China Mobile Communications Research Institute: why choose Atlassian project management and collaboration tools

A good genuine development tools not only can greatly improve work efficiency, so that the software is more simple and fast, but also to ensure the stability and security of its software written in commercial purposes. Mobile Research Institute through the use of Atlassian and Confluence company developed JIRA, so that the work becomes more efficient.

"Programmer's magazine" inventory: mainstream agile software development tool platform comparison

Whether it is the entrepreneurial software team, or enterprise scale software development, will encounter the problem of improving management capabilities, improve R & D efficiency. As a software development team or enterprise, how can we make a reasonable choice for these products and tools according to their own development?

Confluence display page accessories in the picture

你有多种不同的方法可以将一个图片附加到页面中。 一旦你将一个图片附加到页面中了,也会有多种不同的方法来选择图片应该在页面的那个地方进行显示: 使用插入图片(Insert Image)对话框 一旦你将一个图片附加到页面中了,你可以选择编辑页面来确定图片应该在页面的那个地方显示。 在页面中定位图片的位置: 在页面编辑的对话框中,移动鼠标到你希望插入图片的地方。 选择 插入 >

Confluence insert expression

在 Confluence 中有2种办法向你的页面中插入表情或者笑脸符号。 通过在可用的表情中选择: 选择 插入 > 表情(Insert >Emoticon). Select the required expression to insert the expression into the page. By entering a specific character: You can insert an expression into your page by entering a number of commonly used specific characters. For example, the following page shows the common character and expression of the control table. ); copy

JIRA Chinese online training course comprehensive course! (fourth registration has been open, July 12th)

JIRA, we should be no stranger, and its function is very rich. However, due to the JIRA configuration is very flexible, in the domestic Chinese document is too small, and the lack of excellent project practice sharing, making many people although the use of JIRA, but poor results. To this end CSDN plans to host a series of JIRA Chinese online training courses, inviting many JIRA senior users to help us more in-depth understanding of JIRA.

Change because of you - JIRA use experience

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, Internet Co are also facing more and more fierce competition. Internet companies in each and every production of a product, involves many departments role collaboration, work together to complete, such as products, interactive, visual, front-end development, back-end development, testing, operation and maintenance, PMO (Project Management) etc. multiple departments working together. How to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization's internal management? This is a very important research topic for enterprises in different stages of development.

[tutorial] [Confluence] two, in the Windows under the Confluence

Confluence is an enterprise wiki software, used in team members and customers to share information with each other, document collaboration, collective discussion; can be widely used in project team, team development, market sales team; atlassian has released the confluence version 5.4.

[Confluence tutorial] first, start your trip to Confluence

You need to set up a Confluence test account to test the Confluence. If you already have Confluence, you can ignore this step. Set Confluence cloud account (OnDemand) trial to provide you with all the functionality of Confluence, while all the data are stored in the cloud, this account you can try a month free.