Simple, stable, controllable: the old financial web site on the cloud!
In the opening video of the AWS Shanghai technology conference, the gold online as a successful case of AWS describes his own experience on the cloud. This has aroused the curiosity of the CSDN reporter, a veteran of the financial web site has been done for more than ten years, what is the reason for them to choose their own business to migrate to the cloud? They experience and how much you can for your reference, we specially interviewed the gold online website gold R & D Center Deputy General Manager Chen, he is our interpretation of the ins and outs of the.
January 6, 2016 source:CSDN geek headlines
An article to understand the past and present life and the future of cloud computing
In the 16 years after the emergence of cloud computing, has become the field of IT standard mode. It is easy to operate, store the amount of amazing, almost everywhere for the user. It not only the world's largest companies, but also to provide support for small companies. Cloud has changed the economic model of the two sides of the service supply, while bringing more new opportunities.
January 4, 2016 source:CSDN information
Sit see AWS partner secret strategy
Brian Matsubara pointed out that AWS in the world will expand service area and the size of the data center, for new area, through a limited preview service began, then gradually added to some of its core business, such as EC2 and S3, China will with the passage of time and the Ningxia data center
December 30, 2015 source:CSDN information
How to use Amazon to migrate EC2 CloudEndure instances from EC2-Classic to VPC Amazon
This is an article from the AWS Enterprise Solutions Architect Shurtliff David and VP Gonen Stein CloudEndure business development, a guest article in cooperation.
December 29, 2015 source:CSDN information
Amazon AWS cloud technology summit 2015 in Shanghai
December 17, 2015, AWS Technology Summit 2015 in Shanghai International Conference Center successfully concluded.
December 24, 2015 source:CSDN information
Huangpu River AWS2015 Technology Summit lit cloud future
Amazon AWS global vice president, AWS China executive director of Yongkang first took to the podium, looking back on this year's AWS in the public cloud market, the excellent performance. Amazon AWS to provide public cloud business services has been 9 years, providing more than 50 cloud services
December 23, 2015 source:CSDN information
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Community Technology Specialist Recruitment Program

AWS community experts' rights:
1 received the AWS community expert medal, received Amazon AWS related books
2 give priority to CSDN four annual conference tickets,
Including China's Cloud Computing Conference, cloud computing operation and maintenance of the general assembly, the mobile developer conference and the big data technology conference;
3 has the opportunity to participate in the Amazon cloud computing training courses;
4 has the priority to claim the organization line under the group user (user exchange) activities (Conference lecturers) of the rights;
5 receive the Amazon cloud computing products vouchers or coupons; (including S3, EC2, RDS, ELB four etc.)

Application as a community technical expert

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  • 专家姓名:王飞<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:用好的话,能大大节省和减少运维的工作量,解放劳动力
  • 专家姓名:姜正林<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:希望早些进入中国
  • 专家姓名:李耀鸣<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:希望早日进入中国
  • 专家姓名:黎赟<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:希望早日进入中国
  • 专家姓名:邓斌<br>我对AWS云及产品的一些看法:AWS(Amazon Web Services)着力的是IaaS的底层建设。同时亚马逊的云计算也在往上层走,比如近期推出的Amazon Appstore就属于PaaS层面的项目,而Amazon Cloud Drive和Cloud Player则属于SaaS层面的项目。Amazon EC2是弹性计算云。它是Amazon云里面最基础的内容,也是发展到今天最成熟的部分。

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