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Wang Fei
Work experience: at present, he is working in the system operation and maintenance center Sohu Travel platform system, responsible for overseas AWS and mobile payment and mobile application operation and maintenance related work. 3 years of AWS use and management experience, the current focus on the development of AWS operation and maintenance. Often communicate with the industry counterparts AWS use experience, usually like to see Kindle and photography. AWS personal blog (in the case of AWS free package EC2).
Used AWS services: EC2, S3, CloudFront, Route53, ElasticCache, RDS, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation,
Jiang Zhenglin
Working experience: over the years the business enterprise information construction and management, involving enterprise management, e-commerce, logistics management, network information security, computer network and architecture, cloud computing, information system of overall planning and many in the field of it. In 2007 joined the Tiens Group, Tiens Group responsible for global informatization construction,
Used AWS services: EC2, S3, RDS, etc.
Li Yaoming
Work experience: Interloco founder StartX accelerated in the Stanford University, founded the Interloco company, Interloco in the form of short video to foreign language learners and teachers in the use of native language environment. Prior to this, he in Google served as the software engineer for five years, done at the rear end of the front-end development and Google's global distributed system support, participated in including Google Book Search (knowledge base) and BigTable site Reliability Engineering (SRE), numerous projects, with rich experience in project.
Used AWS services: S3, EC2, Beanstalk elastic
Zhou Cheng
Work experience: Shanghai, a Internet Co Hadoop architect and DBA responsible person, 3 years of Hadoop/Java related development and maintenance experience, 8 years of DBA work experience
Used AWS services: S3, EMR
Zhao Peng
Work experience: Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. CEO cited public source VisualOps founder, focused on helping users to achieve automated operation and maintenance. Graduated from the National University of Ireland, has served as a Reuters and other Wall Street investment bank, has developed a number of high-performance real-time financial system, has 10 years of experience in large-scale distributed systems.
Used AWS services: AWS
Zhao Kunliang
Work experience: papaya mobile Backend Department Manager Responsible for the overall technical architecture design, new technology assessment and other work. To join the papaya in a large state-owned enterprises as the project manager. 2003-2010 in the Department of computer science and technology, Tsinghua University, received a bachelor's degree and master's degree.
Used AWS services: EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, etc.
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Community Technology Specialist Recruitment Program

AWS community experts' rights:
1 received the AWS community expert medal, received Amazon AWS related books
2 give priority to CSDN four annual conference tickets,
Including China's Cloud Computing Conference, cloud computing operation and maintenance of the general assembly, the mobile developer conference and the big data technology conference;
3 has the opportunity to participate in the Amazon cloud computing training courses;
4 has the priority to claim the organization line under the group user (user exchange) activities (Conference lecturers) of the rights;
5 receive the Amazon cloud computing products vouchers or coupons; (including S3, EC2, RDS, ELB four etc.)

Application as a community technical expert

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