (commandStringList ArrayList)
Open ();
OracleTransaction = conn.BeginTransaction (m_OraTrans); / / create a transaction object
Com = OracleCommand new ();
Com.Connection = conn;
TmpStr string ="";
InfluenceRowCount int = 0;
Foreach (commandString in commandStringList string)
TmpStr = commandString;
Com.CommandText = tmpStr;
(influenceRowCount = com.ExecuteNonQuery);
M_OraTrans.Commit ();
InfluenceRowCount return;
Catch (ex OracleException)
M_OraTrans.Rollback ();
Ex throw;
Lyp02008   22:52 2015.02.04

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JamborYaoMSFT   Rxr 17:01 2015.02.05


Azure is a recommended products, the cloud platform has its own characteristics, we can find some of their comparative information from the Internet, at present, there are a lot of azure cooperation and some successful cases, after the use of azure, we are able to provide the stability and performance of the product is better, also can reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, more use of evaluation information, please read:Http://www.windowsazure.cn/zh-cn/partnerancasestudy/case-studies/, more popular speaking, if you want to open a IT company, a Azure account will be able to solve the basic needs of your hardware, on the Azure charges, you can go to see:Http://www.windowsazure.cn/pricing/overview/.

Regards Best,

Leon12354   11:39 2015.05.12

Microsoft officials put the availability guarantee (SLA) in different service is different, from 99.9% to 99.99% range, the specific situation to see is what kind of service, the official network of checkable. In addition to the availability of certain services is a prerequisite, such as virtual machine instance in the IaaS layer required to achieve two or more in the availability set to provide 99.95% of the SLA, otherwise Microsoft promised SLA is invalid, which is in the terms of the.
On the price, different service prices of different units (such as minutes, GB, etc.), the same service different performance levels of the price is also different, Microsoft provides a web price calculator can be found in the official website.

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