Software JIRA is an excellent agile project tool that helps you track issues, integrate code, plan, develop, and deliver high quality software products.

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Confluence will team members closely united together lead teams to work together online documentation, so that team members work more efficiently.

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Service Desk JIRA not only allows you to easily and easily seek help customers, but also to help the agent to solve the problem quickly.

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Code management

Bitbucket (formerly known as Stash) to help the team to create and manage the code repository, through inline comments and change discussions to make the team to deal with the code.

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Bamboo runs on a variety of dedicated server or cloud server agent to achieve the ability to build real-time dynamic extension.

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More tools

Atlassian provide more plug-ins, solutions, products and services, to help your team continue to move forward.

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Easily manage the entire development process


Can use confluence of demand management, from the initial idea to the final demand, can through the confluence of strong synergistic function, efficient completion of requirements gathering, sorting, classification of work, also can use the confluence of task assignment, document examination and approval and other functions, improve demand analysis of quality.

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Demand can be via the JIRA software will be collected using scrum, Kanban, agile development methods, project management, real-time tracking product design, released and iteration. By adding the card to the backlog to arrange the priority of each sprint.

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In the project construction phase, 85% of the software development team is using a distributed version control system, such as Git. Git allows team members to work together without considering regional issues. With Bitbucket, Git's management work more easily, team members can view the list of branches and pull requests for lightweight code review, so that the delivery of higher quality code.

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If there is no continuous delivery can not be called real agile software development. 65% will continue to be integrated or continuous delivery, or both, this is in order to be able to collect the feedback of each change and thus reduce the risk of code vulnerabilities. Use Bamboo to automatically build the submitted source code, and feedback on the results of the construction, if successful construction, also in accordance with the construction plan for automatic release.

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In software product after delivery, JIRA core allows you to keep track of the business process, for what is going on in the business, the new what members, which links the important situation of all well aware. In the past is not easy to detect obstacles or problems will not be difficult to find. Through Core JIRA, you can directly collect user feedback to improve product performance and efficiency.

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Time is less efficient

Atlassian strong support and strategic services, to improve the overall team performance

Master all the problems in one hand

According to the problem, order process

Practice agile, plan to fall

Easy team work

Monitor in time, don't be the last to know

Strong report function

Workflow graphics

Super simple operation, rich scalable applications


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Let the agile landing

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This program allows you to plan, assign, implement agile

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Maintenance is more convenient

Trace the problem to the end

Whether it is Bug, tasks, yet to deal with the problem

For you to track in the end, until the solution

Professional report presentation

Exquisite powerful report function

Let you report to the director clearly and summarize.

Team work results

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