Microsoft cloud Android to Azure mobile devices to provide push service

Microsoft launched in cooperation with Baidu, Azure Windows public cloud platform has been launched for the 21st century Internet operations Android platform for mobile devices to inform the push service.

June 25, 2015Source: CSDN information

Queue Azure queue storage (2)

We connect the next one to continue the discussion of queue storage, in which we have completed the configuration and connection with the steps in (1). Here we will see how to use the specific storage.

June 23, 2015Source: Source: CSDN blog

Queue Azure queue storage (1)

Following in front of some of the Table and Blob, and other storage, and today I will give you a brief introduction to the Queue queue storage. As in the past, this article is an example of the C# code, as well as Storage Client for.NET. Azure to do the introduction.

June 23, 2015Source: Source: CSDN blog

Azure cloud platform game

The weekend weather, people and the same mixed IT circle daughter-in-law joined the Microsoft cloud game developers salon. To tell the truth, this is the first time I walked into the Microsoft building. Sincere enough style. Thanks to Microsoft security brother arranged a car, don't run too far.

June 17, 2015Source: CSDN blog

China Telecom Azure Windows cloud application store will provide services to Chinese Enterprises

First for the windows azure public cloud platform of large commercial cloud app store release, Microsoft to join China Telecom, between the enterprise cloud application developers and users to build a win-win platform, started to provide services for business customers in China.

June 17, 2015Source: CSDN information

Microsoft Azure and other four major mainstream cloud computing platform behind the secret service

Despite facing fierce competition from competitors such as Google and Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure has become one of the major players in the public cloud computing market. However, enterprises in the Azure as their special cloud computing platform, a careful review of its unique services, pricing structure and customer support model will be very important.

June 10, 2015Source: CSDN information

The annual benchmark: Azure public cloud storage cloud storage.

Recently, cloud NAS and storage vendors Nasuni released the annual cloud storage benchmark test results report. Which Microsoft Storage Azure in terms of speed, availability and scalability to win. It is understood that the benchmark test also includes S3 Google and Cloud Storage Amazon and other cloud services.

June 10, 2015Source: Source: CSDN information

Fortinet with Microsoft and CISCO to protect cloud computing and SDN security

The world's leading high-performance network security service provider Fortinet once again expand its cloud computing and security products in the field of SDN. The first is a new virtualization security services - for Azure FortiGate-VM.

June 10, 2015Source: Source: Blog

Build at the Azure conference in Beijing Railway Station

June 6th, Beijing, Microsoft build conference. Although before the Internet to see Microsoft's global build conference, but be able to participate in Beijing's general meeting is still exciting.

June 8, 2015Source: Source: CSDN blog

Microsoft: reliable cloud services to make the Internet less of a chain"

When the online shopping is not normal payment, when the ticket orders can not be issued on time, people suddenly found that we have become accustomed to the Internet service is so fragile.

June 5, 2015Source: CSDN information

The first handshake between Azure and Foundry Cloud

Recent cloud foundry in its official blog news release said that Microsoft is in build developer conference announced on the azure platform support cloud foundry, which is Microsoft's new CEO took office continue to embrace a big progress of the open source community.

June 4, 2015Source: CSDN blog

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