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MemCache ultra detailed interpretation
MemCache is a free, open source, high performance, distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to reduce the load on the database. It reduces the number of data and objects in memory to reduce the number of reading the database, thus increasing the speed of website access.
2016 03 16 sources:CSDN information
OpsWorks AWS
OpsWorks AWS is an application management service that is easy to deploy and operate with different shapes and sizes of applications. OpsWorks AWS includes automatic extension of application programs based on time or load, as well as dynamic configuration changes with the extension of the environment.
2015 06 03 sources:CSDN information
When a particular API is called, how to use the CloudTrail AWS service, SNS Amazon service, and the Lambda AWS function to receive alerts
We must face the fact that not all of the API are created equal. For example, you might want to know when an instance of your EC2 Amazon (elastic computing cloud) is terminated, but when the object is put into the S3 Amazon bucket is not so interested
2015 06 01 sources:CSDN information
A Spot EC2 architecture for Web applications
This blog post uses a practical example to describe a reference framework, which is designed to help keep you at the same time maintaining the high availability of web applications and to achieve a more cost saving, no state web layer. We recommend that you adjust and test your application before you apply it to the production environment.
2015 05 28 sources:CSDN information
Using S3cmd AWS simple and quick backup data
Are still worried about the data backup plan running poor? S3cmd AWS can help you.
2015 05 25 sources:CSDN information

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  • 专家姓名:王飞<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:用好的话,能大大节省和减少运维的工作量,解放劳动力
  • 专家姓名:姜正林<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:希望早些进入中国
  • 专家姓名:李耀鸣<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:希望早日进入中国
  • 专家姓名:黎赟<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:希望早日进入中国
  • 专家姓名:邓斌<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:AWS(Amazon Web Services)着力的是IaaS的底层建设。同时亚马逊的云计算也在往上层走,比如近期推出的Amazon Appstore就属于PaaS层面的项目,而Amazon Cloud Drive和Cloud Player则属于SaaS层面的项目。Amazon EC2是弹性计算云。它是Amazon云里面最基础的内容,也是发展到今天最成熟的部分。

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