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Comparison of mainstream agile software development tools

Whether it is the entrepreneurial software team, or enterprise scale software development, will encounter the problem of improving management capabilities, improve R & D efficiency. As a software development team or enterprise, how can we make a reasonable choice for these products and tools according to their own development?

Why choose Atlassian project management and collaboration tools?

A good genuine development tools not only can greatly improve work efficiency, so that the software is more simple and fast, but also to ensure the stability and security of its software written in commercial purposes. Mobile Research Institute through the use of Atlassian and Confluence company developed JIRA, so that the work becomes more efficient.

Atlassian user salon ended, Baidu Jingdong open by experts

Recently CSDN and Atlassian jointly organized the Atlassian - agile is so simple, user salon. Activities from Baidu, Jingdong and CSDN senior technical experts, respectively, in their work using JIRA, Confluence and Atlassian series of software experience and skills to share.

Atlassian Asia Pacific Business Manager: agile is the developer's pain points

Atlassian, from Australia, is one of the most valuable companies in the world today. The upcoming Atlassian market valuation has reached $4 billion 400 million. CSDN special interview with Atlassian Asia Pacific Business Manager Conroy Paul.

JIRA practice of high efficiency team collaboration

JIRA in the project implementation management, agile development management, system process management, Bug tracking, customer service, etc. is the most good at. This paper focuses on the project of high efficiency in the process of cooperation, how to carry out the "synergy" between people and the system through the JIRA, the implementation of the".

[CSDN online training] JIRA+Confluence to achieve agile collaborative development

This section will introduce the application of JIRA and Confluence integrated in Agile Projects. Focus on Scrum planning meetings, Legislative Council, reflection and review of how the meeting through the JIRA and Confluence to achieve collaborative, and then help agile team continuous process improvement.

The mirror of the agile team - the agile project based on JIRA

This section will introduce the application of JIRA in the agile project process. Focus on the Agile Classic JIRA panel how to achieve the team's Scrum process, and through the accumulation of data to help agile team continuous process improvement.

[CSDN online training] JIRA is not just a Bug tracking tool

JIRA function is very rich, but in the domestic Chinese documents and the lack of a small number of outstanding project practice to share. In order to promote the understanding of the depth of JIRA, to provide learning exchange platform, May 27th CSDN jointly organized by Atlassian online training, so you get a better understanding of JIRA, free entry.

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