Server AlwaysOn SQL and ILB

Since August 2013, Azure infrastructure services began to support ServerAlwaysOn SQL availability group. The internal load balance (Azure) of the ILB service was released in May 2014, and was officially released in July.

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Use public IP to create multiple VM NIC in Azure

We have recently announced support for a virtual machine (VM) with multiple network interface controllers (NIC). I'm still trying to understand all the new features that are suitable for this feature, but first of all, I want to test this feature in person.

15:50:34 2015-02-09Azurechina

Azure in multiple NIC VM and network virtual devices

At the European TechEd conference in 2014, we announced that the VM Azure provides support for multiple network interfaces (NIC), and with a number of key manufacturers to cooperate in the Azure network virtual devices, which most notably Netscaler Citrix and Riverbed devices.

01:48:00 2015-02-07Azurechina

Maintain connection with Azure Files Microsoft

We have introduced the Azure StorageFiles preview version in a recent blog post. The article contains information about Files Azure, illustrates how to apply for preview and starts to use, and also describes some of the tools that help create shared and transport data.

16:58:29 2015-01-22Azurechina

Azure File Microsoft services

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Azure File Microsoft service preview in Microsoft Azure China. AzureFile services use the standard SMB 2.1 protocol to provide file sharing. Azure running the application can now use the familiar standard file system API (such as ReadFile and WriteFile) in the virtual machine between the easy to share files.

04:57:00 2015-01-21Azurechina

Use Site Recovery Azure to deploy the internal deployment of virtualization workloads to Azure

We have recently released a preview version of Microsoft's disaster recovery service (DRaaS) product - SiteRecovery Azure. This product can provide automatic protection, asynchronous continuous replication, and can be in the cross enterprise site as well as private cloud, or directly in the Azure Windows, with the shortest downtime accurate, consistent, orderly recovery of virtual work load.

04:55:00 2015-01-20Azurechina

The use of Site Recovery Azure disaster recovery to the function of the Azure has been officially released

These few months have been really exciting since we announced the release of the SiteRecovery Azure disaster recovery to Azure. Our customers are experiencing the function of ASR, can be directly to the Azure Windows virtual machine continuous replication and seamless transfer, and to provide protection for virtual machines.

04:54:00 2015-01-19Azurechina

Azure: direct and specify instance communication with InstanceInputEndpoint

Azure inside the virtual machine instance (instance) is self closed, it can request the virtual machine external network resources, but the external can not access it, unless it is defined Endpoint. Definition of Endpoint is defined as the instance or role to open which port to the external access.

04:55:00 2014-12-30Yanical

Microsoft public cloud event center (Azure Event Hubs) in the open networking Conference (OIOT) first cry

014 years in December 18th, InfoQ in Beijing to open the IOT Conference (Open), Microsoft open technology (China) senior project manager in the general assembly for the foundation of things: equipment access and large data analysis".

04:49:00 2014-12-31Azurechina

Azure China area feature update: automatic scaling function on line

Time and again come out, automatic zoom function finally on the line in China District, although it is still a preview, but the scene is enough for routine

04:41:00 2014-12-30ShaunFang

Use Azure and Pack ASR to provide the IaaS operating load for the DR

In this blog post, we will introduce how service providers can use Azure and Pack ASR to provide the managed DR services to customers in the case of the need for at least configuration changes and user training.

04:24:00 2014-12-25Azurechina

Azure entry learning (1)

Azure entry learning (1)

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