The annual benchmark: Azure public cloud storage cloud storage.

According to the final results of the Nasuni benchmark test, Microsoft is the cloud storage area of public cloud providers. For small and medium files, it provides the fastest speed, nearly two times more than Amazon. For large files, Amazon shows a better read and write performance, but the speed of Microsoft's deletion of more than Amazon.

15:05:35 2015-06-10

Microsoft Azure and other four major mainstream cloud computing platform behind the secret service

Despite facing fierce competition from competitors such as Google and Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure has become one of the major players in the public cloud computing market. However, enterprises in the Azure as their special cloud computing platform, a careful review of its unique services, pricing structure and customer support model will be very important.

15:04:35 2015-06-10

The other end of the phone KTV, in fact there is a cloud

As a leading domestic KTV o2o solutions provider, Laisenmi products with domestic several VOD system providers have a very close cooperation.

07:39:21 2015-04-20

Red Bull: convergence energy on Microsoft cloud

In the eyes of ordinary people, the cloud still seems to be a "high tech" too profound to be understood. Actually, cloud computing is not far, we are familiar with the traditional industry has long as, such as our sleepy, tired to drink red bull, it has been the first to experience the cloud computing "cloud to rain" to bring the sweetness.

07:36:51 2015-04-20

Help innovation and entrepreneurship, Microsoft and China jointly meet the new normal"

In the beginning of the Davos forum, the world's politicians, economists and entrepreneurs, on the same topic, facing the increasingly complex world situation, the direction of economic growth where? And China's "new normal" is undoubtedly one of the best answer. Global development to see China, and Microsoft's success, as well as China is closely related.

15:38:43 2015-03-03

Different generations, both in the cloud

Yunnan province is located in the west of Ruili, is a city only has a population of 200 thousand and is located in the remotest corner of Ethnic Autonomous Prefecture and county. Among them, Ruili's first ethnic middle school, as the local school is the largest and only a full secondary school, but carrying thousands of minority students in the border of the dream.

15:55:37 2015-02-09

Windows - Azure HDInsight cloud big data solutions

Big data is becoming a hot topic and concept, and constantly infiltrated into our life and work. When we brush micro Bo micro letter, phone, iPad email mobile office, even when shopping on the Internet is in the generation of new data. Nowadays the most fashionable wearable devices, such as a number of smart bracelet, Internet of things is also the birth of data, visible service everywhere, the data is everywhere.

12:40:56 2015-01-20

Yan Zhiqing: Microsoft's advantage in cloud computing lies in localization

"Cloud services is Microsoft China business transformation very, very, very important", December 4, at the annual meeting of the seventh China chief information officer, Microsoft Greater China area vice president of marketing and Operations general manager Yan Zhiqing told reporters.

09:52:04 2015-01-05

Cohen: speaking of dialogue from the World Conference on the Internet Security

In fact, today we will in doing the "hacker empire," which matrix are doing things, isn't it? Therefore, science fiction movies many times to the role of basic education, so when the aliens were to come today, people will think this is a reasonable thing, the Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence of cognitive popularity also is such.

09:50:17 2015-01-05

To embrace open source, cross platform: Microsoft comprehensive end-to-end solutions to let developers a tiger with wings added

Microsoft. Net server framework will open source and supports cross platform development, visual studio 2015,. Net 2015 and visual studio online increase new function development, promote "mobile first, cloud first" strategy for the development and application.

09:49:12 2015-01-05

Have me Style!! New work in the cloud Era

In the era of cloud computing and mobile Internet, no one's connection and collaboration, is no longer a distance on the connection. Instead, it is connected to the network. People in the new environment, how to efficiently and colorful work and life, is the mission of cloud computing and mobile internet.

15:00:32 2015-01-04

SQL Azure database of new services to provide the industry's first up to 99.99% of the SLA

SQL Azure database of new services to provide the industry's first up to 99.99% of the SLA! New level provides predictable performance and enterprise class capabilities, to meet the needs of the new features from the lightweight to heavyweight all 7 performance levels of transactional applications.

14:19:07 2015-01-04

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