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What is the meaning of entity class springmvc serialization

What is the significance of springMVC implements in the Serializable entity class

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Fk002008   2016.01.31 01:36

This Never mind and springmvc.

First, why the Serializable?

The significance is that we can put the object serialization format which can be used to stream an object into a disk or sent through the network to the stream object
A computer program for other use.

Now use the Internet application written in Java can not pass the object in the network

Evankaka   Ds   Rxr 2016.01.31 11:22

It is convenient to transmit in the network ah, your APP is sure to receive data to check the database, the database on a remote computer, can be queried after serialization of objects
It is convenient to transport

Evankaka   Ds   Rxr 2016.01.31 11:24

The SpingMVV VO class, is the two kind of truth, you pass the query to the data operation class (usually deployed in another remote computer), serialized after the good transmission

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