Start fast, that's it.

Software JIRA is an excellent agile project tool that assists you in tracking problems, integrating code, planning, development, and development...

Lead the team to work together online

Confluence team members will be close together, lead the team to work together to make the team into the online documentation...

Collect requests, customer service, statistical report

Customers look forward to efficient support for feedback, and your business is also dependent on this. Servcie Desk JIRA for you...

Continuous integration and release management

Any kind of construction server can be run repeatedly build tasks, and then advanced some of the automatic construction, testing, deployment and release software...

Identity management for Web applications

A single sign on and user identity management tool is provided, which is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to integrate. Users may come from any...

Git code library management for enterprise group

Bitbucket can be deployed in the local (after the firewall), is a powerful enterprise class Git code library management tools. ...

Depth view source code, to understand the history of the source code

FishEye grasp all the information related to the source code: can search the source code artifacts, and JIRA integration, browse to submit information,...

Find vulnerabilities, improve the quality of the code

Code reviews are good for submitting better code, and the benefits of code review are enormous, but the practice of execution may be very painful, Cru...


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Technical support and service

Technical support description:
1 and technical support: within the authorization is valid, assist in resolving the atlassian products installation, upgrade encountered problems, guide the setting and implementation of related products, and for the operation of the system fault support, but does not include the compiled program code, code inspection, software design or other consulting services. Technical support is limited to the purchase and registration of Atlassian related products in China, technical support language is limited to simple / traditional chinese.
2, technical support level: E-Mail support, three working days to reply.
3, by Xin Chong (Shanghai) Software Technology Co. Ltd. (Thinkpower) provides technical support Chinese experienced technical expert.
Chinese technical support including:
Support for system operation failure.
Assist in resolving the problems encountered in the installation.
Assist in resolving the problems encountered in the upgrade.
Responsible for the software defects found to the original manufacturer
Instruction software configuration and implementation.
Technical support does not include:
Not in the technical support of the effective period of the customer
Not purchasing software products from CSDN
The original factory has stopped supporting the version, the Beta version, the release version, the development version, the user defined product version (custom = source code has changed).
Problems and requests for development
Support for non production environment
Third party application integration problems with third party applications
Support for end users (please refer to the necessary knowledge to obtain support)
Chinese Mandarin and English language support
Professional services (available for additional purchases)
Provide an overall solution
System customization and Implementation
System performance tuning
Deployment and load planning
Installation and upgrade services
Product training
Document writing and Translation
Please contact us if you need any other support! Email:sw_service@PROG3.COM; telephone: 010-57410251; QQ:2714137330

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